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by Isaac zepeda

He,ll yaaaaa!!!!!!

Very good
by Tina Pennington

Great way to get B-12 at a reasonable price. Works like injections but about 1/10th the cost.

Great Formula at a Great Price
by Maria

One of the biggest reasons that I picked this product is because it contains folic acid. Most people are not aware that supplementing with B12 can actually cause a folic acid deficiency over a period of time. Folic acid and B12 go hand in hand, and increase absorption.

The B12 capsules seemed quite small in size, in fact 60 tiny pink pills barely covers the bottom of the bottle. I was quite surprised to see how full the bottle was for the money paid! But, at least I know that they aren't stuffed with fillers to make it look like more.

Despite the small size, they do an excellent job. They give me the pick-up that I need and help me have more energy.

60 Lozenges by Vitabase
  • Provides increased energy
  • Can help protect against cardiovascular disease
  • Sublingual delivery is convenient and inexpensive
  • Sublingual delivery gets into the blood stream more quickly
B-12! Large pill size though.
by Jason

This one only gets a four because the pills were pretty big compared to most other B-12 I have taken. Great product, brand name, and vitamin. Take it every day to increase your appetite by burning calories from food intake quicker each day. Great for building mass or adding energy to your day by converting your food to energy quickly!

B plus
by Jeremy P

I borrowed some of these from my mother, who really needs vitamin B, but had some extra one day. I was pleasantly surprised with my increased energy levels and mental clarity. This is more like a multi-vitamin because of it's many benefits. I think the pice could be reduced but the overall positives are a B plus.

Great Energy Boost
by Neil

I used Vitamin B-12 when it was recommended to me by one of my friends. I was feeling very tired throughout the day because of school work that kept me up for a long time. I began taking 1 pill every morning and it helped me be more attentive in my classes and because I had energy throughout the day, I slept better at night. I recommend this to anyone who feels tired throughout the day.

pick up your energy level
by Phil

I tried these vitamins to pick up my energy level and they work very well. I feel very alert after taking one. Sometimes I feel kind of down and tired, and taking one of the B-12 really helps.

Good product with a Good Price
by Donia

I have used this product as well as other more expensive versions and this works just as well and has a much better price. I feel better taking this product not only for the energy and great health effects but also because it fits a lot nicer into my budget too.

Inexpensive Alternative
by Matt B

I have used this sublingual for almost two months and am very satisfied. It works well giving a boost of energy. I have also tried another more well-known sublingual B-12 which is quite a bit more expensive. Vitabase's sublingual is just as good but a fraction of the price. It will give you added energy without the hassle of other forms of B-12.

Great Product
by Jan Petrie

I am a vegan and I need to supplement my diet with B-12. I have read that the sublingual form is the best way to get your B-12 and this is the product I use. I am very satisfied with this product.

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