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I love this stuff
by Rita

I have been using the thyroid support for about 4 years now and feel great! I used to always be cold and have a hard time losing weight from my I'm hardly ever cold and the weight just melts off!

seems to work

I have been taking this product for a week and already notice a change - I not waking up tired - have energy throughout the day. WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE IT

by jay

I was feeling pretty lousy and found my thyroid was off. I went to the drugstore looking for help. My friend told me about Thyroid Support. She said it helped her. I tried it and in a few days I started to feel like my old self. Thanks to Nature Sunshine for Thyroid Support.

by Lori

I buy this for my husband and he has been taking it a year now. He and I have noticed that he is more energetic, sleeps better, not as cold as he used to feel in his hands and feet and his appetite is now in control. We really feel this is a better way to help his thyroid gland keep working without prescription meds. We told our doctor he was taking it when he was on it for 3 months and the doctor did a blood test and he said his thyroid was functioning within normal ranges. That was the best news he gave us.

highly recommended
by Diane Marrazzo

This was recommended for my daughter, by our naturopathic physician. She recommended it because of it's high quality ingredients. Nature's Sunshine has always been highly recommended and trusted by our naturopath for that reason.

Better than prescription

My wife is only 37, but early menopause runs in the family. She has already had full hysterectomy, and is on hormones. To compound this, her thyroid is acting up. Her mom is on hundreds of dollars of prescriptions, but my wife is going the natural way. So far, this thyroid support has kept her from having to start prescriptions. Hopefully this great product will push that off for a few more years.

Kicked it up a notch
by mike

Used this product for about 30 days and lost 5 lbs without any other changes. I have more energy and feel good. Definitely will try this for another 30 days!

Not great...
by Herman

I used Thyroid Support after a friend recommended me on it. My thyroid is prone to swelling and I decided to give it a shot. However, I've noticed that my thyroid symptoms are still prevalent and Thyroid Support hasn't really done much to help.

Kick It Up a Notch
by cynthia

Thyroid Support was the first thyroid product I used because my thyroid was so weak. It helped me get back to the place, I now only need to use Thyroid Activator occasionally.

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