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by Angel

This is the best product for all health you can combine this product with L-carnitine 2500mg and make exercises . You will make your dream abouth slim line.

Great Product
by Stacy

I've tried other CLA brands and this is the best. It works great for myself and my boyfriend. What people don't realize is that you must take 3 caps a day to have it work its best. Most people take one or two inconsistently for a week then are convinced it doesn't work. You must be consistent and allow about 2 weeks for it to start working. Combining it with green tea and L-tyrosine really increases its effects. CLA is good for the body, period. It's a fatty acid that has other health benefits. I take it daily, and will continue to do so as long as possible.

by victoria

I tested out this product for a summer and I did lower my body fat percentage and increase muscle tone. However the results were not drastic. I took an exercise physiology class while taking the supplement and found out that the clinical research behind CLA products cannot prove that it helps with reducing body fat or building lean body mass. This makes me skeptical and I believe that the results people are seeing are due to the exercise programs and healthy eating they are doing, rather than the supplement.

Good Pure Source
by Shauna

This is a really good pure source of CLA. It also has a lot in it for the price. When combined with fish oil, this product is amazing at reducing inflammation and increasing weight loss.

Lose Unwanted Inches
by mamma_nee

I love that this CLA-1300 is all natural. I used this while following a low carb diet and I lost 50 lbs! This made it easy for me to stick to my diet. Measuring my waist every week was such a good incentive to watch the inches go down .

Simply the best!
by Dani

CLA is a great product, and the 1300 is awesome! Not only do you build lean muscle and redistribute those inches, but CLA-1300 also acts to suppress the appetite. And, add to that the antioxidant effect of CLA and you're in great shape inside and out. The average individual should be taking 5,000 mg CLA for maximum benefit - this formulation makes it much easier! Like all CLA's, the capsule size is rather large, but easy to swallow.

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