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I want to buy the e3 energy drink.
by Robby Demers

I am a Eco Quest member. I have many friends, including my self that use this product (e3 energy drink) daily. I am in the market to find the provider of this product. Can anyone help me?
Contact me at

by emma

I am Ph.D. student now and as you well know, I stay late even the whole night a lot. And I have nearly time to do exercises. Thanks to EFS Energy Drink to provide me enough energy to handle my life.

Way better than Red Bull
by Jason Brackett

This is my secret weapon for staying up late while studying for tests/doing homework. The main reason I like this more than Red Bull is because it doesn't taste/feel like cough syrup. This product also doesn't make me feel drowsy once it wears off. All in all it is a great product.

Red Bull gives you wings and maybe this does too
by Q

Sometimes we all need a boost of energy. This product does just that and provides the little rush you need. The taste is nothing to brag about but I've tasted worse. This would be a good complement to a healthy breakfast for those that need the energy such as college kids embarking on a trip to an exam or for those that need the little edge to motivate them to workout.

The Edge I Need
by A. Rush

This drink definitely gives me the edge I need. It is a gentle pick up rather than a wired feeling. The taste is not all that impressive, but it is bearable. Once the effect wears off it is a gentle let down rather than a crash like some other products give.

Good sports drink!
by Jeremy

I really enjoy this sports drink as opposed to some of the other ones out there. I drink it early in the morning when I wake up, so I would get that boost that I need. And when its time for me to go workout, I am usually relaxed and still capable of doing my daily exercises. The only thing is that, I do not like the taste of it. It isn't so bad, but the taste doesn't taste so good.

Really does the job!
by James

This sports drink gives me more energy and that extra boost before workouts and track meets. Typically I will drink E3 a half hour before a workout and it helps with getting over the fatigue after a long day of class. The specific regimen keeps me focused at the meet. The results have been so great, more and more team mates are trying it! Definitely recommend trying it!

Helps so much
by cooldan

This product gives me more energy than any other energy boosting product. I use this before working out and before basketball games to be the one still scoring in the last quarters. I used to be very tired after just one quarter, but now I can play a whole game without stopping except for a drink once in awhile.

Great Study Aid!
by Alex

This drink practically saved me during Finals Week in school! The extra energy it gave me allowed me to stay up extra hours to study without all the normal fatigue I would have felt. It worked extremely well and gave me enough pop for the week.

My only real complaint was the price, but it's still got a lot of bang for the buck. Especially considering it far surpasses those other energy drinks (Redbull, etc.) on the level of energy it provides.

Really Good Product
by Justin

This product is great. I use it alot before I work out for the extra energy boost during my workout. It works well for busy schedules. I've been using it for the past 6 months and my results have been great. I took this product to increase my energy and continue to take it because it works! I would recommend this product to those who are active and need that extra boost throughout their daily active activities.

by Kerry Hays

Playing hockey is a demanding sport, and while I play, I've tried many mainstay energy drinks to help give me more energy and keep me out on the ice longer. The E3 Sports drink does just that. It gives me more energy and vigor in or to keep me skating hard and putting the puck in the net. The entire team now drinks this, and we've seen a very steady improvement to our game.

A great sports drink
by Ross

This is a mainstay before my weekly football games. Without it, I end up nearly passing out before halftime. However, after a few swigs of E3, I feel full of energy and alert. I can play the whole game without barely taking a timeout.
Indeed, this is a great product.

by Kevin

I tested my samples of E3 during the final races of my season and into the post-season. I enjoyed the very light taste of the tangerine during races and felt that my energy levels were always topped off with consistent use. The times that I didn't bring E3 on a training ride, or was too distracted to keep up the recommended ingestion rate, I did notice a decline in my energy levels. It also worked well with energy gels and food that I consumed while riding. The most noticeable difference was on longer efforts, and I can say that E3 performed up to expectations

My Favorite Energy Drink
by M. DeGilio

I can't say enough about this product. It keeps me going for hours. I'm not a morning person, and this is a miracle worker for me. Redbull? What's that? HA! This stuff tastes much better than anything else on the market.

Great Taste!
by Victor

This energy drink is a great combination, it has great tastes and it boosts my energy for several hours! It is better than Bawls and other energy drinks that I have tried and helps me stay awake during work. I would definitely purchase this again.

Finals here I come!
by DomZ

I've been drinking this as needed for this entire semester and I must say it helps with late night cramming and my busy days. Working full time and attending full time doesn't leave much room for sleep, that's where these guys come in. I love it!

by Pennken2009

This stuff tastes great! While redbull and all those Rockstar drinks have that crappy taste to them, this stuff is smooth and good tasting! It gives you that exta buzz you need to get through the day! I drink one at least 3 times a week at work during lunch. Helps so much to keep awake and aware of my surroundings.

pretty good
by brandyn

I had this a few times and it works for me. The main reason I drink these are for more energy and to pack on a few extra hundred calories. I work outside and it helps. The taste is also good. Compares to the other sports drinks.

Great Stuff
by toddm

This energy drink mix is excellent. Much Better than drinking a Red Bull or other sugar canned drinks. It tastes OK and will give you healthy energy before playing sports or working out. Try it, it works.

