f 4Life Super Detox® Formula Reviews and Information

Super Detox® Formula

Super Detox Formula supports a healthy liver and promotes its natural detoxification process. It combines highly effective nutrients, including milk thistle, red clover, artichoke, Calcium D-glucarate, sulforaphane, and others that have been proven to support healthy liver function and optimal health throughout your body.
Product: Super Detox® Formula
Brand: 4Life (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: 2 capsules daily
Retail: $26.95
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4 Customer Reviews

Great detox
by James Zitzmann

I have used this product several times, and it works wonders. Given the proper amount of time, you will be detoxed 100%. I would recommend this to anyone.

Worked OK, Terrible Taste
by Louis

I tried out this product wanting to detox my body, and to an extent, it did work. I lost a couple of pounds, and in general, I felt more energetic and healthier. However, it did not taste as well as I expected it to taste and it was kind of hard to ingest at times. Other than that, it works great, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a detox product.

Detoxify and Purify
by T. Danger

We absorb so many toxins each day from the air, our food, and the products we slather on our bodies to beautify. Then we add cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs (OTC or otherwise) and everyone wonders why they feel tired and sluggish, depressed and in ill health.
I use this Super Detox to help eliminate all the toxins and dioxins that my body absorbs. It supports a healthy liver and I feel it is very effective.

Super Detox Formula
by Eli

The taste is terrible and sometimes you cannot swallow it down-but it does work to some extent. I have lost 10 pounds while using this product and I have also lost my beer belly.