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Ultimate Liver Cleanse

The liver is the target for nearly every toxin, chemical and contaminant that we contact during the course of our lives. Fortunately certain herbs have the remarkable ability to effectively cleanse and support the liver to rejuvenate its optimal functioning state. Ultimate Liver Cleanse combines many of these ingredients in a blend that will cleanse and support liver function.
Product: Ultimate Liver Cleanse
Brand: Nature's Secret (More Products)
Size: 60 capsules
Dosage: Use as directed
Retail: $21.95
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6 Customer Reviews

by debby

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Healthy Liver = longer life
by J

We used this product in conjunction with dietary changes and were able to bring my husband's elevated liver enzymes into a normal range. I took it also, and found that I had more energy and was able to loose the few stubborn pounds that had been hanging on. I can't say enough good about this product.

Is my liver cleanse?
by Sherry Ward

How do I know that my liver is cleansed? I still feel the same before and after. I wanted something to help my liver since my doctor said that I had a fatty liver, but I feel that it didn't do a thing. I feel that I would have to do the cleanse again, but it stated that it was the Ultimate Cleanse.

by Dustin

Great addition to an overall health regiment. The cleansing of your liver can not be taken lightly. I have had liver disease run in my family, and it is truly an essential organ that keeps the rest of your body healthy. This is key to keeping toxins out of your body.

My grandmother...
by C Collins

My grandmother suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. It was so bad that she was on 8 different medications to try to help her. She ended up in the emergency room 1-2 times a year. Since trying Ultimate Liver Cleanse she has shown dramatic improvement. Her doctor is gradually decreasing her other medications, and she hasn't been to the emergency room in a long time. This is an awesome product. Well worth trying.

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