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Or else it gets the hose again...
by Kerry Hays

I guarantee that no hose will be needed, because you'll be delighted to rub this lotion into your skin on a daily basis. It feels so silk and smooth, and damned near totally eliminated all wrinkles. It also did wonders for stretch marks and for scars. This truly is a miracle product! This stuff is almost too addicting as you'll want to almost take a bath in it! Although then you might end up too smooth! Fantastic, and I will continue to buy and use... also great for massages! Remember, no more hose!

Emu Oil Rocks!
by Courtney H

This stuff is magic in a bottle. I began using Emu Oil Cream 4 months ao and I have to wonder how I ever lived without it. Not only has it helped me get rid of some of the crow's feet around my eyes but it has also helped my 1 year old stay diaper rash free! I am so excited about this amazing product that I have bought it for my mother and 3 sisters as well. I even keep some in my purse to use on the go. Kudos to the makers of this product. I give it 2 thumbs up for sure.

Emu Oil
by kvantol

I have had eczema for years and for a while did nothing because I was afraid of all the side effects with the treatments. Finally I went to the doctor and gave me a different brand of emu oil than this. That worked great but soon was discontinued and began using this. It works just the same. It helps my eczema (though it doses not make it completely go away) It absorbs fast, but before it dose you can not touch anything without getting oil on anything. I put it on whenever my eczema comes back and it really helps it. It will not take away redness from my skin, but it takes the burn away. It may not do the job completely, it still really helps.

Great for rough elbows and heels
by ambreen

Do you ever get really rough heels or elbows during the cold weather? Well, this emu oil cream is better than any other cream on the market. I use this whenever my heels or elbows get excessively dry and I can see the difference in just a matter of hours. Your dry heels and elbows will appreciate this great cream. Its thickness and skin repairing attributes make it the best cream on the market!

by NTReviewer

This product works really well. It is not greasy and is very effective. Applied on dry, aging skin regularly, it does seem to give a more youthful and smooth appearance. My mom uses it on her hands and has rave reviews about the product.

Eczema relief
by Z

Emu Oil Cream really helped me control my eczema. During the winter, my skin gets really dry and since I have an occupation that keeps me frequently washing my hands, I need a product that I can reapply without getting extra greasy. This never really had a greasy texture to it. It went on smooth and absorbed quickly into my skin. It seemed to control the red and itchiness.

Emu Oil Cream works like a dream!
by Angel C.

I do have to say that this product works excellent. It's good for dry, rough, cracked skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, and pretty much any other skin ailment out there. This keeps my skin moisturized and looking beautiful while providing anti-wrinkle relief as I do use it on my face. It also helps with stretch marks! This cream is a fix-all in a jar. I highly recommend to all!

Emu Oil Cream
by pamela

Oh, this is a great product! I have been using it for several months now, and I do see a nice change in my skin. My skin is not dry or crackly anymore, and the ever dreaded wrinkles around my eyes are gone, and I mean gone!

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