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by gwen

i have had thyroid for two years now the doctors gave me the run around about what was going on in my body i lost so much of my hair,it was dry,and brittle,i was fatigue all the time,having problems breathing,until one day i told the doctors that i was having trouble breathing,so the did a x-rays of the neck area,they saw the it was swolling the said it was goiter,so i decided to go to the herb shop to try something there and they told me about thyroid activator,after a few weeks my hair starting growing back,i didn't feel fatigue any more.i would recommend it to anyone.

by Heather

This product is amazing. For the first time in over a year, I'm warm! It started working for me on the third day. No more sweatshirts in 90 degree temps!

by A.G.

My Doctor told me I my thyroid was a little underactive but did not prescribe me any medications. However, I was experiencing dry skin and hair, impossible to lose weight no matter what I did, feeling very worn out and exhausted like a "wet limp washcloth". After about 2 weeks on T.A., my cousin said, "are you losing weight?" This is definitely a good product. I feel it helping me and I do recommend it to anyone who feels their thyroid is underactive.

by Pattie

My friend seemed to always be cold and lack energy, although her primary doctor couldn't find any cause, her ob/gyn suggested that it was low thyroid function and to try these pills. My friend wasn't thrilled to have to take pills 3 times a day, but thought they might work, so she gave it a shot. After about 3 weeks, she was shocked that her feet weren't freezing anymore and her skin moisture was improved. After 5 weeks she had a lot more energy and was sleeping through the night again. Her energy level and overall health has improved dramatically!

Nice Product!
by Linda

I have been using this for a month now. I noticed improvement very fast when taking this. I have tried at least ten other thyroid products and this one is the best. I would recommend this product to anyone with thyroid problems.

Jump start.
by Mandy

This is an excellent product! I have a thyroid that works at a variety of ranges throughout the month. With this product I feel like my thyroid is stable. Without this product I am sure I would have major thyroid problems.

Excellent Thyroid activator
by GH

My mother-in-law went to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what her symptoms were the result of. All of them gave her a run around and put her on so many different prescriptions. None of them seemed to work, so she went to a specialist who suggested it was a low thyroid problem. He recommended a product called Thyroid Activator by Nature's Sunshine.

She purchased a bottle of it and began taking it daily. It was amazing at how effective these little capsules were. Her sleeping habits improved greatly and she was feeling a lot more refreshed. And to her surprise she started experience massive weight loss again without having to up her exercise routine. Apparently, the thyroid can be a major culprit in so many different biological functions that products such as these can help change lives.

Now, I am not suggesting that supplements such as the Thyroid Activator are miracle workers - but if you think you are experiences symptoms of low thyroid activity, give it a try. It might just correct something you thought you'd have all your life.

Your Thyroid is fine
by cynthia

If you have been told this and still have the symptoms of low thyroid, try Thyroid Activator. Any time I begin to feel like my thyroid is getting weak (poor sleep, dry skin, weight gain), this is what I use for the next 60-90 days.

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Think its working??
by Erika

I have been using this product for a month now and I am I not absoluetly freezing all the time. I still have moments that I just want to hibernate underneath several blankets but compared to what I was going through before the pills it is bareky anything. My cyles are still pretty messed up so I am hoping that with more time I will see a big improvement there.