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by Brenda V

Some years back, I suspected hypothyroidism when I was shivering, on my sunny patio in 90 degree weather wearing a sweatsuit. I used Natra Bio for a few months and totally reversed the issue - complete recovery. More recently, I've gained 25lbs. I don't need and I prescribe to a very healthy diet. My early hair loss is worsening, and I, an optimist, am feeling depressed and restless. I'm always cold, but waken in a sweat which I thought was menopausal flashes. Yet, my periods are perfectly onh time and heavier than used to be (ANOTHER HYPO SYMPTOM) . So I went to the Vitamin Shoppe today to start what I know worked once before. No, I did not consult with a doctor. The internet research was sufficient to determine this is the culprit of so many unrelated symptoms. It worked before, I'm confident it will work again. Will update this posting in 30-60 days.

Awesome product
by K. Co

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2008. My doctor at the time put me on a generic version of the popular medicine synthroid. Well I refused to take it because I read about people that lost their hair, became depressed, gained even more weight, etc. I hate taking prescription medication. Well I stopped in a health food store and the owner told me not to take synthroid because it made her so depressed. She gave me the Thyroid support drop that you place underneath your tongue and she truly believed that it reversed her hypothyroid problem. I purchased the product and took it for 2 months before going to my new doctor. Well I went to my doctor on 8/5/2010 and had some lab work done and my TSH levels concerning my thyroid were in normal range. I truly believe that God has provided man with the ability to make natural products for us to live by and not all of this precription stuff. My energy is great and I have started walking to shed the weight. I would highly recommend that if your doctor is trying to place you on a prescription med, first try this and then have you lab work done again. It works and it is cheap.

Love How Subtle This Product Is!
by Laurie

I have been taking just one tablet a day for about two weeks and notice quite a difference in especially my hands & feet being warmer. I've tried a couple of thyroid drugs before, and they WAY over-stimulated me (even half of the smallest dose!). Thyroid Support, on the other hand, is working subtly - and that's the way I like it. I'm going to move to 2 a day and probably stay there as it will be enough, I bet. Thanks for a wonderful product which the nutrition expert at PCC in Issaquah, WA, recommended.

Worked great
by Roxanne Ranelli

I have had thyroid problems since I was in my teens. It seems that prescription medications work, but always need to be changed. This product has taken away my tired days and also has cured minor depression, which were direct results from my thyroid condition. This product is a keeper.

Worked for me.
by JJ

A friend of mine was on prescription medicine for a thyroid problem. I was gaining and losing weight after I had my daughter, and she said I should ask my doctor. I decided to go and see if I could find something to help on my own. I got this product and started taking it. I only took it twice a day, after breakfast and supper. I had more energy and I lost some weight and stayed at that weight and I felt a whole lot better. I recommend this product, well worth $8.

Love it!
by Stacy

Thyroid Support is a wonderful product. It really helped me and made me feel energized even! I did not experience any side affects and I have been on this for months.

Thyroid Support
by kvantol

I'm your atypical 40+ yr old American couch potato. My exercise regimen consists of two hours of karate every week and trying to walk the stairs whenever I can instead of taking the elevator.

I've never been diagnosed with a thyroid problem and it's not common in my family but I doubt that my diet includes enough iodine to keep my thyroid happy and so I decided to look into a product like this one. If you surf around the Internet, you'll find many articles connecting thyroid functioning to fatigue, an inability to lose weight and several other common symptoms--many of those articles mention how hard it is to keep enough iodine in our systems just because of all the junk we eat as well. I have a friend who is "borderline" in her thyroid function, since she finally found a doctor willing to treat her (most won't at the level she is at) she tells me her energy and fatigue problems are mostly gone. Before I grabbed this I looked at places like Walgreen's and CVS, they had products like this but they were quite expensive--I just refuse to pay $30.00 plus for a month's supply of anything like this. Kelp is advertised as thyroid support because it's rich in iodine but these apparently have a few more goodies in them besides just supplying iodine.

I found these at an online store for about $6.00 for sixty tablets. You take three per day (I take them once every 4 hours during the day) so that box lasts you almost a month. The product is also available as a tincture, I haven't tried that yet but I've found most herbal tinctures seem to be more effective because the active ingredients haven't been processed as much as they have in a pill. The tincture costs about the same as the tablets and is usually available from the same stores. I've looked around at a few local stores but I haven't found anyone stocking this yet; think I'm gonna ask.

These are really easy to deal with, just pop it in your mouth and crunch it up and let it dissolve--doesn't taste bad either.

