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wonderful option for young kids
by davsat

I knew how important EFA's were, but knew that my children could not swallow pills and thought that trying to get an oily version down them was out of the question. Then I found Coromega. This product has a pleasant orange smell and a creamy texture that my children enjoy and even ask for. I tried it myself and honestly, it doesn't taste that badly. Also, the individual packets are nice for when you are traveling.

Great taste, no big pills to swallow
by Rachel

Yes, this product is pricey. However, if you or your kids can't swallow the large fish oil capsules, this product is perfect. It's delicious - like an orange cream filling in a chocolate. I still want to know how they can make fish oil taste like orange pudding without removing the Omega 3s.

Easy way to take Fish Oil
by Tona

If you are looking for a convenient easy pleasant tasting way to take fish oil, this is the product for you. There is no oily after taste and this is one of the few fish oil products that I don't belch.

Where's The Fish???
by startNout

I'm like the rest of these posters, I'm always afraid to buy a new brand of fish oil for fear of eating something absolutely disgusting.

I got a free sample in the mail (I was still afraid to try it), but I did get up the nerve to giving it a try. I was expecting a liquid, but as the description on this site says, its more like a pudding.

Its sugar free and tastes like orange. But I'll go a step further, The texture is like that of creme-filling in a snack cake. It slides right down. It does not taste fishy. You can hold it in your mouth and still not know that there is fish oil in it.

The nutritional profile may not be adequate if you are a hardcore fitness person expecting to get your EFA's.

But, overall, this is a good product if you want to have some fish oil in your life.

great product
by Theepa

Fatty acids found in most seafood is very vital nutrient for our body well being. My husband uses this as his daily supplement as he is very picky and allergic to certain seafood. It worked well for him and doesn't miss the nutrients obtained from seafood.

A Pleasure To Eat!
by Melissa C

As someone who despises all fish and seafood, I know that it is important to find a way to the essential fatty acids that fish and seafood provide. However, many fish oil products on the market either have a fishy taste, or leave you with the "fish burps." Gross! I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about Coromega, it just seemed too good to be true. However, after speaking to my doctor and doing some research on Coromega, it seemed like the ideal fish oil product for me. I gave it a try, and have been taking it religiously since! The flavor is delicious and I actually consider Coromega as more of a snack, than me taking my vitamins! Yummy and packed with nutrients!

Great idea
by janet

My kids are very picky eaters and I know they are not getting enough of what they need, having ADHD, one with bi-polar. My kids love it and I plan to keep getting it. This is a terrific way for picky kids to get this nutrient. I hope to see great results from it.

What a Blessing!
by Dave

I was scared to death to try fish oil because I DESPISE fish. I don't know what I'd do if I burped up fish taste. I would be beside myself. However, knowing I needed a supplement as a non-fish eater, I decided to give this a try due to its promises of non-stomach digestion (and thus, no burps). While I've not been taking it long enough to comment on any long-term benefits of oils as part of my diet, I can say that it's a totally painless and fish-taste-free way to get your omega-3s. NO side effects at ALL. What a blessing. I just reordered a few more bottles of this product and would recommend it to anyone!

Worth the price!
by Dan

My friend suggested fish oil as a way to enhance the look of my skin. At first, I didn't believe her, but as I researched it, it turns out that fish oils are beneficial to healthy looking skin. I tried several products before stumbling upon this one. Coromega does a great job extracting that nasty fishy taste and enhancing it with wondefully delicious, easy to swallow orange flavor. Not only do I have healthy looking skin now, but I also get to tell my friends about this great product.

Great solution
by Blueberry

I'm a vegetarian and decided I had to take some kind of a fish supplement to make up for certain Omega 3 fatty acids. I was missing something. I was surprised at how wonderful this tasted. I'm using it since and it's a great product!

by Jessica

I love this fish oil. It really does taste good, and it's so good for you. I take this in the mornings with a high-EPA fish oil product (not currently listed on this site), and have noticed a significant change in my mood/energy levels. My only complaint is that it's a little pricey.

Genius product!
by Valerie M.

For any man, woman, or child who does not like to take pills but knows the importance of fatty acids, Coromega thought of it all. These little packets taste delicious, can be put in a kid's yogurt or something if they refuse to take it, and I have caught myself using them as a replacement for something sugary... Yummm these WIN!

My Favorite EFA
by Carrie

I never thought that I would rather take a "fish" oil than a plant based oil to get my needed EFA's. But I actually look forward to my Coromega daily serving. It's like eating dessert!

Great Tasting~Not Fishy
by Brenna

This is a great product for anyone trying to get more Omega-3's in their diet, but without the taste of fish. Easy individual packets that you can throw in your purse or briefcase. The only downside is the cost, as it is on the high-side for omega products. But, you always pay more for convenience and if it gets you to "eat" your fish--it's worth it.

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