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Coromega Chocolate Orange

Coromega is a delicious, creamy, orange/chocolate-flavored fish oil supplement in a daily dose packet. Coromega requires no refrigeration and is a convenient way to get your omega-3's. Each packet contains 650 mg. of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (350 mg. EPA, 230 mg. DHA).
Product: Coromega Chocolate Orange
Brand: Coromega (More Products)
Size: 30 Pack(s)
Retail: $21.99
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2 Customer Reviews

Great tasting!
by Tracy

I'm a firm believer in giving Omega 3 supplements to my family, including my children, ages, 9 and 16. When I started giving them fish oil, all that was available was the fish oil caplets or liquid form wshich smelled and tasted horrible. This of course made it absolutely impossible for my youngest; my daughter to take hers every day. Then Coromega came out with these creamy delicious chocolate orange fish oil packets that they both loved.
They not only taste great, but they also came in very convenient packaging as well. I could stick a few in my purse to take along with me if we were traveling. I didn't need to worry about refrigerating them. I also didn't need to worry about measuring spoons or cups like the liquid forms would need.
I highly recommend this to the parent(s) of children who don't like taking pills or are still too young to swallow them yet.

Convenience + better absorption
by Valerie

You really can't beat Coromega when it comes to getting your fish oil every day. I'm bipolar and used to take double the usual amount of fish oil pills (high-quality deep sea expensive kind) because 1) numerous reports show that fish oil helps the bipolar brain in higher quantities, and 2) because I loathe the liquids, even though they are more potent. Even with the pills I would burp it up and it would taste gross, but then...

Coromega! It started for my little brother years ago, just mixed it into his yogurt. The rest of the family started using them, and it's the only way I will take it now. It isn't cheap, per se, but of all supplements your Omegas are the most important and Coromega uses a special method of 'formatting' their concoction so that it absorbs SO much more effectively. I did research and knew all the terms, but they escape me now.

Either way, you can "save money" by buying the ghetto, less potent kind at Wal-Mart (no offense to WM), or you can spend a little more and get high quality, super potent, very convenient fish oil. The chocolate-orange flavor is alright. if you blend it into a shake, you will taste it, that I didn't like.