I, for one, like this product and I'm going to keep using it. Now that I have this, I may be able to ditch the B50 and non-flush Niacin that I've been taking every day for energy, we'll see. I don't feel "wired" like a product with Ephedra or mawang (probably misspelled that but I'm talking about the herbal Ephedra) makes you feel and there also doesn't seem to be any caffeine.

update: Comment asked for active ingredients and warnings--this is off the box:

These are obviously Latin names, I recognize one or two of them as pretty common herbals:

Calcarea Iodata..........thyroid function support
Fucus vesiculosus........thyroid function, digestion
Kali Iodatum.............thyroid function support
Calcarea Carbonica.......metabolism and weight balance and poor nutrition.
Causticum................thyroid function support
Ferrum Ioadatum..........thyroid glandular support, poor nutrition, exhaustion
Natrum Muriaticum........thyroid glandular support

Low energy
Low metabolism
cold hands and feet (bad circulation)

Ask a doctor if nursing or pregnant discontinue use if symptoms worsen or persist for 2 weeks. Not for kids under 16, ask a doctor before use.

update: been using this a couple weeks now, I notice a lot of difference in energy levels and much less tendency to get drowsy when I sit for long periods (I sit all day at my job). I'm not sure, but I think I'm noticing a little bit of weight reduction (the scale doesn't say so but my clothes feel looser). I wish they'd offer this in larger quantities, three a day means that box doesn't even last a whole month and since I can't find it locally yet I have to order before I run out allowing for shipping time. Like I said, good stuff it really seems to be helping but I'm still taking my Niacin and B50 and other vitamins as well--the one morning I forgot to take my vitamins and only took these I really noticed a difference for the worse.

Good even if you are not clinically diagnosed
by Natalia

As with many previous reviews, my mother suffers from thyroid problems, but even though I suffered from some of the same symptoms, when I got tested the results said I was OK. Doing some research online, I came across this product. Let me tell you, it does make a difference. I don't have cold hands and feet anymore, and I certainly have more energy. I highly recommend it.

Good help for Hypothyroid!

My mom had suffered from Grave's Disease (hypothyroid) and had radioactive treatment for her thyroid. Even after the treatment, she still suffered with symptoms like cold hands and feet and hair loss / thinning. Since her treatment, she has taken this product along with prescription medication and has seen a noticeable improvement in her condition. Without this product she was still experiencing some symptoms, but this has really helped to ease those problems. Definitely worth the time to try it!

Much Improved Thyroid Function
by Jennifer H.

This is a MUST for anyone who is suffering from thyroid problems! I am hypothyroid and actually had half of my thyroid removed. I do take levothyroxine but have found my dosage just isn't enough for me (and blood tests don't warrant a stronger dosage). I found this product and actually take it in conjunction with my prescription. It definitely helps alleviate several of my symptoms and I now rarely suffer from cold hands and feet, constipation, sluggish moods, memory fog, etc. This really does work like it says it will and I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a thyroid boost!!

Iodine is essential.
by Shreyas Patel

I started using this when I found my body couldn't make enough Throixin because of lack of iodine in my body. I had to start taking this supplement and it helped with my metabolism greatly.

by Jessica

My mom was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and now takes medicine. It seemed that I was suffering the same symptoms, but when I went to get checked, they said all the tests indicated my thyroid was fine. Well, my mom offered me these to try and when I did, my energy seemed to come from nowhere! I went from lounging around and sleeping most of the day to getting up and going for short trips to the store for an item here or there. This is definitely worth a shot, even if your thyroid tests indicate positive results.

Thyroid Support
by nikki

My daughter was complaining of symptom's such as cold hands, low energy, restlessness. The Dr tested her thyroid and said it was OK. She tried this product and noticed that her hands no longer felt cold and she had much more energy.

Thyroid Support
by restonapt

I recently began taking Thyroid Support for an underactive thyroid that was leaving my lethargic and tired all the time. I think this product has done a good job of pulling up my energy levels and reducing my lethargy - I would recommend trying it to see if it can work for you!

Thyroid Support
by Joan Jones

My husband has Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which leads to elevated blood sugar and lowered metabolism. He started taking Thyroid support a few months ago and he has been feeling more energy and his recent blood work has improved. I would recommend this product to anyone with thyroid issues.

A Plus
by Lori Strehle

My mother was complaining of cold hands and feet, most likely related too thyroid issues, so her friend told her about Thyroid Support by NatraBio. My mother now swears by them...and when she visits, I have noticed that she no longer wears gloves all day!

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Totally Convinced
by Anne S

Just bought today and after reading these reviews i'm ready to try them and stop my Levothyroxine. Will update in a week or so

too good to be true - but it is!
by suzanne

I have been to my doctor twice to have my thyroid checked and she says it is fine.....well, I couldn't believe that was fine....I am overweight - can't get it off....lately I have noticed signs of puffy face, cold feet mostly - and as well slight depression....I have never been a depressed person.....I bought Thyroid Support just yesterday and already feel my mood to be better! Can that be? I will continue to take this homeopathic remedy. I have most all of the symptoms of hypothryoidism......

by Laura L

I have an under active thyroid since having my daughter. I found this Product to be a great help to me! Thanks Thyroid Support! You're awesome! Such a great help!