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Perillyl Extract

To prevent toxic build-up, your body depends on healthy cells, the basic building blocks of all body tissue. These microscopic structures are the home of your body’s genetic code, and the bioprogramming center for all body processes. Every cell contains vital genetic information (DNA), which controls every phase of cellular life — including cell division (reproduction) and normal cell death. This biochemical code directs daily cellular activity and gives your cells their identity, telling them how to specialize in performing specific body functions as heart, lung or nerve cells (et.al.). These cells are then able to perform the functions necessary to keep your body healthy and happy throughout your life.

Unfortunately, everyone’s cells are vulnerable to miscommunication or other mistakes. For some people, genetic or environmental factors make these mistakes occur more often. These people may need extra nutritional support to encourage the body’s natural immune system to purify their cells. Perillyl Extract was designed with these people in mind. It supports the body through cell purification* and encourages healthy cell function
Product: Perillyl Extract
Brand: Neways International (More Products)
Size: 150 Capsules
Dosage: 5 capsules daily
Retail: $141.45
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2 Customer Reviews

Great for fighting cancer
by Nichole Kuhns

I've been taking Perillyl Extract for 6 months. My family has a history of cancer and Perillyl extract has been known to limit tumor growth by causing cancerous cells to die. It is an extract from lavender essential oils and Limonene, which is found in lemons and oranges. Because it's known to kill cancer cells, I take it to cut my chances of cancer.
I take this brand because it is one of the most available ones around my area.
I like that there are no adverse side effects to this product and that's great as I have a tendency to have side effects to various products. The only thing about the product that I don't like is it's price. But I feel that it's benefits outweigh the price.
I am going to stay on this product as I feel it's very beneficial to my health! I would definitely recommend it!

Good Product but Pricey
by Stacy

I did feel much better taking Perillyl Extract but I had to discontinue because the price is just so high. I felt better and cleaner after taking these pills for only a couple of weeks.