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by Chris Carter

Soy is always your best bet when it comes to health, so naturally this shake flew off the shelves and into my home. I run almost everyday so something natural needs to be included in my diet. If you use as directed, this will run you about $60 a month to use. That is a little on the expensive side but it is worth every penny. It tastes great and gave me tons of energy, naturally. I will buy this product again when my finances allow it.

great tasting soy
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I purchased this product mainly because I love almost anything soy. I combine this with my soy milk and the taste is wonderful. I feel energized throughout the day and catch myself being more productive during my workouts or walks with the kids. It is a bit expensive, but with a discount from a family member, I will continue to use it.

Soy goodness at a price
by Marlon

I am a fan of soy shakes and felt that this product was superior to others I have tried. Though I have felt no significant boosts in my energy I truly enjoyed the taste of these shakes. Despite being a powder mix, it provides exceptionally creamy texture that many will appreciate. It is also full of flavor and not bland like many other powder mixes I have tried. The only downside to Soy Miracle is its price, as many will find it too expensive at $30 a can.

by Katelin

Soy is right up there next to green tea on the list of things that I can't live without. The benefits of soy on human health are incredible and include healthy bones, increased energy and a healthy heart.

For me personally, the main attraction is the calcium that it provides. I have never been a milk drinker and am always afraid that I'm going to have problems down the road due to my lack of calcium.

This product really is a wonderful option for me. I have tried the chocolate shake and find it to be delicious! The rest of my family isn't too fond of the taste, but soy really is something that you tend to have to acquire a taste for. I loved it from the very first sip though! I definitely recommend this product!

great for a soy drink!
by Cady

I never really liked soy products until I tried this. I switch this on and off with whey protein. I take it right before I exercise and I feel that I get the most out of my work out with the shakes. Great product!

So-so, probably not worth the price
by Dawnaic

I was looking for a product that was good for me and would help my energy levels. I chose this product because it is made of soy, which has obvious health benefits that I understand versus other products out there currently. I did not notice much of a change in my energy levels. There was a slight increase when I took it, but I wonder if that was just because I was consuming something at that time. It is also quite an expensive product.

Tastes Great, But No Energy Boost
by Louis

The product itself is a bit pricey, almost 30 dollars for only 14 servings. However, it did taste great, better than most other shakes. But, I didn't really feel any noticeable effect on my energy - there was no extra boost in energy for me. It did help me become awake in the morning though.

Soy Shakes - mmmmm
by Gordy

I have tried all kinds of shakes, powders, and juices to help give me an extra boost. Along that journey to find the perfect energy supplement, I came across Soy Miracle Ultimate Shakes.

I recently had become a big convert to soy products - so I gave it a try. I must say, as far as soy products go, it was a fantastic taste. Soy is often an acquired taste, so many people may find this unappealing if not used to it. There was no aftertaste in my opinion, and the creamy texture was great. As for the energy effects, it was mild to moderate with nothing too spectacular.

I found this online for under $25 for a 2 week supply, which is only slightly above average for energy supplements. If you like soy, give it a try - otherwise there are better energy drinks out there.

It's alright.
by Jessica

I did notice maybe the mildest energy boost after some time passed, but I definitely don't think the price fits the quality. I was expecting a very noticeable increase in my energy for $32.63, but it didn't happen. I would not buy this product again.

Great taste
by katy

This is the only product of it's kind that actually tastes good. It doesn't give me much extra energy, but it makes me feel more awake. It also helps to clear my head a bit.

Soy Miracle Ultimate Shakes
by Sandy B

This product does not really provide any extra energy that I noticed. I know the nutritional soy is great. It has an average taste. The price is very high which will preclude me from purchasing this product again since it did not boost my energy.

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