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by user

This is a great product, the tangerine is the only flavor I like, but in general the B vitamins really do boost your energy levels considerably, I generally have no energy during the day, so I notice the change more than someone who is high energy to begin with. Now that being said, do not take this product unless you have at least 8 hours to devote to being awake and productive... once I drank one around 7 pm just because I felt a cold coming on and wanted to zap it and was unable to fall asleep until 6 am the following day lol. This product is phenomenal for road trips for the same reason, it will keep you alert for a 10 hour drive no problem.

by Hillary

I just made this into a hot lemon zinger tea and it was really good! I'm a vegetarian and I have to find easy-to-take supplements that are going to help boost my immune system since I've taken some benefits of meat out of my diet. This is an easy way to do that and I don't get the flu shot so this is a great way for me to protect myself during flu season. Also, if you're already sick and start taking Emergen-c, it helps to rapidly get over the cold, congestion, things like that. :)


I always had very frequent colds and started to take emerging c 5 months ago and my family sick with severe cold and I did not.

by Cheryl McMinn

I take it especially during cold/flu season and have not been sick for years.

by Adam

Just plain awful. The taste is hard to overcome. I'll stick with the pill form.

Office Manager
by Ana Hernandez

I I used to get a cold at least 6x a year , NOT ANYMORE! Thanks to Emergen-C ! The B- vitamins keep me going all day long and I still have energy to exercise after working 10 hours day . Thank You for this GREAT product . Absolutely LOVE IT!

Mother of 4
by Tasha

I have been using emergenc-e for the last two years. I was looking for an alternet energy boost besides coffee. Not only does it provide a pick me up but I haven't been sick for 15 months. And if I ever do start to feel like a cold is coming on I start taking these right away, full force, and avoid alot of sick days.

by mm canada

Firstly, for those who think this product tastes "yucky" or can't get their kids to drink it, you should know that this product comes in many many flavors, and yes, a few of them are not as good in my opinion as well, but many of the flavors are great! I did not like the Tropical flavor so much, but love the Super Orange. I also like the Acai Berry, the Pink (grapefruit) (I don't think they are actually tied into any breast cancer charities for the record, just a marketing scheme?) and the Lemon-Lime. I thought the "Immune Boosting Honey-something" was gross... the point is, play around with the flavors until you find one you or kids DO like, it's worth it. Some places like health food stores sell them by the single packette, so you can try different kinds without buying a whole box. I think this is a great product, I have used it for years and recommend it to friends and family all the time. It's great prevention during cold and flu season, an immune boost when you're under stress or have been burning the candle at both ends (maybe not eating as well as you should), or to help speed up the getting better process if you are sick. Anyone make it into a hot tea? I do sometimes.

not so great
by julie

i honestly couldn't get my kids to drink this. i even tried to bribe them, thinking it would be good to get their immune systems in order before cold and flu season, but they wouldn't have more than one sip. then i tried it and i couldn't even swallow it. i suppose that it might work if you could get past the flavor, or if you are really tough when it comes to drinking gross stuff, but for us it was wasted money.

5 out of 5 Stars
by Willow

My family has used Emercen-C for years. If I wake up feeling run down, it helps. I drink a couple every week, and more often if I feel like I'm getting sick. It provides a tasty way to not only get some vitamins, but hydrate as well! There are B Vitamins in this supplement as well, which is why they call it an energy booster.

I like to mix mine with more water than it says. I prefer the diluted flavor, and it gets me to drink more fluids that way. There are numerous different flavors to try out as well.

The individual single-serve packets are perfect to take with me when I travel.

Also, there isn't much sugar and no artificial sweeteners, which is very important to me.

Services Tech
by Amelia

I love this suff so much! The week before my wedding I was feeling so run down and on the edge of being sick. I started drinking the Emergen-C pink. I not only fought off that cold but felt great all the way through my honeymoon! I give it to everyone now, at home and at work. The taste isn't always the best but for what it does, it could taste like anything. Thanks for this great product!

by Nichole

This is some nasty, foul, blech that shouldn't go near your mouth...with vitamin c.

