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by Patrick Judge

I been suffering from acid pains after eating, been a few months now, and they are bad when you get them, I was away for the weekend and on the sunday couldnt wait to get home with he pain as it was very annoying and very sore I was holing onto some aloe vera from Herbalife for a customer so rang them as it was 2 weeks gone by, they didnt want it so I opened it and put capful in a glass water and not long after drinking my pain was gone, I used to use another companies aloe so its been a while, I glad to have the relife I got and the customer will be using it now. So I wont be without aloe again


by Danny T.

This drink is oh so goooooood! I love the mango flavored aloe concentrate! I just don't really like the original flavored one (or is called natural flavored one?) anyways, they're all natural and really do help your digestive system! :D

Aloe Very Well Known to Compliment Health
by bkh

Herbalife Aloe, is a good plus to your overall digestion. I found it very soothing not only for an upset stomach, but the added ingredients which helps your overall health. Several of my friends had used it, but before I tried it I researched aloe because I didn't want to take just any cheap alternative. I found Herbal Aloe Drink had the best natural ingredients. It is a known healing aid for cuts, skin and more. For over a year I have taken this product, and it has a pleasant taste, does what it says, plus the benefits of healthier looking skin. I would suggest this product to everyone.

Healthy Aloe Drink
by Ali

Are you looking for a healthy drink to do a cleansing? Then this is what you need. Herbal Aloe Drink is the best tasting natural drink I have tried. I use this to "clear out" my digestive system every 3 months, my stomach feels so much better after! No more upset stomach, and I swear its even helped eased my heartburn!

Really the best!
by Gina Wiesner

This drink is wonderful. I recommend it to everyone. I drink this especially when my stomach is upset, feel bloated, have gas or have diarrhea. I feel so much better afterwords. I give this to my 2 yr. old son when he has diarrhea as well. I even give some to my dog, believe it or not!

Herbal Aloe Drink
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I take aloe vera juice on a daily basis for overall health. Herbal Aloe Vera juice does really taste good. I suffered with acne throughout my entire adulthood. Herbal aloe vera juice cleared up my acne. My skin feels much more smooth. I've had fewer pimple breakouts. Herbal Aloe juice is the best product on the market.

So good for you
by ryanne

Aloe has so many great attributes. Like so many others, I found the taste of most aloe products difficult to take but this one wasn't bad at all. Not only does it cleanse you internally but its beneficial effects are shown and proven externally after taking it regularly. Apart from my skin glowing, my hair looked healthier too. Most importantly it detoxified my digestive track making me feel less tired and giving me more energy.

Very soothing
by Stephanie

I don't know if I would really describe the taste of this Herbal Aloe as delicious, but it really isn't too bad. Aside from the taste this is really a great product to keep on hand for soothing upset or sour stomachs. I keep it in the refrigerator (it's best cool) and take 1/2 cup or so when I feel an upset stomach coming on. I also occasionally drink aloe before I travel by plane , because I sometimes get a little stressed during flights, and aloe seems to help.

It tastes good
by Hallie

I know aloe juice is healthy, but too many brands have a terrible taste. Herbalife's has a pleasant citrusy taste, so I have no problem taking some every day. My skin has been looking a lot clearer since I started drinking ale juice.

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No more stomach aches!
by Veronica

Me and my whole family suffer from IBS symptoms. Even though I eat extremely healthy, I never know what might set my digestive system into a rage. Thankfully the Herbalife Aloe Concentrate was the answer to all my problems - it tastes great in just water or even as a straight shot by itself. Within 30-60 mins I feel great again.