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Sublingual Methyl B-12

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can occur for several reasons. First, as we age the intestines do a less effective job of absorbing the nutrient from the food we eat. Secondly, the primary food sources are meat, eggs, and diary. Vegans and vegetarians are at greater risk of developing a deficiency because of this. Thirdly, individuals who have had gastric bypass surgery or other procedures involving the digestive tract may be see levels decline. The first reason is the most common.
Product: Sublingual Methyl B-12
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 50 lozenges
Dosage: 1 lozenge daily
Retail: $16.95
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2 Customer Reviews

by DJ Harr

I've suffered from depression for years, I started taking 2500 mg a day a year ago and have been able to discontinue my depression medicine, my mind is clearer, more energy, I can't believe a vitamin has done so much for me. Why don't doctors know about this?

Switched to this
by Katelyn B.

I switched to this product from the Vitabase 1000 mcg product because it did not cost more but this one has 3000 mcg and is a better form of B-12 (more absorbable). this one works better than the other one too; I have more energy.

1 Customer Opinions

still waiting
by Niki

i used to take a b12 drink, and it improved my life tremendously in all areas. after a while, i stopped, thinking it didnt matter and i have been feeling emotionally and physically awful for almost a year now. so i started taking sublingual b12 for a few weeks and i felt nothing. thinking that i havent been absorbing it, i switched to methyl b12. i just bought it, and i'm taking 2 a day to absorb as much as i can. they're extremely tiny which is great, but it takes forever to dissolve and tastes not so great. i will post another review when this thing kicks in.