Seriously, there are better ways to get a c supplement.

by Minnie Chatham

My husband uses Emergen-C Super Energy Booster. He exercises and lifts weights every other day. He would be moody and fatigued afterwards on those days. Since, he started consuming this product I've seen a big change. He's calm, much happier and energetic.He says, he has more energy than ever and doesn't feel overwhelmed any more. He has apologized for being moody due to feeling so fatigued. I keep him stocked hehehe.

by Anonymous

Being a busy Mom and full-time employee in a medical office, I buy Emergen-C at back to school time for my daughter and all year round for me. I don't seem to get as many colds or URI, my daugther doesn't seem to have to miss as many days of school as her friends. We both seem to have more energy too! Taste is okay but I do mix with o.j. or seltzer water.

Patricia Warner
Certified Medical Assistant

Love them!
by MamaB

I love the taste, and I love the boost. I love it all!

by Goldie

I never tried before, but I read that is is really good.

by Eric

This stuff is great for day to day consumption, especially during the winter months, when you are more likely to get sick.

Always have on hand
by Tina G

I always buy a few boxes of this right before cold and flu season. My husband thought I was nuts until he got really sick this past year. I took it, but he didn't, and after he saw how much better I felt and how much sooner, he started asking for it. I actually mix it with a bit of seltzer or diet ginger ale to make it seem like an orange soda. Not as bad to drink that way as with straight water.
by Leigh callen

I have taken Emergen-C for quite a few years and me and my husband love this product!! I believe that it gives me a lot of energy! I like the tangerine and the strawberry flavor the best.

Awesome product
by Chelsea

I started using this a few months ago and noticed the difference immediately! I take it in the afternoon when my energy starts to taper off and it really picks me up. It's almost an acquired taste for me, but how it makes me feel it worth it. It has kept the colds away and made me regular.

emergen c
by Angey Rideout

I started to feel sick and my husband kept saying take some emergen c. So I took some before bed and then again when I woke up in the morning and by afternoon I was starting to feel better.

Best stuff for a cold
by Joy

Emergen-C is definately a product you want to keep in your cabinet. For years it kept me from getting colds or the flu, plus it taste really good too!!! It is a great way to keep your immune system boosted up. Plus it does give you a nice little energy kick!

by Deb

I also don't like the taste when it's so diluted in a large amount of water, so I take it like I'm taking a shot - I put just a little bit of cold water in a cup, mix in the emergen-c powder, and down it. It tastes much better when it's concentrated.

But, not sure if that changes the effect, taking it all at once like that. I notice that it really boosts my appetite, even if I'm not expending much energy. The result is that I'm inhaling all the food in sight about 3 - 4 hours after taking it, which has not been good for my waistline because there has not been a concurrent boost to my fat-burning metabolism.

I don't take it for immune-boosting purposes since I rarely get colds or the flu anyway (I get them years apart). I took it to try and get more energy and to try and be able to be more focused at work on a day when I'm dragging. I think there is a slight increase in alertness, but not really enough to offset the food intake! So I do still occasionally use it when I'm deperately tired, but that's about it.

Emergen-C Works!!
by Jen

I started using Emergen-C when everyone in my house started coming down with the flu. While my family was sick in bed for a week, I was not only well but I also had the energy to take care of my family while they were ill. I constantly recommend this product to everyone I know.


Mix with crystal light and it's a delightful healthy treat.

Love everything Emergen-C
by Natasha

I just love everything from Emergen-C. I constantly use this and airborne. Great products to keep the immune system up.

by Minnie Chatham

My spouse has been my caregiver for the last four years. He does all the laundry, all the grocery shopping, all the cleaning, all the yard work, all the dogs care and all the cooking.
He tries to exercise, lift weights and walk on the treadmill for an hour every two days. He's always on the go but, tired and stressed. So. I got him Emergen-C to give him a Booster and extra energy to help him cope. Well, he loved it. He said, it actually did help and made him feel better. For him to say, "it helped" then, "it helped."
He rated it a Four Star.

by Mary Ann

I never could get over the taste to finish a bottle. I even tried putting the powder in my Auqafina bottled water and still could not drink it down. It has that artificial sweetner aftertaste thing going on as well. So I honestly don't know if this product actually works at giving energy or not.

by kathy

I have tried the energen c product and loved it. It did help boost me but it also helped when I had a cold. I was ill and the first day I tried it it made me want to at least get out of bed and make myself something to eat.

by Holly

I have used these convenient packets for over 10 years. It is a convenient and somewhat tasty way to get a burst of vitamin c and electrolytes. I wish there were more and better-tasting sugar-free varieties.

