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Emu Oil

4 oz. - 100% Pure Fully Refined and Molecularly Distilled Emu Oil. Moisturizer, anti-inflammatory for back pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia. Also, emu oil has been shown to stimulate hair growth for those suffering from hair loss due to dormant hair follicles. Uses: cuts, scrapes, radiation burns, sunburns, insect bites, psoriasis, eczema, anti-aging, burns, wounds. Emollient.
Product: Emu Oil
Brand: Longview Farms (More Products)
Size: 4 oz
Dosage: Use as needed
Retail: $21.95
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7 Customer Reviews

by Joanne

I've been using Longview Farms Emu oil for about 10 years now. You can't beat it for a skin moisturizer. I found it extremely helpful for sun burns -- when you apply it the sun burn stops hurting immediately. I highly recommend Longview Farms Emu oil.

not that great of a product
by China

The first time i've used emu oil i ordered it from smokey mountain minerals. I suffer from cystic acne that occurs all over my face and with my initial use of the product my face saw improvement in as little as two days! I was very amazed at how fast emu oil worked at relieving me of my acne. This was sometime last year in the fall. I decide to order more emu oil with the recurrence of my acne. I decide this time to order it from longview farms due to some reviews. I ordered their breakout pack consisting of an emu oil soap and the emu oil itself. I found that the emu oil soap was irritating to my skin and actually made it worse so after a few day's use I immediately stopped using it. With the oil I noticed a little improvement compared to the one I ordered previous. The product had a musky yet slight odor to it and was less absorbant. I don't know if this is because of lack of quality or what but I was very displeased with longview farm's emu oil product.

A great solution for many skin problems
by imsteenie

I have been using Emu oil for years on my skin. It's a great moisturizer and makes your skin look infinitely better. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the texture and the way it feels on my skin, but the results are hard to argue with. Last year, I got a skin infection with a rash, and after taking antibiotics I used emu oil on the healing rash, which helped it feel a lot better during the process and helped reduce scarring and speed the healing for the rash. It was great and now I believe in using emu oil for almost any skin problem.

Psoriasis Help
by Jess

This is soothing the itch and my psoriasis was calmed from a flare-up. I would use this product during flare-ups. It lasted a surprisingly long time.

Good for scars and more
by Patricia

Our family keeps this around for many uses. I personally use it after tanning to help ease dry skin. I have found it helps lighten stretch marks and burn scars. One must remember that a little goes along way. It's non-greasy and odorless and perfect for on-the-go applications.

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