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helped my cholesterol

I have been using this product tor about a year now. My cholesterol was a bit high and the doctor wanted to place me on a statin drug but i refused. I got this instead and with regular use my cholesterol has gone down significantly. The only thing I do not like is the aftertaste and the supplements are a bit big.

Mother knows best..
by Sharonrose

My mother has taken Omega-3 for several years, she's in her late 50s and her joints have been bothering her more and more over time. These capsules have been a great help to her, giving her enough relief to move around like she used to be able to.

Great Looking Nail and Teeth
by Jen

This product is great! I've been taking if for about a few months everyday because I heard it's good for your nails and hair. I took to for that reason more so then for your heart and it really works . I used to have a lot of problem with my hair breaking now it doesn't break nearly as much and my it's so shiny it's crazy and my nails are stronger and growing faster also. I would really suggest this product if you have weak hair or nails. The only thing is the pills are kind of big and hard to get down but I would definitely buy it again.

Great Value
by Mike

I've been using Omega-3 for over a year now and I can say it has kept me more alert and it has greatly reduced my stress and anxiety. I live a hectic life and I can use any help I can get, this help just happens to come in the form of a soft gel Omega-3.

I love this brand
by Joyce Dales

I don't know how many products this company produces, but I have taken this one and I am very satisfied. I had much less trouble with the fishy aftertaste issue (which I hate!) and I like the shape of the pill. I prefer capsules and these go down nice and easy. The whole fish oil thing was suggested by my cardiologist, as I have an arrhythmia and need heart specific supplements. It's easy to take and the price is very reasonable. At my local health food store, Country Life, is highly recommended by the staff there and I have been happy enough with it to be on my third bottle.

Good product for price
by Kang Seok Joo

I have been taking Omega-3 supplements about a year ago. I'm in my late 30's and I had heard from my friends that this was helpful for reducing the risk to cancer and enlarged prostate. Omega-3 is absolutely essential fatty acid for people (like myself) who do NOT eat Fish or Flax seed.
I've tried other brands such as Nature Made (100% natural) and Natrol but Country Life offers the lower price range with comparable quality and serving size (only 1 capsule).
Country Life is a reliable brand and these were the most economical at my last trip to the Vitamin Shoppe.

best of all
by CG

I started using this product about 5 years ago. I had previously heard that it was good for nerves, especially in people with bi-polar tendencies. However, I bought it for a colon condition (ulcerative colitis). After about 6 months of taking it, I really started to notice that I was calmly able to do things that would have stressed me out before, and it kept getting better. I'm not sure how much good it ever did for the colon issue, but it has dramatically improved my emotional quality of life. After having my cholesterol checked, they told me my good cholesterol was really high, and I believe that was from taking this product. I have tried other brands of fish oil, and they all gave me fishy burps; this does not. I don't think you can find a better brand of fish oil. For me personally, this is my #1 rated supplement of any kind.

Omega 3 good for the heart
by Joan

I've been taking County Life Omega-3 for about 2 years-ever since I read about the benefits for a healthy heart and brain. We try to eat salmon a couple times a month but it is pretty expensive and my family doesn't care much for other kinds of fish. Taking these soft gels is easy and more economical to make sure we get the fish oils we need.

I use a lot of Country Life products and I've found them to be high quality and affordable.

Add to your daily routine
by Stan Schultz

I started taking Omega-3 when it was mentioned as helpful for enlarged prostate. It has come to be understood as a nutrient that is essential for many bodily functions. When we were kids, Cod Liver oil was only available by the distasteful spoonful. Now you can take it in these big gelatin caps. Country Life is a reliable brand and these were the most economical at my last trip to the Vitamin Shoppe.

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