Holly Aglia
Certified Aromatherapist

by Shannon Kimsey

This product works, if you can stand the taste and smell. It tastes exactly like the vitamins it contains. It's horrible! It does work though, and Emergen C is good about giving out free samples.

Didnt like the taste
by Jen

I tried a few diffrent flavors, but didnt care for the fizzy taste.

Really works
by Nichole Alderfer

I have used many emergen C products due to their willingness to give out free samples. That alone should say something. Not only do I have more energy I also get far fewer colds then my co-workers.

Bad taste ruined it for me
by Cristy Carnes

I have not tried all the flavors of this product but this one in my opinion was not good and any energy benefit it gave me was not worth the taste.

by heather

I loved this product it tasted bad bud it really made me feel energized.

Didn't see benefits
by Lyn

I was expecting to have more energy after trying this. I really didn't feel any more energized. I didn't like the taste either. It tasted like sparkling water.

I love Emergen-Cee
by Cathy Lawrence

Our family has used Emergen-cee for several years. I love it for a daily energy booster and it is wonderful during cold/flu season. I rarely have a cold- If I feel symptoms coming on I just start taking the Emergen-cee several times a day along with a couple of other supplements. Colds rarely "set in". I give it to my four year old in his juice and he rarely has a cold either. It tastes good and there are a lot of flavors to choose from. I just put a packet in about a fourth of a glass of water and let it fizz and "chugalug".

Great Energy Booster
by Ray Jost

I started drinking this in all flavors when I would feel like a cold was coming on or I felt run down. My family of 3 uses it in smoothies with low carb shake mix to get the minerals and Vitamin C that we ALL need more of! I have recommended this product to friends and coworkers, especially when they have colds or feel run down.

very good
by eneida santos

I have been using Emergen-C for a while now. At first I didn't want to try it but I bought it one day and when I tried it- it was something I wanted to continue using. It gives me a boost. I drink it in the morning along with my other vitimans. I got my friends and family to try it and they also like it.

by Danielle

This product works great but the taste is nasty! If they could make it taste better it would be one of the best energy products that I've ever tried and I have tried several.

energy booster
by Brandy Russell

I love this it works really well I have been using it for about a year and it works.

emergen-c super energy booster
by sharon malone

It works great, gives me very needed energy, and gives me vitamin c, and helps prevents having so many colds. They have great flavors.

by Hristina

The taste is good but it did not give me the kick that other energy supplements do. I would recommend it for just a picker-uper

have an emergency .. err c

The first time I tried this product, I was up working for a long stretch, exhausted and not at my best for sure. A friend then handed me a pack and said put this in water and drink it. Might have been due to my exhaustion that I didn't resist. After my first big drink, I immediately felt better and continually better as I finished it. Highly recommend for those that exert themselves through the many life hurdles.

by Pam Cook

This wasn't my favorite product. It is okay but I have had others I prefer!

by mirrors

This product in my opinion was okay, and not the best on market however, the price was pretty inexpensive compared to others.

Get the boost you need
by clint

I keep this at my work when I need that extra kick and add to my favorite bottled water to help me make it thru the day.

I was suprised by it.
by Paul

I have taken Emergen-C, here and there when I have felt like a cold or flu or such was coming on, to help boost immunity, and also when under the weather to speed recovery. Long story short,i also sometimes take energy drinks in the morning as a pick up. Anyway,my mother recomended "Emergen-C Super Energy Booster" as an alternative, and to my suprise it did increasemy energy, both physically and mentally, and I of course, I already knew that it was better for long-term health. Also, the energy that I felt was much more natural feeling.

Product review
by Vera Moore

I have been using this product for a few years now and like the fact that I can choose different flavors; cranberry is my favorite. I like having the option to mix it in with my juice if I wish. Can't say I've really noticed much difference in energy, but I do notice that any cold is greatly reduced in duration. I would highly recommend it!

by kim2728

works great! great product!

Great for cold season
by Katie

Not sure how great it at energizing, but definitely keeps colds at bay!

by emma

I LOVE this product!!! It is awesome to keep health. I have been taking it for about one year and I have not got sick since then. I am among these lazy persons who do not want to do exercises a lot. But with Emergen-C, I can still stay healthy!!! Everyone like me should try it!!

It works!
by Linda

I love this product when I feel like I need an extra burst of energy, or if I feel like I might come down with a chold. It gives me energy and keeps me healthy. It comes in great flavors, and tastes good! I recommend.

