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Not bad
by Annie

I go from school to working a ten hour shift at the hospital to bed for a few hours then I'm back at either school or work. So when midterms come around or when a double shift happens I usually need something to keep my energy up or else I'd fall asleep standing! The first week of midterms I worked and I went to school and the rest of the time I would just study so sleep wasn't even an option. I started using the energy revitalization system and it did give me energy. The burst of energy however was short lived. It has the same effects as coffee where right after you drink your coffee you're energized and ready but eventually the caffeine wears you down at some point. The energy system is the same way, I had a huge burst of energy in the beginning that lasted at most 3 hours and then I began to feel worn out and sleepy, but the three hours that I had with the burst of energy was great, I stayed focused and was able to accomplish more than I thought I would. so the energy system doesn't make you antsy or unable to concentrate during the energy burst it actually seemed to help keep me focused while keeping me awake. it was a great product but I wished the effects of it lasted longer.

When I need to stay up
by Chris Carter

I work all the time. Sometimes I have overnight shifts and I need to stay awake. I take this about an hour before I need to go to work and it keeps me up. I wanted to take this product because I hate coffee and this really worked. This doesn't taste too great either but that's not the point of it; it's an energy substance, and it does just that. I noticed that I used to hate getting up for work and now with "Fatigued to Fantastic", it's a little easier.

Good energy, Bad taste
by John

I use this product quite often when studying late into the night for finals etc. It works excellent, and gives a burst of energy. The downside is that it doesn't have the greatest taste. All in all, if you really need some energy and don't mind a chalky tasting energy boost, you've found what your looking for!

Disgusting in disguise
by Ashley

I purchased this product online in hopes that I would get the extra kick it advertised. It was one of the worst energy products I have ever purchased - and I have tried almost every product on the market. It tastes absolutely horrible and was a waste of my money.

Does the trick!
by Kerry Hays

This product may not taste the best, but it works wonders for my metabolism. I also noticed a drastic increase in energy and stamina. This is also a fantastic cure for the morning hangover, much better then water as it gives you back important vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Would drink again and again!

Fatigued to Sick...
by Nikki

This product did nothing for me, except make me sick! It is absolutely the worst tasting energy product I have ever tried...I got approximately half a dose down, and didn't notice any positive effect at all. I had a hard time not vomiting while taking this product. I would not buy this product again, and gave away the remaining product after I tried it.

Great for the morning after of partying
by maggie a.

BEST hangover cure ever! It does not taste good and it is hard to get down after a night on the town. However, when you need a pick me up and you need to go to work, this works wonders. This helped my hangover greatly. Best hangover secret.

Great Product
by Ryan

I have been using the Energy Revitalization System for over a year now, and I absolutely love it. It used to be after lunch I would start to get really tired at work, and all I could think about was leaving and going home, but not after taking this. I heard about it from another co-worker and now I use it everyday, and instead of going home after work, I have enough energy to got the gym and work out. I will definitely continue to use this product.

Perk up your day!
by Carol

The Fatigued to Fantastic! Energy Revitalization System is a great product to boost your energy and perk up your day. The energy drink is convenient to use anytime and is also easy to make. All the extra energy from this product puts me in a cheerful mood, which is noticed by my co-workers and especially by my husband!

Makes Me Feel Better
by TK

My friend recommended this to me, he has been using it for four months. He has noticed an increase in his energy level.
I have just started this product and the main thing I have noticed is that I have more energy when I exercise and work out.

by Christi

If you are looking for a quick pick me up without the caffeine jitters then Fatigued to Fantastic is for you. I have been trying to wean myself off of caffeine for quite sometime but later in the day I just couldn't function. I tried several different things to give me a quick boost but they never lasted very long. I finally tried this product and it was fantastic! The drink is easy to make, I can take it with me, the taste is great and the product gives a quick boost that lasts for several hours. I really like to drink it about mid afternoon and it will carry me through until its time to sleep in the evenings. I highly recommend this product for anyone needing an energy boost for whatever reason.

Ready to go now!
by Mandy

Wow energy for a whole month in a box! Give it a try like I did and you will see what I mean. I often get so exhausted in the afternoon and this is my quick fix as far as energy goes. Wish I would have known about this about 10 years ago.

by Mike

Fatigued to Fantastic! Energy Revitalization System is the perfect product to boost up your energy on a day where you're feeling sluggish and slow. One pack of this product and you'll be up and ready to go in no time! Excellent product for an excellent price.

Energy up!
by may

I love this product, it keeps me going the whole day. Before I started this system I had to drink a lot of coffee to keep awake, now I don't because I am energetic and ready to go on any task. I really recommend this!

Helps get you going
by Jeff

I am one of those people who sometimes have a hard time waking up and getting going in the mornings. Fatigued to Fantastic has really helped me out with that problem. It works great to help give me that extra boost and get me going for my day. It works all day long.

Energy Up
by Karen Holloway

The first day that I used this product was WOW! My energy level went from 0-60 and man was I amazed. A friend of mine is the one that got me to try it and I thought yeah yeah whatever, man was I wrong. Now I use this product as part of my daily routine. I have energy that I didn't have before. I love it! If its energy you are looking for try this its great.

by dee

My co-worker introduce Energy to me. Being a teacher I usually lack of energy during noon time since most of the kids have worn me out but thanks to Energy, it helps me to stay active all day.

Awesome supplement for a working mom like me.

Simply Wonderful
by Judith

This is the product I have searched and hoped for. I have always had trouble maintaining my energy level. When this product first came out, I wasn't overly excited, and thought it was just another product that "claimed" to give you energy. Boy was I wrong! I felt the difference after two packets. I have been taking it faithfully every day, sometimes 2x a day for an extra boost. The product does not only supply you with much needed energy, but essential vitamins and minerals and the taste is very pleasant and enjoyable. I sure give it a thumbs up!

Feel excited about the day!
by Dan

We've all experienced it...waking up slow and just wanting to lay back down, even after a cold shower. I have long searched for a product to fight this feeling. I finally came by Fatigued to Fantastic and I couldn't be more excited for the day at hand. It's better than caffeine because you don't have a hard fall off;you gradually become tired at the appropriate time. If you are looking for a product that tastes great, gives you an abundance of energy and doesn't leave you in a tired state all of a sudden, this is the product that YOU need.

Does boost energy
by suz

I found this product to be pretty good at boosting my overall energy levels. My doctor recommended that I give this a try and I was afraid it would taste nasty. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it and the taste wasn't bad at all. It contains tons of nutrients that the body needs. For someone like me that doesn't always eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, I think it is a great supplement.

Excellent Stuff!
by Tammy Soulliere

I love to start my day with "Fatigued to Fantastic" because it supplies my body with the essential nutrients that give my body the "umph" I need to keep it going! It also supplies my brain with the nutrients to keep it sharp and on top of things.

Board meeting boost!
by Dave

I usually dread our board meetings because I feel like sleeping through the boring details. Now on days when we meet, I supplement with this stuff and WOW. I actually have not only energy through our extended meetings, but actually contribute to them. I also use this on days when I am going on long runs-- it works very well!

Good stuff!!!
by Adam Paul

Unlike caffeine, this stuff actually supplements what is making you prematurely tired. Although not a supplement for sleep, it will provide you the stamina to keep going for extended periods of time

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