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Hoping For The Best
by Anonymous

I have been on thyroid Meds for 5 months now and was just told by my DR., despite how terrible I still feel, that I am within "normal range"! Today I started this product and will add another review after a week to see if it helps. I did get a tiny burst of energy and my body did warm up within an hour so we will see in a week!

Works Great
by Alice

I have been trying for a long time to get my docotr to do something about my thyroids. He sais it is all within the normal range. Every female on my mothers side has hypothyroidism. Since I started taking this product I have felt more energized, my nails have improved, my mood is better, my throat doesn't feel scratchy and my voice is not raspy.I would highly reccommend this product to anyone.

by feelingblue

Hi. I read all these reviews after buying my bottle of Thyroid complex. I have been feeling fatigue for a long time with depression, low energy, feeling just awful about everything. My blood tests showed I was in the normal range but after researching the topic of Thyroid disease I understand that this "range" is extremely misleading. I am really hoping this will work, I am extremely healthy, used to exercise everyday, I eat healthy and then suddenly everything just fell apart. I will post another review in a week or two, hopefully with positive response!!!!

Thyroid Complex
by VitaBen

I've been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and was told to take synthryoid. I declined and tried to find a natural alternative and ended up with Vitamin Shoppe's Thyroid Complex. I've been taking it for 3 weeks and haven't noticed any particular benefits. I seem to have a little more energy but that could be the B Complex I'm also taking. I'm holding out hope that this might be a "loading phase" with this supplement and that my results will improve shortly. Otherwise I will give "Raw Thyroid" a shot and see what happens.

by Amazed

I have been feeling fatigued, ,joints ache, my nails are britttle seems like a lot of hypothyroid symptoms, went to my Dr asked for him to run some test he totally ignored me. Sometimes I don't want to get out of bed but I force my self. I stated taking this product and in a week time i started feeling better. Thanks Vitamin Shoppe this product is inexpensive and very effective, I stated taking three per day sometims all together because I don't want to forget.

by Marilyn Shade

I started taking this product about 3 weeks ago, and my results are great

by kim2728

I did not experience any kind of results with this product. Didn't work for me.

Simply Amazing
by K-Lynne

I have a family and personal history of Hypothyroidism. For me, all the tests come back "normal" with my #'s at the low end of the normal range. I know my body and I know the signs and symptoms of low thyroid function - finding a Dr who would listen when I suggested that perhaps MY normal is at the high end of the range was impossible. After reading a magazine article about how iodine can affect the thyroid - I began searching for a supplement. After lots of label reading I chose this product. I have been taking it for exactly ONE WEEK today and I am absolutely SHOCKED by the results I am getting already. I have energy that I thought was gone forever - my skin is already improving - my throat does not bother me as much as it did a week ago - and I am only taking ONE A DAY! I can't wait to see how I feel in two, three and four weeks time. THIS PRODUCT is EXACTLY what I have spent years searching for in offices of Dr's who just would not listen. THANK YOU VITAMIN SHOPPE for this wonderful product. I will turn 40 this year, but feel like the clock has been turned BACK again!.

Inexpensive, effective
by Melissa

Thyroid problems run in my family on my mother's side (to include my mother, maternal grandmother, and 2 of my mother's sisters). That, combined with the typical symptoms had me believing that I have a thyroid problem. However, like many others, the tests show nothing. After a lot of frustration, an OB-GYN actually suggested (after believing that I do, in fact, have a thyroid problem) recommended that I try a natrual supplement.

I tried this one, and honestly in 2-3 weeks its helped immensely. I feel a lot better, have more energy, and have even lost a few pounds that have been impossible to lose for years. Really optimistic about this!

healthy nails
by Ricardo Gutierrez

The main reason why I took Thyroid Complex was because I was experiencing not only hair loss, but also unhealthy looking nails. These symptoms have been associated with an unhealthy thyroid. After taking the capsules, I noticed that my nails were no longer brittle and slow growing. They now grew at a fast pace and retained their natural shine.

Effective Product, Easy to Take
by Lisa

Vitamin Shoppe's Thyroid Complex is the best I've found. My mother, my sister, and I have each suspected we have under-functioning thyroids. My sister's suspicion was confirmed by her doctor, and she was prescribed meds. Mother and I were left on our own, so I researched several products to test. One was a high-volume powder that just didn't work in any liquid--blech. Too much trouble to see if it worked. Vitamin Shoppe's product, however, has been a hit with both my mother and me! We both have more energy and seem to be able to maintain our weights effortlessly.

Pure energy!
by rosie

Three months ago, the doctor told me that my thyroid test were OK, but I still have low energy, want sleep all of the time, am constipated, and have irregular periods. He did not want to give to me any medicine because I am fine!! I feel terrible!! I did a online research and discovered this product and ordered it. After five weeks, I feel better, my constipations is gone,I have more energy for exercising, I am loosing weight, and feel more alive!

Thyroid Complex
by kvantol

After taking radioactive iodine treatment for toxic modules and then having to have to go on thyroid hormone replacement medication; I felt terrible. I had no energy and my throat hurt, but all my thyroid TSH blood tests came back normal. So after doing Internet research I found that after such treatment the thyroid can re-generate to a degree w/ the help of certain vitamin & mineral supplements,that it listed. I was skeptical, but I was desperate I felt so bad I was willing to try almost anything. I bought 1 bottle and started taking the maximum dosage as directed on the bottle w/ meals. I was amazed, within 2 days I started feeling a HUGE difference!! Within a week I felt practically normal; I had energy and my throat pain went away. After taking it for 2 months, my doctor reduced my thyroid medication. I have now been taking this product for 1 year and I now take 1/2 of the dosage of thyroid hormone medication that I was on a year ago. I know I will not be able to completely go off the thyroid hormone med., but w/ the help of this supplement I was able to reduce it down w/ my doctor's approval. All the minerals in this are of the highest quality. PLEASE, try has changed my life around.

Used successfully
by l

My mother uses this in conjunction with her other medications. She has no complaints and the price is great compared to some other supplements available for the same treatment. It really seems to have helped cut down on some of the medication she is taking.

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