This product is great! Don't believe the "nay sayers"
by Jodi

I have used this product on and off for a few months now and I have to say that IT DOES WORK! When I use it I have extra energy. And I give it to my 5 year old daughter when she is sick. I split one pack into 2 doses for her and I add Elderberry for an immune boost, and has shortened the duration of my colds, and my husbands and daughters. It also helps to relieve her constipation because Emergen-C has magnesium in it. It helps to relax and energize. I give it 5 stars. Don't believe those who "poo poo" it. It is a good product.

Emergen -C
by Domii

I Love Emercen-c!Q ive been taking it for about a month and guess what.....EVERYONE ive been around is dad my boyfriend people i go to school with....and i havent gotten anything yet! The Acai Berry or Raspberry flavors are in my opinion the best! i HATE THE CITRUS AND ORANGE FLAVORED ONES yuck.

by BlaznDeb

This is the best energy booster I have had without caffeine. I find that it tastes better with a small amout of water. I also found that it also curbs my appetite some. I have lost 3 lbs in 5 days without trying. Maybe it is the energy I have which makes me move more!

by shane

i like it. works for me.

Emergency C
by Stephen Dordan

I initially tried Emergency as a sample offer. Enjoyed the boost I got and taste. I purchased a box and have been taking it mid morning at work. I not only enjoy the energy boost I get from it but I am very glad of the health benefits from the vitamin C. I would recommend this to anyone who needs some energy during the day to get them by.

Average at best
by Joel

I was really unimpressed by the Emergen-C brand. I received no boost of energy what-so-ever, and my cold continued to plague me even after several pouches! The taste is bland and chalky, which might I add is not such a good thing when you're already sick to your stomach. All in all this product did not deliver on any of it's claims, and I will not be purchasing it again. It's simply a glorified, more expensive multivitamin that doesn't even have everything that a multivitamin does.

very good energy booster
by sumathi

It is really good to use. As I have experienced, after the long hours of work I used to feel so much tired and weak. At that time before meals I drink a glass of juice with the sachet of Emergen-C and really feel energetic and good. I really think that all of us must have it at our home.

Good stuff
by Rui

This stuff is very good. I was feeling down and out with a brief cold and didn't have any medicine around. I remembered I had some Emergen-C, so I took one. It mixes well with water and tastes good too. This brought my spirits up, made me feel MUCH better, and I continued my day. I highly recommend this stuff to anybody.

Energy help
by Kathy

Nothing will provide instant long-lasting energy on a hit or miss program. If you can afford to use this daily you will definitely feel a difference in you energy level. it is easy to take just wish the citrus taste lasted longer. All in all I believe it is much safer than caffeine products which i shy away from. it is definitely worth trying

Energy...without feeling jittery
by Traci Anderson

I am a stay-at-home mom of two preschoolers so I need as much energy as possible. My mother-in-law recommended this product and I have used it nearly everyday since. I used to be a caffeine-addict but by mid afternoon I felt jittery and a bit sleepy at the same time. I tried this product because it doesn't contain caffeine and I was trying to cut down. I felt better right away. I energetic without feeling anxious or jittery.

by Christy Ward

I give Emergen C two stars only because it tastes good for a couple seconds. It has a very chalky aftertaste, much like fiber mixes. It doesn't give you a burst of energy. I've gotten a better burst from a cup of coffee. Very expensive. Over commercialized and a waste of money.

by Mike Huang

Emergen-C is one of the best energy boosters out there. Every time I go out to play basketball, I take a couple of these, and it helps me to maintain my momentum throughout the day. I don't feel as tired as I did without these pills.

by Jessica

I got these as a free sample one day and decided to give them a try. They're delicious and tasty in the same breath and they make me feel great too. If I hadn't had a sample, I would balk at the price, but for what this does for me, I love it and think it's well worth it.

Emergen-C Energy Booster
by Christy R

These are really fantastic because they boost your energy without giving you a lot of unhealthy caffeine products. They combine vitamins to increase your energy so it is more lasting and has less harmful side effects ( I don't get jittery when I take these like I tend to do with a lot of caffeine pills or too much coffee). The only potential downside is these don't give you as much of an instant boost as caffeine- it takes a little longer for me to notice the uplifting effect. However, since it lasts longer and is healthier, I think it's totally worth it to take Emergen-C instead of caffeine pills.

