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by rui

This stuff is just not good. Biogevity is highly expensive and is basically a bottle of sugar. Any energy drink on the market has the same short term effect at a percentage of the cost. Don't waste your time, money, or even energy on this one!

by Joseph Thomas

It makes me sick even talking about it. I tried it for a week. I noticed a little more energy but not a lot. It was like a sugar crash after a few hours. The taste was awful! I would sometime wash out my mouth afterwards! In all seriousness find an energy booster that tastes really good and won't burn a hole through your wallet. Almost 100 bucks! Wow. Huge mistake on my part.

by Stephen

It gives me a lot more energy. I used to take this, as it was cheaper than the Ripped Fuel from GNC. It works pretty much the same, although if you're not going to go running or do something that requires a lot of peppy-ness, I would stop taking it. It's good for making you feel on edge, but it only lasts for a few hours and then you come down fast. I didn't feel comfortable taking it multiple times throughout the day.

by Victor

The high price of this spray is definitely not worth it. Not only does it taste awful, but you have to use it 3 times a day. I didn't notice any extra energy boosts after usage, not even after a few days of using it. Do not buy this product.

Are you kidding?
by ed

I was looking for an energy booster to help me get through the day when I was working 2 jobs, I thought this stuff would do the trick. I figured that something that costs $97 a bottle HAD to work, right?...I was wrong. A $2 energy drink has the same effect and tastes better too.

by John

I tried this product about a month ago because I was planning on a lot of late nights studying and whatnot. I was very disappointed to find that it really worked no better in boosting my energy than a regular Red Bull or something like that. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was cheap, but it was almost 100 bucks for a tiny bottle of it.

If I could do a review of less than one star I would have.

stay away from this!!!

Absolutely Horrible
by Kerry Hays

There is absolutely no benefit to taking this product. Unless however you want to torture yourself with the horrible taste and smell. After using this spray, no gain in energy or effect was noticeable. Again, only the horrible taste and smell were apparent.

Bad Combo: Expensive and ineffective!
by Henry L.

I've had to pull all nighters before, so when I found this, I figured the quality would justify the price. Boy was I wrong. The first night I tried it, I fell asleep with my head on the book in no time flat! I spent nearly 100 dollars on a spray that manages to do nothing. Skip this.

by Destiny

FIRST OF ALL THE COST IS OUTRAGEOUS! $97.45 for ONE bottle! CRAZY! And to boot, it doesn't even work! It's amazing--you think that the more you pay for a product, the better quality you would get out of it! VERY DISAPPOINTED!

by Delnetria Marks

With a three year old to care for I need to have lots of energy. I tried this product and felt a little energy, but not enough to want to take it again. It made me feel like I had just had a small piece of candy and nothing more.

Not worth it!
by Amy

In the winter, I am always looking for a quick pick me up to help get through the day; this product intrigued me and I figured it had to work or it wouldn't cost as much as it does. I was wrong!!! This product tasted horrible - left a terrible aftertaste and proceeded to do nothing for me. I never felt like it gave me any extra energy. I will not be wasting my money on this ever again and I suggest that no one else does either.

Way too expensive
by Jordan

Because of my school schedule, I have to wake up extremely early to get to classes, and I needed something to boost my energy so I wouldn't be so tired in classes. I tried this product, but it didn't do much of anything, and the cost is outrageous. Like others have said, it's pretty useless, and for the price I was expecting a lot more.

Don't Waste Your Money!
by Jane M.

I spent my hard earned money on this product that resulted in no results at all. Took this for over a month and felt nothing substantial in my health and vitality, as it stated. Do not waste your money on this!

by Herman

This product is extremely expensive for such a small bottle of spray. I didn't like the taste and I didn't like the effects. Well, there were barely any effects. Save yourself some money and buy a cup of coffee!

Biogevity® Professional Strength
by Dorene

I tried this a few months ago and did not see how it helped at all. I didn't feel anything different or see any changes. The price was ridiculously high! Do not waste your time or money or this product!

I do not felt a thing from it
by Krisztian

Yeah , I have to agree with the previous reviews of this Biogevity Non-Strength provider. My experience was really bad with this stuff. I did not feel a thing or maybe just the slightest boost after I doubled the amount. Well, this thing I will forget forever. It is expensive and useless for me and my wife!

Ill never do that again
by Alex Grossman

Me and my brother tried this stuff and I have to say that it didn't help a thing. We noticed no difference whatsoever!
Plus the price was outrageous. I'll never buy this again and I hope you learn from my experience.

Not worth the money
by Dave

I received this Biogevity from a workout partner that no longer wanted it. At first, I thought it was a worthwhile supplement, but after a while I felt little or no effects. I think that the reason I thought it was working simply because of the price and sometimes taking supplements can trick your mind into believing that they are doing something for you. I would recommend this product to no one.

Below average...
by Albert

My friend and I were not pleased with this product at all. We figured since the product was expensive we would be paying for quality. That wasn't the case. For this amount of money you can try at least 3-4 different products before this one. The multivitamin seems to be the same as the others and doesn't really work. Stay away, you have been warned.

I dont like this
by Garrett black

First off, this is way to expensive! Secondly, it hardly works for me. It's a multi vitamin with some other stuff in it. I never want to have this again. I don't like it or enjoy it.

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