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Acid Zap, to the Rescue!
by Rich

I can not say enough about Instant Acid Zap. It is the first product in years I have found that allows me to finally enjoy the small pleasures (or shall I say treasures) of my past without the fear of discomfort. A drop or two into a glass of wine or in my spaghetti sauce or chili, that glass of OJ in the morning with that forbidden cup of Joe. At 53, I feel like like a kid in a candy store,

Like many others In these stressful economic times, I just want to enjoy life a little. Being able to eat and drink things I have avoided spells comfort and releif.

Thanks Acid Zap! have come to my rescue!


instant acid zap
by missynall

I can drink coffee again! It has really started to make me feel like I was experiencing acid reflux. They sell this at a little coffee shop near us. I was sceptical, but the owner promised me I could return it if need be. NO NEED BE FOR ME!

Acid Zap

I read about Acid Zap in Better Nutrition and then checked out their web site. Both my wife and I suffer from acid reflux and thought, this is too good to be true! After calling around, we purchased a bottle and all I can say is WOW! So far my wife and I have tried it in our coffee, orange juice, wine, vinegarette salad dressing and pasta sauce and no heartburn. What a relief. It's almost like falling in love again. Thank you Acid Zap!
(We just purchased a second bottle to keep by the coffee pot at my work. Can't wait to share with my co-workers)

Niko and Marie D

Acid Zap review
by Liz

Like everyone else out there I've had to cut back on my spending, due to the economy. I am a wine drinker. Unfortunatly the better wines are pricey. Now I drink the less expensive wines. I couldn't drink them before, because they were too acidic, until I started using Acid
zap. Just add a drop or two of a Acid Zap to a glass of wine and you can't believe the difference!

Acid Zap
by Michael C.

I put a few drops of acid zap in my pasta sauce and I could not believe the results.Usually I need prevacid when I eat Pasta with tomato sauce ...I'm sold!!!

Acid Zap
by Laura Charles

On occasion I have suffered from esophageal reflux after eating tomato soup, or other highly acidic foods. I recently discovered that just a few drops of Acid Zap effectively lowered the discomfort of eating my favorite foods. I can now eat anything I like without worrying about the conequences

Acid Zap
by Matt Black

I have been using this product for about a month and can only give it positive reviews.

I suffer from chronic acid reflux and since I have been using the Acid Zap, I have been able to keep my acid reflux under control.

Great Product!!!

Acid Zap
by Donna Wanna

This stuff is great. Anytime I start to get an acidic feeling in my stomach I just put a couple of drops in whatever I am partaking in and the sensation goes away.

My husband died of complications from acid reflux last year I can only wish that I would have found this product sooner.

Needless to say it is much cheaper than Nexium.

Acid Zap!
by Ben

After using Acid Zap in my coffee I can now enjoy it once again in the morning....A BIG Thank You !!! I'll be using it in Pasta sauce, Orange Juice etc.

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