A Great Quick Fix
by Nihility

Emergen-C in a great product. It's a quick way to boost your energy while also supporting your immune system. It comes in a little package, and you just add it to your water. I keep one in my purse for days when I have a lot to do and want to fight fatigue. It has a pleasant taste and comes in unflavored, diet, and other flavors as well. You can get them at Wal-Mart and usually your local Natural Food stores as well.

Cheaper and milder than energy drinks
by Ben

It has a citrus taste at first, which quickly switches to a powdery after-taste. Still, I find it's more reasonable vitamin levels to be a positive over the body-bashing formulas of the arguably better-tasting, big name energy drinks. When I feel like I need a little boost from time to time, I take this.

by kelly

This stuff is the greatest product ever. There is no caffeine, which makes it even better. I think the taste of this is incredible. Minutes after taking this, you feel an immediate pick me up. I recommend this to everyone!

Works Great!
by Jennifer

I really loved this product. I really liked how it gave me the energy to be able to run and play with my three little girls. Also the flavor is so good and it is healthy!

Very good taste
by Gayle Stevenson

The flavors of Emergen-C are very good. I can't say that it gave me much of an energy boost, but maybe if I drank it more often I'd notice a difference. So easy to fix, just add to water.

by Michael

The Emergen-C Super Energy booster is perfect for late night studying or working. It gives you that boost you need to finish that last chapter or that presentation due at 9 a.m.. Mixed with water, its a good tasting drink that is natural, and a perfect pick-me-up.

quality product
by nicki

This stuff is great, tastes great, all natural, and gives me that extra lift that I need from time to time. I especially like that fact that it is a natural product!

by Mary C.

I have been using this product for years. It provides me with that extra boost of energy at times when I need it. It is especially useful the day after a late night out. The taste is pleasant, not bitter like some other fizzing tablets or powders. I would definitely recommend.

by devla

It really depends on the flavor that you get. The orange one is great, while others have an unpleasant taste. It is very easy to use. You just drink it with your water and it gives your body and immune system an extra boost. It is fairly inexpensive as well.

by Amanda Rhoads

This product packs a 1,2 punch. Not only does it affectively boost your energy but it also supports your immune system with vitamin C. We use this regularly since we discovered it a month ago.

Good energy boost with no jitters
by Donia

I like this product because it gives me a boost when I have not had enough sleep. When I need that extra boost to get me through the rest of my day, this is the product I reach for.

My husband loves it!
by KimP

My husband works nights and he takes this with him to add to a bottle of water during his break midway through his shift. It gives him that little kick that he needs to keep going until morning to get the job done. He said that he does feel it when the extra energy boost wears off though. He thinks it tastes great!

A good wake up...
by Mindy

Usually by the time afternoon rolls around, I am dragging. A friend suggested this, so I tried it. I am glad I did. It gave me that extra boost I needed to get through the day. Also has your Vitamin C. Great product.

Very effective
by Momof8

As soon as we start to feel a cold coming on, we take this product and it immediately gives us energy. Our resistance to illness has improved since we started using Emergen-C, and my children like the way it tastes.

Feel energetic now
by Arvinder

This product is worth its price. Initially, I felt lethargic every evening after returning from work, but after I used these energy boosters, life has changed. I don't feel lethargic at the end of the day. It's incredible.

It's ok
by Z

Emergen-C tastes mildly citrusy, but has a weird after taste. It dissolves relatively quickly and provided me with only what I would call a little extra energy. I've tried other energy products that have given me a bigger boost, but Emergen-C is ok.

I love this stuff!
by Stephanie Malcolm

The first thing that got me was the flavor, it is great. Secondly, within minutes of taking this I was feeling energized and totally at peace with myself. Emergen-C is awesome. I totally recommend this product to everybody, especially those who suffer from an afternoon slump and need a quick healthy pick-me-up.

Effective and enjoyable
by Jaime

I really enjoy this product. It gives a great energy burst (without caffeine) and contains nutritional benefits that coffee and soda just do not have. The amount of Vitamin C it contains is sufficient to help you stave off colds in addition to picking you up during an energy slump.

I LOVE this stuff!
by sandy

It's healthy, but you'd never know it by tasting it because it's SO GOOD! I had gotten a free sample of it and didn't think I would like it. Boy was I surprised! I now buy it all the time and if I forget to take it just one day, I really miss it.

