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Give me the power
by Tian

In the past I have experienced really low amounts of energy. I don't like to drink coffee or any other drinks like that, so my wife actually got me these. I took one in the morning and it worked very well. I did not feel like I needed that extra hour of sleep that I normally did. It took a couple of days for me to realize the effects of this product, but the results are awesome. I felt like I did better at work and contribute some of my recent success to this product. I will continue to use this product. Thanks, Electrolyte Stamina.

by Justin

I am a college student and I am always extremely busy. Before using this product, I have been using it for 6 months now, I used to take several naps throughout the week or go to Starbucks, but now I use this product. It is great for giving my busy life a bit of energy throughout the day so I don't need a nap or a coffee. Also, it's price is very reasonable for how good this product is. I'm sure I will continue using this product for years to come, it works great!

Gives me a big boost
by Steve

This is great for my hectic 24/7 life and works great at the start of my day. Usually I wake up, take an ES and head to the gym. From there I hit the shower and go to work after that I head off to class. This helps me survive my day!

Needed boost
by Ricardo Gutierrez

As a daily sports and fitness practitioner I know of the strain and drain of energy that hot summer days have on one's body and swear by electrolyte stamina's results. Having bladder issues, I find it hard to take in the needed amounts of liquids that the body requires when partaking in strenuous activities. This diminishes my performance and stamina drastically while running up and down the court, so before every game I energize on this product and hardly ever do I suffer the cramping, tightening of muscles, and so forth that has occurred to me prior because of dehydration.

energy booster
by wendy

I think this product is great! It helps me have more energy at work and home. You do not suffer a "crash" like after too many cups of coffee. It provides a nice balance without making you feel jittery. Also better for those that might have a blood pressure issue.

Energy Boost
by Jeff

Works very quickly to help get back your body's lost nutrients after a hard workout, and if not, they have a money back guarantee!!! You can't beat that. It really does help maintain a high energy level. The tablets dissolve very quickly and it goes down easy.

Energy to Spare
by Phil Young

Electrolyte Stamina is the best energy booster on the market today. It has a great price and is my favorite energy supplement because it gives you the energy you need plus extra for more activties you love. To stay active I recomend Electrolyte Stamina.

I feel better
by John Spindler

Like most people, I like getting a lot of exercise. I garden, workout, walk and run. Sometimes, my energy takes a plunge. I guess that happens. I have taken electrolyte stamina tablets, and they have supported me greatly in my hard working environment!

Cycling and Endurance Necessity
by Dave M

As an avid cyclist, I regularly ride about 30-40 miles each day with weekend workouts that can last up to 6-7 hours.
If you're into long runs, or any workout lasting more than 30-45 minutes, this stuff really does make a difference in helping your stamina. I have a friend who competes in Golden Gloves boxing and swears by this product.

Great for athletes
by S

I work out regularly, and when I'm working extra hard, it helps to have the proper nutrition and replenishments available. Electrolytes are easily lost through sweat, and athletes in particular can benefit from these tablets to help recover quickly and efficiently. The tabs don't take long to dissolve, and my joints and muscles felt MUCH better the next day. This can help with energy levels too, so if taken on a regular basis, will make sure you're keeping up with your health and your workouts optimally!

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