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Excellent Product
by Andrea Fowler

I have been using this fish oil for almost two years and have since gotten several others "hooked" on it. I have been very impressed with this company and the quality of their products. My 3 and 5-year-old take it every day and do not mind the taste. There are endless benefits with taking a quality fish oil like Carlson. I also like that you can get a fairly high therapeutic dose without needing to swallow numerous pills - 1 teaspoon provides 800Mg EPA and 500Mg DHA. I usually take 1 tablespoon ( or 3 teaspoons) a day and it helps me feel more calm and less stressed.

by Emily Jones

No aftertaste or burping. Pleasant taste.
Have taken it for past 6 months and would recommend it.

A hearty 5 stars
by Barry Newman

I have been using Carlson for 4 years. I use it every day without fail. I have come to enjoy the taste and have no burpage at all anymore.

This stuff is the best!!!!!!!
by Jessica Clark

I have been using the lemon one for about three weeks now. My hair is silky, even though it's winter. My skin is not dry at all. I saw the change from three weeks ago to today. I have used pills in the past, but I prefer taking two teaspoons of this particular kind a day. I absolutely cannot stand the taste of fish and this doesn't bother me a bit. I feel refreshed, energized, alert and again, did I tell you how silky my hair is!!!?? I have tried a lot of products, but this one, I will use FOREVER!!!! Even my boyfriend tells me how silky and shiny (not in a bad way) my hair just looks healthy..."like the pantene commercial" is exactly what my boyfriend said...

I love this stuff!!
by Shelley Plunkett

I love this stuff!! I have taken fishoil in the past but couldn't stand the size of the capsules or the taste when mixed in with my green drink in the morning. I have even tried the vegetable version ie..flaxseed oil/evening primrose oil. The taste of both oils would gag me and I couldn't continue taking them. Carlson's is great. I just mix it in with my orange juice (I use a tiny hand mixer) and drink it down. All I taste is the lemon flavor. No burping, no gagging. I thought that after taking it for awhile I might develop a dislike for it, but that hasn't happened either. I am thrilled because I know how important taking EFAs is to my health. Many thanks to Carlson's for a wonderful product.

by maryam

Fish oil has been proven by studies to have so many great effects on the human body. In fact, it is beneficial for the entire family - from the youngest kids to the grandparents. It can help aid in memory retention, heart health, and keep skin healthy. I try to use it in my cooking on a weekly basis.
It is easy to find and very easy to use. I just incorporate it into soups or sprinkle it onto salads. Even my picky kids don't notice it!

beats fish taste
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I'm not the biggest seafood fan, and don't like the taste much. I have heard of the wonderful health benefits of fish oil such as its activation of enzymes which regulate weight loss, fewer problems with vision, strengthening of the heart along with brain function. It has not been long enough for me to be able to conclude the benefits in any category, but since I've started taking The Very Finest Fish Oil Liquid Omega-3, I feel healthier and rejuvenated.

Fish oil? YOU BET!
by Ashley

Omega 3 Fats are so so so important to your daily diet. The easiest way to get your daily supplement is to take a fish oil pill. It may sound gross or awful, but I assure you it is nothing like it sounds. I used to eat a lot more seafood before I moved, so now I supplement my diet with Liquid Omega-3 whenever I can't get to a healthy meal. I think this is a great tasting product that is so versatile, you can use it with any mixture of things you can think of. Be creative and be sure to get your omega 3!

by Tanya

This product was recommended to me by my local vitamin store. I have tried many types of fish oil products before (mainly capsules) and they all either had unpleasant taste or fishy aftertaste. I tried taking the oil straight, but couldn't tolerate it, however, when mixed with juice, you can't even taste it.

People of all ages will LOVE it!
by Gina

I've tried other fish oils and this one has the most pleasant taste of all of them. I give this to my 10 month old baby boy and he opens his mouth excitedly at just the sight of the bottle! All my nephews and nieces love it too. They just swallow a dosage by itself. I've even managed to get my finicky husband to take it regularly by himself, and that's saying something!!

Tasty for non-pill swallowers!
by Rachel

I mix this in with orange juice in the mornings for my kids, and they barely notice it is there! The lemon flavoring really makes giving kids fish oil (which helps with brain development) painless. The fish oil itself has led to fewer tantrums, and a decrease in learning issues - fish does feed your brain!

Can it be any easier?
by Dani

In particular, the Carlson Lemon Flavor Fish Oil liquid is fantastic! It is not fishy tasting and not overly sweet or artificial. The thing I most like about this formula is that it is wonderful over salads! Either add this to your salad in addition to your favorite salad dressing or make it the basis of your own dressing mix. An easy way to enjoy eating healthier! Definitely takes the pain out of getting your fish oils!

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by Jim Leeds

The oil will oxidize once it is opened, and every time after. Think of any type of oil that is exposed to becomes rancid.

Capsules are the way to go..