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Biogevity® Professional Strength

Neways has formulated Biogevity® Professional Strength Formula, a growth nutrient straight from nature’s laboratory.

The idea behind growth nutrient replacement is not a new one. It goes back to millennia-old traditional Chinese medicine, which has always looked to nature as a way of preserving and enhancing human health and vitality.

Biogevity® Professional Strength Formula contains Lurong Extract with growth nutrients to support already healthy cells, and the uptake of amino acids*.

By supporting the body's own natural production of growth nutrients, Biogevity® Professional Strength Formula can help you maintain youthful vitality.
Product: Biogevity® Professional Strength
Brand: Neways International (More Products)
Size: 60 ml
Dosage: 6 sprays 3 x daily
Retail: $97.45
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20 Customer Reviews

by rui

This stuff is just not good. Biogevity is highly expensive and is basically a bottle of sugar. Any energy drink on the market has the same short term effect at a percentage of the cost. Don't waste your time, money, or even energy on this one!

by Joseph Thomas

It makes me sick even talking about it. I tried it for a week. I noticed a little more energy but not a lot. It was like a sugar crash after a few hours. The taste was awful! I would sometime wash out my mouth afterwards! In all seriousness find an energy booster that tastes really good and won't burn a hole through your wallet. Almost 100 bucks! Wow. Huge mistake on my part.

by Stephen

It gives me a lot more energy. I used to take this, as it was cheaper than the Ripped Fuel from GNC. It works pretty much the same, although if you're not going to go running or do something that requires a lot of peppy-ness, I would stop taking it. It's good for making you feel on edge, but it only lasts for a few hours and then you come down fast. I didn't feel comfortable taking it multiple times throughout the day.

by Victor

The high price of this spray is definitely not worth it. Not only does it taste awful, but you have to use it 3 times a day. I didn't notice any extra energy boosts after usage, not even after a few days of using it. Do not buy this product.

Are you kidding?
by ed

I was looking for an energy booster to help me get through the day when I was working 2 jobs, I thought this stuff would do the trick. I figured that something that costs $97 a bottle HAD to work, right?...I was wrong. A $2 energy drink has the same effect and tastes better too.

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