A good tasting product that's good for you-you can't beat that.

by Jeff

This is a fantastic product. It gives you that little boost to help get you going and to keep you going and it is all natural. It helps you get through the day without feeling run down.

by Bobbiesue

A good pick me up. When I feel really sluggish at work usually mid afternoon, I use this. It gives me a great pick me up, and I don't feel as tired anymore. Just the boost you need, and provides you with Vitamin C that you need anyway.

good pick me up
by wendy c

I like the energy burst that Emergen C provided. The little packet took my water from blah to sparkling in an instant with no chalky after taste. The citrus flavoring is very good and it definitely is a good substitute for coffee or other caffeinated beverage. It also has a full day's supply of Vitamin C, who wouldn't want that?

by Jessica

This was a nice change of pace from coffee and pop. There was a slight after taste for me, but not for my husband. We take it when we need an extra boost of energy, but don't want the jittery after effects that coffee and some pop can give.

Works Great
by Jaime

This is one of the best energy providers I have every used. It helps get me through my day to day and into the night. Before I started taking this, in the early afternoon, I was dead and dragging. I've even gotten my husband to start taking it and it's working for him too.

Energy provider
by Bharat Parameswaran

I must say that this is one of the best products of all time. I do workouts constantly, and I need a supplement which gives me the energy to get through the day. This product does exactly what it is supposed to. I recommend this product to someone who is in need of a supplement.

by christiana

I take this Emergen-C and I must say it's really good. I used to take a different brand of energy booster and even though it gives me enough energy, it makes me feel drowsy. I decided to try this and not only does it give me energy, it does not make me drowsy.

Miracle stuff
by B. Turner

I started using this when I worked the night shift. It really gave me that extra boost to make it through my shift without the heart racing jitteriness that other energy boosters can give.

Can it Be
by Stacy

An energy supplement that actually works and doesn't make you feel all jittery. I tried this stuff with my breakfast and it gives you that extra boost! I am always a very avid gym-goer and this helps me get that extra strength and energy to get through my tough workouts! This actually tastes good where most are gritty and downright disgusting. I have found a product I love and I will keep using.. Highly recommend!

Love Emergen C
by suz

I love this product. I take it for my immune system and also as an energy booster. I take a packet every morning and also on some days when I am really tired, I take it in the afternoon as well. I do find that it gives me a boost of energy, probably because of the B vitamins and vitamin C. Both are great for the immune system as well. The taste is great and it comes in many different flavors.

by Tammy Soulliere

This is a fantastic product with a great taste, perfect for those periods that a quick boost is needed. A very excellent replacement for those "soda cravings" because of the light fizz and nutritional value!

by holly wilson

A little high priced, but well worth it. This delivers the results - and fast! The taste is also pretty good, with no aftertaste left in your mouth. This is probably one of the best products on the market today - and probably even better than anything the doctor can prescribe for you when you've got a cold!

Energy AND it tastes good too!
by katy

I absolutely LOVE this brand! They have lots of yummy flavors, and I could drink it non-stop all day! I got started on it one morning when I hadn't slept all night. I had received a sample in the mail, so I mixed it up and drank it, surprised by how good it tasted. About 10 minutes later, I felt great and ready to meet the day!

6 Customer Opinions

Great Product
by Caitlyn

I really enjoy this product. I use it everytime I am around someone sick or feel a cold coming on. It's defintely helped as far as making the recovery process faster...I recommend!

Good product
by reviewer2009

I think this flavor is pretty good. I like this product because it's really good for replenishing your electrolyte balance and I like that it's sweetened with fructose rather than cane sugar.

by Tina

Some flavors hide vitamin taste better than others, but works well!

by heather

This product did the trick for me,but I could barely handle the smell and aftertaste, I couldn't use on a regular basis, once in a while, yes

Product tester
by Ellen Thielmann

Emergen-C samples. I was surprised to receive two types: chewable squares that could have passed for a popular fruit chew candy. The other package contained two capsules,one of which had broken open, rendering both capsules ineligible for sampling. The chewables would be great for fussy kids or as a pick-me-up "snack" midday.

Love IT
by Liz Theobald

I have found that mostl Emergen-C products I have tried are pretty effective. I have extremely low energy levels due to immune deficiency and poor diet, Emergen-C increases my energy levels as well as providing important vitamins and minerals that I need to function.