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EPA Gems

A concentrate of Norwegian Fish Oil which is high in EPA to support joint and cardiovascular health while promoting a healthy mood.
Product: EPA Gems
Brand: Carlson Nutritional Supplements (More Products)
Size: 60 Softgels
Dosage: 1 Softgel
Retail: $19.90
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3 Customer Reviews

It Delivers
by Sam Wagner

I don't like to eat fish, so I decided to take a supplement that would take the place of fish. The pills are soft and small so they are easy to take down. I find that they work best when taken with a meal. I give this product two thumbs up!!!

EPA Gems
by Alex N

I switched to EPA Gems after using another product for fish oil supplements (to get my Omega fatty acids) because they were cheaper and higher quality. They work just as well as any other fish oil supplement.

My only real complaint is that after taking them, I sometimes burp and have a gross fish taste. I've had this problem with all softgel fish supplements, however. This minor complaint is small compared to the benefits of fish oil supplements however. I'd recommend them again.

EPA Gems Softgels
by EPA Gems

I tried these and found them to be a good way to get EPA, only they don't have other vitamins or minerals added to them. However, EPA gems uses the Norwegian fish oil which is higher grade, and for the price you can afford to take these daily without straining your budget.

1 Customer Opinions

Holistic Health Practitioner
by Amanda Costello, CPhT

When taking a potent oil on a daily basis you want to make certain it is pure. Fish oils carry toxins such as mercury, cadmium, and other harmful substances. If not properly purified (a process called molecular distillation) the oils may contain these toxic substances.

Carlson's fish oils have an excellent reputation in the supplement industry. They follow excellent manufacturing procedures for safety, purity, and quality. Their products are 3rd party tested which is very impressive!

There are only a handful of fish oil supplements I recommend and Carlson's is one of them.

Amanda Costello, CPhT.
Holistic Health Practitioner