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Wife loves this product
by C K

My wife has been using this for a few months and swears by it. Had previously bee suffering with irregularity and digstive issues which have been resolved by this product.

A Must!
by Amy

My daughter is very healthy, but anytime she is on a antibiotic, she gets diarrhea. My mom (who works for an alternative health doctor) gave me this to give to her. It works wonders. I never realized that antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria, it also kills the "good" bacteria in our digestive systems. My daughter now asks for acidolphius anytime she get diarrhea whether on antibiotics or not. I could not live without this product.

by Pam

Love this! I use or take when I have been on antibiotic. It helps reduce the risk or yeast infection and also gets the good bacteria back in bowels I dont' like drinking the liquid so this works wonders for me!

Highly recommended
by Diane Marrazzo

This product was recommended by our Naturopathic Physician over other brands, because of the high quality ingredients and the reasonable cost. We have tried other brands and have not been happy with the results. However, this product has been terrific- and the cost effectiveness can't be beat!

Good Product
by Dave

I got this for my mom, who has had severe irritable bowel syndrome for years, as well as acid reflux and many chronic respiratory infections, thus many antibiotics. She is significantly and consistently better after starting to take these probiotics on a regular basis, and has vastly reduced IBS symtpoms. She swears by these as part of her commitment to health.

Acidophilus 100 million cfu
by Paula

I have a terrible overgrowth of yeast in my system from an on going illness I've had for several years. Having to frequently take anti-biotics and anti-yeast prescriptions for 30 days at a time, needless to say all bacteria gets destroyed. I take this great Pro-biotic it every morning, an hour before breakfast. It is inconvenient keeping it in the fridge, but the results are quick in replenishing the good bacteria we all need. I've tried several brands but I'm very pleased with this one.

You Need The Good Bacteria
by cynthia

After using antibiotics for years as a child, my intestines were a mess. Acidophilus saved me. Antibiotics destroy all of the bacteria, good and bad and we require the good bacteria for healthy bowel function. This product replaces the good and keeps things functioning properly.

God Send!!
by Chrislyn

If you have ever have a yeast infection, or have to take antibiotics, you should have this in your refrigerator. It gets in your system and wipes it out. After taking antibiotics, I used to always have problems with infections, and this helps me to avoid them. It is a wonderful natural remedy.

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