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Fired Up!!!

Helps to provide a natural boost of energy.
Product: Fired Up!!!
Brand: FreeLife International, LLC (More Products)
Size: 30 Packets
Dosage: Take 1 packet daily.
Retail: $33.12
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28 Customer Reviews

There are better products out there
by Jenny

Like a lot of other users I found this product sent me up WAY too high for too long. I also had a huge crash afterwards. I felt like I'd taken something illegal, which is never good. I'd recommend the Spot On Energy patch as an alternative-- steadier burn, no jitters, no crash. www.spotonenergy.com

Not for every day use...
by Tiffany

I don't really like taking products like this, but the one time I did, it was basically an emergency. I was driving home after working 6 days in a row with very little sleep, and my job was over an hour away from my home. I stopped at a store and they had this product, so I tried it. I am happy to say it worked rather fast and I got home in one piece. You can't ask for more than that when you purchase something. It doesn't cost a lot, and it works fast. I keep a pack in my car for emergencies like I mentioned above.

Works VERY well
by Pattie

My husband often had to work more than 24 hour shifts during snowstorms with not even a nap in sight. He would add a pack to his bottle of water at the start of his shift and be alert enough to perform his job safely. The only downside was if he needed to go to sleep with 10-12 hours, there was no chance of it. He learned from making that mistake once, and used only half a pack in his drink the next time.

Look elsewhere for a 'small boost'.
by Sharon

This product is not for when you're slightly tired after a day of work. This product is for use when you've been up for 48 hours and need to be up for 48 more hours. I took this one day when I got off of work and had to drive 5 hours. It was a big mistake! I was so full of nervous energy, I could not sit still. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I would not recommend these to anyone.

Fired Up
by Jeremy

This is the first time I have used Fired Up and I'm very satisfied. It does exactly what it says, a nice boost of energy. I wasn't expecting this to keep me fired up all day, but just the amount of boost it felt like I had was amazing. I would recommend this to anyone trying to get a quick lift to get work, or whatever needs to be done, done.

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