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There are better products out there
by Jenny

Like a lot of other users I found this product sent me up WAY too high for too long. I also had a huge crash afterwards. I felt like I'd taken something illegal, which is never good. I'd recommend the Spot On Energy patch as an alternative-- steadier burn, no jitters, no crash.

Not for every day use...
by Tiffany

I don't really like taking products like this, but the one time I did, it was basically an emergency. I was driving home after working 6 days in a row with very little sleep, and my job was over an hour away from my home. I stopped at a store and they had this product, so I tried it. I am happy to say it worked rather fast and I got home in one piece. You can't ask for more than that when you purchase something. It doesn't cost a lot, and it works fast. I keep a pack in my car for emergencies like I mentioned above.

Works VERY well
by Pattie

My husband often had to work more than 24 hour shifts during snowstorms with not even a nap in sight. He would add a pack to his bottle of water at the start of his shift and be alert enough to perform his job safely. The only downside was if he needed to go to sleep with 10-12 hours, there was no chance of it. He learned from making that mistake once, and used only half a pack in his drink the next time.

Look elsewhere for a 'small boost'.
by Sharon

This product is not for when you're slightly tired after a day of work. This product is for use when you've been up for 48 hours and need to be up for 48 more hours. I took this one day when I got off of work and had to drive 5 hours. It was a big mistake! I was so full of nervous energy, I could not sit still. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I would not recommend these to anyone.

Fired Up
by Jeremy

This is the first time I have used Fired Up and I'm very satisfied. It does exactly what it says, a nice boost of energy. I wasn't expecting this to keep me fired up all day, but just the amount of boost it felt like I had was amazing. I would recommend this to anyone trying to get a quick lift to get work, or whatever needs to be done, done.

Energy All Day
by A G

I am always on the go and need a boost of energy throughout the day, like many people today. I tried this product because I was trying to increase the amount of water I drank each day. I keep a couple packages in my purse and in the car. It is hard for me to drink plain water, so I add a packet of Fired-Up to the water bottle. I drink more water (over 8 glasses a day now) and I have more energy.

by Destiny

This product DID NOT do anything for me! If anything I was more tired than before taking the product! Other than having no effect on my energy, it made me shake REALLY BAD! Save yourself about $33.00 and find a new product!

Horrible after effects....
by Kerry Hays

The energy release into your system with this product is fantastic, the only real problem is that it's too quick and doesn't last. It shocks your body with the potency leaving you feeling shaky and nauseous. Especially if you're in the middle of a strenuous activity. It also makes your breath smell really really bad.

by Dustin

These aren't for everyone. I sometimes really need an extra energy kick at the end of a long day, especially if I'm about to start a workout routine. These things get me going real quick. It is a solid high-impact boost of energy. If you are not accustomed to taking caffeine already then you might want to avoid these and go with something more mild. If you are like me and need a kick in the -you know what-, then go for it.

Too much of a good thing.
by Henry L.

This stuff works, but it works a little too well. It feels like an absolute explosion of energy, and the effects made me feel really nervous and jumpy. Although it was cheap, it's really ineffective to be on the edge all the time. It gave me the boost, but it wasn't what I needed, I'd skip this.

Release too fast?!
by Curtis

Although this product gives me great energy and awareness, it made my body shaky and anxious. It lasted for about 40 minutes to an hour and then started to wear off. Afterwards, I found myself extremely tired and stressed. Would probably never try this product again considering the consequences.

by Garrett

These things are SCARY. You digest it and then your body just explodes. I think it is horrible. People would like it more , maybe, if they changed the ingredients to make it less unexpectedly dangerous.

Good if you want the jitters.
by Jamie

I bought this for my husband because he's been working long shifts at work. He had plenty of energy but was shaky and felt nauseous most of the day. I haven't found anything in the way of energy boosters that doesn't effect him this way, so he might just be really prone to that kind of reaction.

Am I having a heart attack?
by M. DeGilio

With so many energy boost products on the market, why settle for something that is nowhere near helpful? This product doesn't give you much of a boost at all, not to mention the fact that you feel as if you are having a heart attack! It made me feel very jittery.

