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Evening Primrose Oil 500 mg

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) [Circulatory, Glandular] contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that assists the body in producing prostaglandins (messengers in the body that perform hundreds of important functions). Without an adequate supply of GLA, optimal health is impossible to achieve. Each capsule provides 40 mg of gamma-linolenic acid and 300 mg of linoleic acid, together with 15 IU of vitamin E as a protective antioxidant. Other beneficial oils—linoleic, oleic and palmitic—are contained in each 500 mg capsule.
Product: Evening Primrose Oil 500 mg
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 90 softgels
Dosage: 1 capsule daily
Retail: $29.20
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6 Customer Reviews

Helped my severe eczema
by Erika

I took evening Primrose oil for at least 4 months last year. During this period of time, my extremely dry skin (minor psoriasis and eczema) was tremendously improved upon. Some of the smaller areas that were dry on my arms simply disappeared! The vitamin E does wonders. I had tried many, many different methods in attempt to heal my dry skin; this was the only vitamin E softgels that actually helped. My hair felt softer and my skin was slowly healing. It did not heal completely, but the improvement has lasted. For someone who is looking for another solution to scaly eczema skin, I would definitely recommend giving this product a shot for many months in combination with other treatments!

Help ease PMS symptoms
by Janet

Taking evening primrose oil definitely help ease my PMS symptoms. It significantly reduces the cramping and the breast discomfort. I could walk, run, exercise and do anything I want just like any other day.

Also, after taking the primrose oil, I noticed my hair and skin feel and look better. It's really a great product.

Great for skin!
by Gina

I've taken this oil for awhile now. The first time I started taking this oil, my skin was always smooth and soft, but I got lazy and stopped taking it. Recently, I had a baby and ever since he was 4 months old, I've had eczema (severe dry skin). Sometimes it's really bad and sometimes it's alright. So, I started taking this oil again, and, while it hasn't disappeared, it has helped greatly with my eczema.

Menopause relief
by Alma medina

These are great for postmenopausal and menopausal symptoms. The breast tenderness, the dryness of the skin and also for the sleeplessness that I have experienced. The effects diminished right away which where surprising.

Wonderful product
by heather

I have been taking this since a friend told me how it helped regulate her body out. I tried it while trying to get pregnant and really liked that my cycles seemed to get more normal, not to mention the bonus of my shiner hair.

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