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No more pain!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kita

i have suffered with breast pain and pmdd symptoms ever since i first started my cycle as a young girl (about 11) the doctor diagnosed me with having lumpy breast, but many years later when i was about 17 i had to have a dnc due to heavy bleeding this help a little but then my hormones became out of whacked which made me an emotional distress, anyway i am 32 years old now and i wish i would have found this supplement years ago i feel free i can handle relationships alot better,the bleeding has decreased and breast pain is gone, i usually suffer from pms about 2 weeks before my period and it is hell but now it's like leaving in heaven on earth. if you are suffering like i have then just try it it is very inexpensive


My beautician advised me to start takingEvening Primrose oil gels. It slowly started showing the result on my melasma. After a month I can confidently say that now no need of covering the melasma with thick makeup (right now I use foundation cream only)which I hated on my face. Hope to get more results. Let me continue for 2 more months and let you all know the result.

by pauline abernathy

Excellent product!

A Miracle
by Miya

I'm irregular with my period, sometimes it changes on me when during seasons like I would have it by the first week of the month in the summer time then i wont have it for like a month then get it by the end of the month in the winter. Recently I was worried about what was going on in my body because I havent had my period almost for 3 months! then my sister told me about Evening Primrose and how she was irregular too she told me to take it 3 times a day daily. So I did and then by the end of the first week that i took it I had it! and i was relieved and like most of the women said here its cramps free! I love taking Evening Primrose if anyone is like me (being irregular) try Evening Primrose! it works im tellin ya!

Great for skin!
by Jeremy

I've taken this oil for awhile now. The first time I started taking this oil, my skin was always smooth and soft, but I got lazy and stopped taking it. Recently, I had a baby and ever since he was 4 months old, I've had eczema (severe dry skin). Sometimes it's really bad and sometimes it's alright. So, I started taking this oil again and while it hasn't disappeared, it has helped greatly with my eczema.

Love this!
by Robin

I have always had horrible menstrual cramps since I first started getting my period. None of the PMS medicines ever worked for me. It was so bad I couldn't get out of bed. A few months ago, I decided to try this to get some relief since I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. To my surprise, it worked! My cramps have become far less painful. I will continue to use this product.

Very Versatile!
by Nichole K

I noticed a lot of reviews discussing the wonderful benefits of Evening Primrose Oil in treating PMS, however it is also great for other things such as Eczema. Evening Primrose has also been known to help prevent hair loss, poor wound healing, liver and kidney degeneration, poor immune and reproductive system function, diabetic-induced nerve injury and breast tenderness.It's versatility is the reason I take this. I love having pain free periods, but I also love having a little boost with a few of my other problems. Since I've been taking this, my breasts (which are sore 90% of the time) have been much less sore, my wounds heal much faster and I feel better over all.
This is a must have for every woman, and even men. I would suggest this product for anyone having a need for a versatile supplement! I always keep a bottle of this in my cabinet!

Worth A Try
by Dee

My doctor suggested taking primrose oil for my breast pain associated with cysts. He also said it should reduce the size of my cysts. I only started taking it last month so I'm not sure if it's helping with the cysts or not. I will find out on my next visit in a few months. If I receive the added benefits from the primrose oil then I will definitely continue using it.

by Angel705

I love this product because I usually have horrible menstrual symptoms. Since I have been using it, I've noticed that I haven't felt crumpled over with cramps and pain. Every woman should have this in their medicine cabinet.

Evening Primrose
by kvantol

I get PMS every month, and I get it bad. Whether or not I am on the birth control pill, PMS attacks me relentlessly. I suck down Pamprin like it's candy. My mother, who introduced me to Pamprin in the first place, introduced me to Evening Primrose Oil a few years ago. She swore up and down that it would help keep my moods balanced, alleviate cramps and lessen the fatigue that accompanies PMS.

She was right.

The difference between Evening Primrose Oil and over-the-counter menstrual relief remedies is that Evening Primrose Oil is a dietary supplement.

Evening Primrose Oil is more popular with women than with men due to the nutritional support for women with PMS and Menopause. Nature's Bounty Evening Primrose Oil is "100% natural, cold-processed, organically cultivated on protected, pesticide-free growing fields and is void of Hexane and all other solvent residue." The shelf life is approximately 3 years.

The softgels in this bottle are relatively small (about the size of my pinky nail), soft, smooth and easy to swallow.

Other claims of the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil are that it alleviates breast pain and pain from rheumatoid arthritis, lowers cholesterol, helps clear eczema and other skin problems due to diabetic neuropathy, and helps fight heart disease. All I know is that it helps my PMS.

You don't take Evening Primrose Oil like medication. You should take this softgel on a daily basis - just once a day works - every day. You will find yourself reaching for the Pamprin or Midol less and less. It is recommended that you take your dose with meals.

This is a terrific product, especially for women. If you would like more information about Evening Primrose Oil, a useful resource is

by Jen W.

I take a lot of supplements, and this is one of my favories. It lives up to what I have come to expect from Puritan's Pride.. .excellent quality. This helps with my PMS symptoms. I have less cramping and moodiness and even my husband has noticed a difference.

pain free periods
by Rebecca

I have always had painful periods especially on heavy days. A month after I started the product my next period was relatively pain free. I recently ran out and had not bought a new supply and ended up with cramps during my next period. Puritan Pride's Evening Primrose capsules are really easy to swallow. I usually have problems swallowing larger sized pills but this just glides down my throat with no yucky aftertaste.

Helped with Pregnancy
by Traci Anderson

I started using this product during the last few months of my first pregnancy. Several of my girlfriends recommended it saying that it would help "ripen" my cervix and prepare me for labor. I ended up having a very quick, and nearly pain-free delivery. I am not certain that the EPO helped, but I am guessing that it made a difference.

very calming
by tinkerboooo

I really like this. It is very calming. I would take the dosage at the evening because than I could just sit back and relax. I love this brand, because of their quality. You always know you are getting the correct stuff.

New Girl Now!
by Sue Sanders

My daughter gets PMS every month and has suffered with lots of pain in the past. She would take Pamprin during her mensus. l bought her a bottle of Evening Primrose Oil a few months ago. It has helped keep her moods balanced, and it has alleviated the cramps and pain. Also, it has lessened the fatigue that she has felt. Now, she is a new girl.

Wonderful product!
by Katie

At the direction of my doctor, I took this product while in the final stages of my pregnancy with my daughter. The capsules went down easily, and it really helped my body prepare for labor. The idea behind the EPO is that it "ripens" the cervix of a woman's body. It was a wonderful product to use!

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