Makes Your Heart Race
by Melissa Martinez

I tried a single dosage of these and my heart began to race so bad that I was a little worried for awhile, to be honest. I didn't detect a boost in energy, but then again I was jittery and did not want to be active. They may work for others if you don't get the jitters but I just can't recommend them myself.

My husband didn't like this
by Kristie G

My husband works shift work, and on the times he has to work over night, he needs a little boost. We got him a couple of these, and he didn't like them. The caffeine made him jittery, but he was still tired. He's gone back to espresso at night to help keep himself awake. I probably won't buy this again.

by Mike Huang

This product doesn't really work effectively. I've tried using it for about a week during my basketball sessions, but I don't see much of a difference on my performance. The supplement is cheap, so if you have money to waste, this product will do enough for you.

Too much caffeine
by Cynthia

As a college student, my roommate and I tend to pull all-nighters before our tests. We've tried this once... and it was just really strong. Both of us had a hard time concentrating because every single noise, tick, or buzz was amplified by 100! It only lasted about 2 hours, but it was like a shot of caffeine. It was definitely way too strong for me.

Stay away from this
by Angel705

I will never use this product again. It was horrible. I needed an energy boost because I work overnight a lot. Wishfully, I thought this would be the product for me. I was terribly wrong. It did not boost my energy but made me feel very rattled. Not worth it.

Fired Up Up Up!
by Sean

This is the first time I have used Fired Up and I'm very satisfied. It does exactly what it says, a nice boost of energy. I wasn't expecting this to keep me fired up all day, but just the amount of boost it felt like I had was amazing. I would recommend this to anyone trying to get a quick lift to get work, or whatever needs to be done, done.

Fired down!
by Rosa

If I just wanted caffeine, I'd drink coffee. This had zero effect, and the taste is bizzare. It's also more expensive than other energy boosters, like B-complex vitamins.

Decent quick boost
by Dave

I thought Fired Up gave me a pretty good short term boost of energy. I felt that this type of boost was more useful during the middle of a boring day at work rather than a boost before you workout. My wife also used this product but thought that it made her too jittery and she said her heart was racing too much. Unlike myself, she doesn't normally drink coffee during the day, so I think the caffeine hit her hard.
So if you want a quick and easy lift, this is a decent way to go.

quick booster but not for sports
by Noah H.

These are convenient to carry for quick energy and the taste is pretty good. However, for the price, I think the ingredients should include some nutrients that are better for your health or actually provide oxygen to the cells which would provide a boost and still be good for you in the long run. The effect is speedy when taking these but is only of short duration and may cause some people to have the jitters, as it did me, similar to drinking the extra caffeine fortified soft drinks or too much coffee. Okay for use at work for a quick boost but not when doing sports or work outs as it can give you a headache.

Didn't work for my husband.
by KimP

I got this for my husband because he works nights and he is always looking for something to give him that extra kick in the middle of his shift. He tried to take this and it just didn't work for him at all. He said that he could not feel any difference by taking this.

by Darla

The taste was not bad but after approx. a half hour I got a little shaky from the caffeine. I feel I can get the same feeling from coffee for a lot cheaper and it does not last that long. I would have to drink them all within a couple of hours to keep the energy level up.

Just ok
by Stacy

I was expecting a lot more energy out of this product--like I have found in others. I got a free sample and thought I would give it a shot. For the amount of money, there are better products out there that don't cost nearly as much. I did have some energy but nothing that I would rave about.

No BOOST like I wanted to
by S. Grevious

It does give you a boost, but it didn't like I wanted it too. It gave me a boost for only a couple of hours. I was looking for something to last half of the day. I have to admit that it did indeed keep me calm. I wasn't jumping all over the place or anything. I think it's best to take this product right before noon, since it doesn't lasts long. At least you can last through a couple of hours at work.

This is ok
by Garrett

This will give you a OK boost every day. If you take it in the morning, you will have energy till about noon or one. The energy isn't that of a full throttle energy drink, but more relaxed. This keeps you full for a while and helps you focus.

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