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Good product!
by taylor

I took this product because I go to college, and stay up late doing homework and then have to get up early for classes. I found myself often falling asleep in places, and resting my head on the desk in class. I bought this product and have been taking it now for about 2 months and I love it. It keeps me awake during class and I don't feel as tired as I used to. The only problem is that it gives you somewhat bad breath, but besides that I recommend this to anyone!

So so product
by Corri

I tried this product because I loved the name "Clear Energy Mind and Body Power". Just sounded wonderful and like exactly what I was looking for. However, even though it claims to be stimulant free, I still felt shaky and jittery while taking these pills. Because of that reason and the high cost, I discontinued taking this product after the bottle was empty. While taking this product, I did not even see any measurable differences which did not give me any reason to continue with the product as directed. I would recommend many other products that are out there if you are looking for a great energy supplement.

Good but Pricey
by alma

My husband has diabetes and there are a lot of things on the market he cannot take. I saw these in the health food store and bought it for him since he is working a lot these days and he needed the energy. The capsules do work. He is more alert and he doesn't have any side effects combining these with his prescription. However, the price is steep so he uses them when he really needs a boost.

by heink

PRICEY PRICEY. More availability on the market today, so there are plenty of other choices to explore. Decent for energy boosting, as far as mind clearing, maybe its just me, but I was still feeling stress from work during the day.

Too expensive
by Natalia

This is not a bad product, but you can get equally effective pills for half the price. Although I did feel better after taking it, a 45 days supply will cost you $50. I don't think it's worth it, try other brands that cost much less and are equally effective.

Clear Energy
by kvantol

Most days, I get only 5 to 6 hours of sleep. I started taking Clear Energy and I noticed the difference straight-away. You feel great with no side effects. Excellent product, highly recommended.

Clear Energy Mind
by MK

90 capsules for $50 is not a great bargain. I would wish that this product would either offer more capsules for $50 or that they would sell it for less. There are many other similar vitamins out there that offer either more capsules or costs less, however, I feel better both mentally and physically after taking this product. And it helps with my digestion as well.

Not Worth It
by zingerhil

I was really hesitant to dish out so much money for an energy booster, but I had heard a few good things about this particular product. I regret my decision and wish I would have kept my $50. I noticed very little increase in my energy levels and ended up giving away most of the pills in order to switch to something that was more effective.

Not so hot for the price.
by zach

This is an alright product. I noticed an increase in energy throughout the day and it is herbal which is a plus. However, this product didn't offer enough results to be worth the cost. I just recently switched over to a different energy product.

Clear Energy
by Patrick

This product is pretty mediocre for the results received. Having cost around $50, this really isn't the best value. The product also does not deliver the results that a product with a price tag of $50 should deliver. I agree with the first review, throw these out and go buy some green tea.

by EF

In my opinion, this supplement does not offer the consumer particularly good value for money. While the basic premise of the product is sound, the $50 price tag is exorbitant, averaging at over a dollar a serving (90 capsules - 2 caps per day). Buy yourself some green tea and save some money!

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