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real booster
by Arvinder

I used to feel lethargic after school and i was not able to concenterate on my studies but this product named Glyco Essentials changed everything. I am taking this product for a few days and I now feel energetic all the time, the grades at school are improving and now i play lot of outdoor games without any feeling of fatigue. The physical as well as mental balance is improving with every passing day and this is all because of intake of Glyco Essential - a real energy booster.

Great energy boost
by Alma

Recently I went back to college and, being that I am not a young woman anymore, I started to realize that during the afternoon I started to slump. I do drink coffee but too much caffeine wreaks havoc on my stomach. I went to the health food store and saw these pills, liked the advertisement and bought them. I have now been taking them for three months. Not every day but whenever I need an extra boost these are great. I can do my work, I feel clear headed and not jittery. Thanks

No More Bad Energy Drinks!
by Eric Forbes

No more bad energy drinks! I go snowboarding 4 times a week and every day I would stop at the loce gas station to buy an energy drink. It would give me loads of energy but than it would make me feel sluggish and tired. My mother told me to get something natural and real. So I decided to try Glyco Essentials. After about the second capsule I took during the day I could feel the energy come rushing in! It let me do things people 30 years younger than me do! After the snowboarding I did not feel any sluggish or tired for the rest of the day. This price is high, but its cheaper than buying energy drinks daily. This product is well worth it! I will recommend it to anyone and everyone!

It's great!
by Zheng

I really like this product. I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and it's been great since day one. What I didn't like about it is that the taste is weird. I would definitely buy this again.

Glyco Essentials
by Sandra

I have been taking caffeine pills for years to combat fatigue. I decided to try a more natural supplement and my pharmacist recommended this product as long as I had no diabetes or sugar problems. I am glad I made the switch. The energy provided by this supplement is longer lasting and more natural than caffeine. I felt so much more energized after being on it for several days and I usually only take 1 or 2 pills a day instead of the recommend 3 daily.

A good pick up
by George

Glyco Essentials have definately helped provide me with the energy boost I need to get through those tough days. I've also yet to experience any jittery side effects as well from this product. However, I would be careful, as taking energy pills may only be curing the symptoms to an otherwise chronic problem (anemia, low blood sugar...). Your doctor can help you determine if that is the case... If not, this product works...

worked for me
by Tim

In the past I have experienced really low amounts of energy. I don't like to drink coffee or any other drinks like that, so my mom actually got me these. I took one in the morning and it worked very well. I did not feel like I needed that extra hour of sleep that I normally did. It took a couple of days for me to realize the effects of this product, but the results are awesome. I felt like I did better at work and contribute some of my recent success to this product. I will continue to use this product.

Thank you Glyco Essentials
by Jennifer

At first I was very skeptical about using this product. I don't like any energy boosters that cause me to have the jitters. This product did nothing of the sort. I was calm and still energized when I took this product. I wanted to get back on my treadmill again. I have now lost 10 pounds while taking this product.

Pretty Good
by Andrew

When I needed more energy these pills were recommended to me by a family member. After two days use I felt like a new man. These are highly effective and will give you that extra pep you need for a hard working day. You must try this product for yourself before you can comprehend the full potential of its powers.

A Stark Improvement
by Ross

Recently I've found myself becoming more lethargic in the morning hours as I've cut back on my coffee intake. I decided to take an alternative to caffeine, and found this product. Although it might not be quite as potent as a few cups of coffee, it certainly gives you a similar energized feeling, and at least for me it seems to last longer (about 4-6 hours). I'd recommend this for anyone who isn't a morning person or needs a little kick start.

8 Essential sugars
by Martin

I was looking for 8 essential sugars that heal for cheap. With its decent price, Glyco Essentials does just that. For a need to know basis, many of the nutrients we need, many of the essential sugars our body uses to nourish itself, are not found in the foods we eat. Though some of them are found in the food we eat, we do not get all of the 8 essential sugars as recommended (Glucose, mannose, galactose, xylose, fucose,N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine, and sialic acid). Glyco Essentials is a daily supplement for me and does keep me going.

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