f FreeLife International, LLC Soy Miracle Ultimate Body Toner Reviews and Information

Soy Miracle Ultimate Body Toner

Helps to promote energy and overall health
Product: Soy Miracle Ultimate Body Toner
Brand: FreeLife International, LLC (More Products)
Size: 60 Caplet
Dosage: Take 1-2 caplets daily.
Retail: $25.12
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3 Customer Reviews

Not Bad
by Justin

I tried this product last year for a few months and I wasn't very impressed. It worked fine for a while, but I just didn't get the results I was looking for. I don't think I would take it any more and I wouldn't recommend it to others over some of the other, better products on the market today. I did like, however, how quickly the product initially worked but it seemed that after a while it didn't work as well for me anymore. Anyway, it's an ok product, but there are better ones out there.

Soy is good !!!
by Krisztian

Tried this at home and should underline that SOY products are extremely healthy. These small caplets are a good choice for someone looking for a natural energy boost. I need to add that the Soy milk is more preferred versus the cow milk. We always use it in the morning to make some crunchy buckwheat or oat-flakes. Compared to milk Soy milk has almost zero fat.
Therefore, I highly recommend the Soy Miracle Body Toner for all people reading this review. My score is the max 5.0 points.

All that and weight loss, too!
by Dee

Lack of energy is a big problem for me. I spend many hours every day just sitting at a desk which seemed only to inspire me to do more of the same when work was over. My meals are rarely what they should be, either.

Parts of me were a bit wider and bigger around than I was pleased with, but it was really the lack of energy that prompted me to try Soy Miracle.

It vastly exceeded my expectations. The energy boost was immediate and with that new-found energy, I put forth the effort to prepare healthier meals and get a little more exercise... but only a little because, the truth is, I'm lazy.

The only slightly negative side effect I get is a sort of jittery feeling, but no worse than I'd get from a cup of strong coffee. This is likely because I am sensitive to chromium picolinate.
It is well worth it for the dozen pounds I've lost and the pep I have gained!