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Not concentrated!
by Abdullah

The label doesn't state where does the rest of the 1000 mg go;
1000 mg of Oil - (300 mg of EPA+DHA) = 700 mg of what?
In this case, to get 1000 mg of real Omega 3 you need to take 4 capsules which is not stated as the serving amount!

by Liz

i used for a little while to help with dry skin and hair. worked ok, but i keep avoiding them because the pills are so big. i think the odorless tabletscapsules are the larger ones.

digestion of capsules?
by Anonymous

I recently did a little experiment to see how the fish oil capsules are being digested. I had consumed most of a container of GNC fish oil capsules and did not have much problem with the fish burps. But I got to wondering how long it takes for the capsules to be broken down before they released the fish oil into our system. So I soaked some capsules in water and some in vinegar (to replicate the acidity of our stomachs). After 2 days, the capsules in both the water and vinegar were still completely intact! I showed the capsules to the manager of the GNC store. While he did express concern and did not have an answer at the time, he thought the capsules would be broken down in the lower gut. He suggested that bile or some other enzymes present there may do the job. Obviously, this raises concerns with me about whether the capsules are being dissolved to release the fish oil. Anyone have any expertise in this area?

A must have
by Haoran Zhu

I have taken this product for about 3 months. I took the GNC brand because its an established brand, giving the best fish oil. The fish oil is essential to daily bodily function. It has helped me to make my skin feel better as well as burn more fat during my workouts. This combined with exercise and good diet has helped me to lose over 20 lbs!.

Excellent Quality, Excellent Results
by David Riemenschneider

While GNC products often fail to live up to their reputation, I've been nothing but pleased with their fish oil supplement. The geltabs are on the larger size, but they are easily swallowed, and I've never experienced the fishy or rancid aftertaste often associated with fish oils. Additionally, the EPA and DHA amounts are clearly listed in the supplemental facts. Though on the pricier side of fish oil supplements, the quality more than makes up for any difference in price.

The #1 Fish Oil
by Drake La Pick

I've been taking this as one of my many vitamins for almost two years and although it's not easy to distinguish this between the other vitamins I take I do know that it helps a lot with my heart. I used to have a lot of heart burn and sporadic heart beats. When I started taking this vitamin I noticed a huge decrease in heart problems. I highly suggest buying this brand.

by sheng

I first bought these as a coat supplement for my show dogs. He had a good coat, but lacked that "oomph". They now gleam like their fur is metallic. I started taking them, and have my husband taking them about every other day. Because of the oil, I am off of my IBS medication for constipation. They make my husband a little too "loose", but with adequate fiber in the diet (he takes a dose of fiber supplement with them), it isn't a problem. My nails are growing faster, and my husbands cholesterol has gone down a few points. I'm planning to stick with them and see how it goes.

A++ In My Book
by Ashley Helander

GNC offers quality products, and this is a brand that I trust for my grandmother to take. I do her shopping and we always look for something that will genuinely benefit her for the price she pays. As everyone should know, GNC also does the 100% satisfaction where if you aren't satisfied with the results within 30 days, you bring back the unused portion and they give you a full money back guarantee. Overall, I'm satisfied knowing that my grandmother is taking something to help with her heart and her overall body. I would highly recommend it to others.

Great supplement
by Arial

I buy most of my vitamins from GNC since it's very close to my office, but also because it's a brand I trust. I'm also very concerned about my cardiovascular health due to some family history. So naturally, I think prevention is a good step for me. I've been taking these supplements for about a year now and it's provided me with the fatty acids I'm missing out on since I don't eat as nearly as much fish as I used to.

Fish Oil is recommended in Daily Diet
by Brenda

I trust this source of fish oil, as they have taken more of the necessary steps to improve our health, in testing product levels. I believe that awareness, of what a product offers, is very important. They strive to maintain a safe & natural product. I have taken other brands, but for the quality and price, this is a very good buy. I will continue to use this with great pleasure.

Fish Body Oils 1000mg
by Sandy

I like this product because I do not eat fish and this product helps get the benefits. It helped with my hair and nails. It is suppose to be good cardiovascular so that is an added plus. The price is reasonable and GNC is a trusted name in my book.

GNC Fish Oil is great!
by Kim

My husband and I take GNC Fish Oil vitamins daily along with our other vitamins which are mostly GNC. GNC is well known and and I trust them when it comes to my family's needs. I highly recommend GNC for all your vitamin needs.

No fish for me
by Alex Grossman

I have been taking this for a little while now and really love not having to eat fish I really loath eating fish. The nasty taste just doesn't appeal to me. But with this I can still get my omega-3. It's a great thing. I would recommend it to anyone.

Peace of mind
by Cydney

With a history of heart disease from both my parents I feel taking this product can only help my odds. With all the scientific study out there I have found nothing but positive results. Since I can't always eat the right foods that naturally have fish oil I have peace of mind now.

Work great...if you remember to take them!
by Erika

I had a bottle of these pills for a long time. When I remembered to take them, they worked great. Fish oils help with skin and hair and mine certainly improved. If you are good at remembering to take the pills then I definitely recommend these. I got mine at GNC and if you have a membership card they aren't that expensive.

Great sized capsules
by Michelle

I like this product a lot, mainly due to the size of the capsules. They are just right, slightly larger than a pea and oval shaped which makes them easy to swallow. I have tried other fish oil caplets where the pill looked it was made for an elephant to swallow! They are also aroma free and tasteless, so you can get your fish oil without having to smell like one. They are priced competitively and once you add the GNC monthly membership discount, they end up being very good value for money.

Great for non-fish eaters
by Ydalia

My family and I take GNC Fish Body Oils in capsule form because it provides our dietary needs for the omega 3 fatty acids without us having to eat fish. We do not like fish so these capsules are great for all of us. I would recommend them for the entire family.

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