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by Michele

For years I have dealt with acne. It started when I was 32, and now I am 37 and finally after thousands of dollars, I have found the secret to cure acne. Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle, and Green Tea Extract. My acne has cleared up and something else happened that I think was the vitamins. My deflated breasts from breast feeding are now full and my husband can't keep his hands off them. I love this stuff and its worth every penny.

by Krista

My father loves this product, he says it works wonderfully and thats saying alot coming from him, my mom says its expensive but my dad argues that its worth it.

Mrs, Eva Bowers
by Eva Bowers, 684 Greenwood Rd., Greenwood, ME 04255

I am looking for this product in tea bags, I'm not having good luck. I enjoy the hot Dandelion root tea to drink. This is great stuff.

Very good price
by David Broom

Good product and good price. I would buy from them again. I expect it worked, but I used it more for a cleanse, so there were no dramatic differences. My natural doctor was pleased with the results though.

Impressive company
by Sally R.

When I received my order, I was short a bottle. Vitabase was gracious enough to send me an extra bottle for my trouble.

As for the product, I like it. It seems to help as an appetite suppresant and my indigestion.

Good but expensive
by Jake Tess

This seemed to work for me when I used it in a cleanse. There was more urine but that is a side effect that was noted on the bottle. I wish it was cheaper, but I guess the Walmart equivalent might be trash.

Very good value
by Jane Smith

I can not say whether this worked or not because I used it as a cleanse with a bunch of other Vitabase products. I do feel good though.

Works but....
by Connie K.

It definitely seems to help my digestion but I am a little loose in the stool department if you know what I mean. Not too bad though.

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