Good for energy
by James Zitzmann

I received a sample of this one time, and it worked a lot better than many other energy drinks I've tried. It doesn't really taste as good, but it has things such as carbohydrates that make it much better for you in the long run.

Great Energy Booster!
by drew.amp

Before I go out and play basketball, I always take this energy drink. It really keeps me going in that last quarter where it matters the most. Although I am not to fond of the taste, I still love the boost it gives me - that no other energy drink but E3 does.

by JJ

My husband plays soccer and he came across this drink at the health store. I worked third shift, so I would steal a little bit for myself to drink about 1:00AM. It tasted allright, but what can you really expect? It gave me energy, for a while, but I eventually came crashing down and I would be more tired than before I drank it.

Boosts energy levels.
by SP

I take this E3 sports drink after heavy workouts and whenever I feel very tired. Especially when i work in night shifts, I take this drink to get rid of sleep. It is an excellent energy drink and really boosted my energy levels when required. Of course this doesn't taste very good.

A good Kick!
by Jen W.

I have tried a lot of enery drinks and I hated the taste of most of them. I love the taste of this drink, and it gives me a kick of energy that lasts about 2 hours. As a busy mom, sometimes I just need to get up and going without enough sleep. This product does the trick!

Doesn't taste so good..but...
by ambreen

When my brother works out, he swears by this drink. According to him, this is not the best tasting of drinks. In fact, he says he really hates the taste. But the effect it has for him is well worth it. When he drinks it right before a rigorous workout, he feels he gets the most out of his workout because he has long lasting energy. Plus, the proteins and carbs in this drink help him in his effort to amass lots of muscle!

Gives me energy
by D

I take E3 Sports Drink before my workouts to give me a boost in energy that I need. The taste is rather pleasant compared to the other drinks that I have tried. And I am able to complete a hard workout with the stamina and energy that I need. The price was about the same as comparable products. It's my favorite.

works great but not the best flavor
by bushwacker

I have tried every energy drink on the market E3 has gave me the biggest boost. It doesn't taste the best, but the ones that have a good flavor don't work. Thanks,E3

As promised
by William OConnor

This energy drink actually gives you a boost you can feel. I drink one before each morning workout, and by the time I reach the gym I'm raring to go. The taste is fairly neutral, which is more than I expected. A fine product! What a sports drink! Two thumbs up!

Not bad
by Sean

I've tried a few of these, and I will start out by saying that it didn't exactly excite my taste buds, but it definitely does what it says it will. It will give you a nice boost on whatever you're planning to do, has the power to keep me up all night working so I'm satisfied.

E3 Sports Drink
by Dorene

This sports drink worked pretty well. I got a few to drink before I went to the gym and they did seem to give me a good energy boost. The taste wasn't bad either!

Actually works
by Phil Young

This energy drink actually works on boosting your energy while your work out so you can burn more calories. I drink one before each basketball practice, and I never get cramps and I am always ready for sprints at the end of practice.

Gave me energy
by S. Grevious

I really enjoy this sports drink as opposed to some of the other ones out there. I drink it early in the morning when I wake up, so I would get that boost that I need. When it's time for me to go workout, I am usually relaxed and still capable of doing my daily exercises. The only thing is that, I do not like the taste of it.

Good Sports Drink!
by Louis

I bought this sports drink to try out while I was working out, and I can say that it actually works. It gave me a boost of endurance and I could feel it while working out. Its taste is above average compared to other sport drinks. I highly recommend it!

Good for budget minded gym rats
by John H

I gave this a try a while back and was not thrilled with the results. I was used to taking straight caffeine pre-workout and this fell short in terms of energy. All the ingredients can be had individually for a fraction of the price with better results. I believe you are paying for the convenience of the ingredients in a single package that doesn't taste all that great.

Best energy drink
by Albert

One of the best energy drinks I have ever had. In a small amount of time this product really helps bring your endurance up. Whether it's trying to get pumped up to work out or studying late at night. This product tastes good and does what it says. I recommend this to everyone.

Pretty Good
by Ellisha

I really enjoy this product. It keeps me going. I usually use it before I go to the gym or work. It really helps build endurance and keeps me going! I like the taste and it is really convenient!

Reasonably Priced, Good Results
by Gordy

I tried the E3 Sports Drink about 2 months ago when I was looking to change my workout routine. I wanted to use an energy drink that was designed for workouts involving competitive sports and I'd say I made a good choice. The amino acids and antioxidants provide an extra boost that some other drinks just don't have. It was refreshing, energizing, and didn't leave me with a heavy, full feeling which definitely ranks it above some others. The price is good as it retails for $20, but if you shop wisely, you can find it for <$15 out the door.

Great product
by Jeff

This is a great product that actually works. It gives you that little boost that you need and really helps increase your endurance. Plus it really does not taste all that bad like some sports drinks.

Great to take before you go to the gym
by Garrett Black

I always take this product before going to the gym. It helps me build my endurance up. I started taking this product a while ago and I have built my endurance up very high.

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