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Borage Oil 1000 mg

The oil derived from the seed of the blue, star shaped borage flower is nature's richest source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Evidence suggests that certain individuals may lack the necessary enzyme systems to effectively metabolize the linoleic acid found in other polyunsaturated oils to GLA. Borage seed oil provides a potent and economical form of GLA allowing for a more efficient fat metabolism in these individuals. Supplements containing GLA have become popular in recent years for their numerous applications.
Product: Borage Oil 1000 mg
Brand: Barleans (More Products)
Size: 30 capsules
Dosage: 1 capsule daily
Retail: $12.50
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6 Customer Reviews

I take this in capsule form
by Pam

Barlean's sells this in capsules, and that's how I take it. It is excellent! Unlike other borage oils I've tried, no allergic reactions. The only other brand of borage oil I can take is Maximum Living. When my aging dog had liver failure, I gave her this borage oil and some aged liquid garlic by Kyolic every day for months, and she recovered completely (to my vet's astonishment). Borage oil protects your liver against toxins, and with so many toxins in the environment, I think it's essential for everyone to take. Barlean's costs more than other brands but is worth every penny and then some.

Good-bad aftertaste
by Greg Long

I am sure this product is fine for most people, but it has an aftertaste and I think it disagrees with me.

Good results
by Arvinder

I am suffering from a disease of having insufficient enzymes for my fat metabolism. Then someone told me about this product and I started taking it. Now I have no worries regarding my disease as it provides necessary fatty acids for my body. A good product with reasonable price for persons like me.

Great Product!
by Zheng

This borage oil is the best I have ever taken. It has a lot of good supplements that I needed. This stuff will get you the fatty acids that you need. It's great stuff.

Great product
by Rosa

I had been taking evening primrose for years for skin conditions. The GLA content really helps. I was a little short on cash after Christmas and asked the sales person at the store for the least expensive primrose oil. After chatting a bit, she suggested I try the Borage oil by Barleans - she said I'd get more results for a lower price. I tried it, and I'm convinced! It's done a great job keeping my condition in check.

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