f Outback Emuzing Ranch Willow Springs Whole Emu Oil Reviews and Information

Willow Springs Whole Emu Oil

Soothes skin rashes, burns and wounds (including sunburns), eczema, psoriasis, blemishes, scars, rashes and other minor skin irritations; insect bites and stings.
Softens dry rough skin and callouses
Promotes healing and reduces scar tissue formation.
Hydrates and plumps up skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Product: Willow Springs Whole Emu Oil
Brand: Outback Emuzing Ranch (More Products)
Size: 1 oz
Dosage: Apply as needed
Retail: $8.60
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4 Customer Reviews

by johan

wife loves it for childbirth, stretching of the V. I, personally dig it as a lube for private purposes.

Emu..Who Woulda Knew ?
by krissy

I have been reading info related to Emu Oil for several years but until recently I decided to try this product since I figured there was a possibility that it wasn’t as off the wall as I had presumed. I used Willow Springs on my husband’s extraordinary scalp flaking (dandruff?) He put it on at night and gently massaged in. The next morning he gently washed his hair like normal and it not only relieved the condition, it also added a nice sheen to his normally dried out hair. Since the condition is now stable, he uses it twice a week to prevent an exacerbated break out. This just might be the answer to many person’s dermal needs. Just one suggestion: if you choose to use my husbands experience for head flaking, use an old pillow case for the night as it does rub off onto the case.

Emu Oil is a Must Have for Scarring
by Traci Anderson

I was devastated when my 15 month old baby cut her chin after a bad fall. I was convinced that she would have a scar the rest of her life. When I returned home from the hospital I talked with numerous people about treating her wound. Some people suggested Vitamin E and others said it made the scar worse . I proceeded to visit a local health food store and spoke with the owner. She said that her husband had a six inch scar on his back that they treated with Emu Oil and it is barely visible now. I starting using the oil on my daughter's chin immediately and within one year her wound is nearly invisible. (Only the people who knows she was hurt can see it). I was so impressed that I started using Emu oil on my face for breakouts too. I have not had one sense.

Emu oil should be in everyone's house
by nikki counts

This product is great for many reasons. I have seen no reduction in my scars, however, it does help with burns, skin irritations, dry, chapped skin and calloused skin. I use it in combination with my night time moisturizer, adding a few drops and then mixing it together. This is very soothing and hydrating.