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Incredibly good
by Barry

I tried these via free samples from Nutritional tree. I am completely sold. the blend of Creatine, taurine etc. is outstanding. This is just as good as NOS products. I am ordering more. They deliver!

by Vicki

My brother uses this product and it gives him that extra boost he needs when he is working out.

by Nichoe

I got this product as a free sample and used it before my workout. Found I had more energy and got in a better workout.

by carolyn

I didn't like the flavor it was very bitter. Over all I think it worked fine had more energy for a short time.

Loved it
by Nichole Alderfer

I got this as a free sample in the mail yesterday and decided to take it before my nightly run. It did give me a little energy boost with no jitters like red bull.

loved it
by Jessica B

One of the best samples I've tried... it feels so great I just want to run a few laps.

Diesel Energy Stix
by Donna Albright

I ordered a few of these as samples awhile back.I just received them a few days ago. These are great. first I thought, the taste can not be that good, if used without water. Boy was I wrong! what a great orange, citrus flavor, yummy! These will be the new energy product in my house. The energy it gives is real good, and there is no after bad feeling, like headaches, crashing.

Holy Cow...
by DMC

I have tried every energy drink out there. I received diesel energy stix as a sample. Tried it and quite the rush. Great for my workouts and great for the long drives when traveling. It is even bearable without water as the product claims.

Wardrobe Stylist
by Meliss

I got a free sample of this a few weeks ago and love this product. With work, I'm always running around and the city an am always in need of a burst of energy. This product was really good an I didn't always run the risk when you are taking any type of energy product/supplement. Plus, the product doesn't need water so you take it like a's kind a like a lemon sweet tart without the sugar!!

by Travis

This stuff is great!! I stopped taking energy drinks because there was way too much sugar and I felt pretty crappy a couple of hours later. I stumbled across Diesel and though hey, why not! I loved it! I have been using it ever since for working out and I found it also keeps me focused when taking a test.

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by heather

Okay,I really liked this stuff, the taste wasnt exactly the best, but not the worst either and I stayed energized for quite some time, no negative effects either!

by Vicki L. Vertrees

These are great and the taste isn't bad. These are great to keep in the purse on busy days.


This is another product that I ordered samples of and am looking forward to trying it out! I am hopefull that this product will give me the energy that I need without making me feel jittery and like I have drank way too much coffee. I will write a real review after trying this product