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by Carrie

Great product with no fishy after taste. Nature Made is great quality made afordable.

With so many benifits, why just pick one!
by Natasha B.

I am a 26 year old BLK female and was recently told some information that would change my like. African Americans run the risk of having a Higher Risk for Heart Disease. I was one of those people who fell into this statistic. I starting taking Nature Made and my labs came back with much improvement, I was losing my hair and that too grew and is now stronger then ever, and I feel calm and the sense of a depressive state is less then what I am accustom to. I will continue and keep you all posted, Thanks

by Mary-rose

I started taking Nature Maid fish oil capsules on my doctor's recommendation on my derpression. I had finished chemo for breast cancer, and the depression symptoms were somewhat severe. The fish oil capsules helped with the crying spells, fear, and anxiety. On my bad days prior to taking the fish oil capsules, I have to say, that they became good and great days. This is a great product. I wish I knew it prior to taking the Zoloft.

by David

Nature Made is a great product, have been using this product for several years. I have noticed a change in my skin and joints. I will continue to use Nature Made.

our daily fish oil
by RMA

My husband and I have used this brand of fish oil supplement for over a year, and are very happy with this product. It leaves no fishy aftertaste, is easy to swallow (although the pill is quite large), and we believe it has helped reduce my husband's total cholesterol count. Overall, this is a solid product!

our daily fish oil
by RMA

My husband and I have used this brand of fish oil supplement for over a year, and are very happy with this product. It leaves no fishy aftertaste, is easy to swallow (although the pill is quite large), and we believe it has helped reduce my husband's total cholesterol count. Overall, this is a solid product!

Good for the whole family
by Renee

My whole family takes these! Of all of the fish oil supplements we've tried, these seem to have the least amount of "fish burp" side effect.

Magic Pills
by KtmPokhara

They are not 'Fish Oils' - they are MAGIC PILLS. I got my new life. My depression is gone completely. My energy level is up again... I wish I knew it 15 years earlier.

These pills are God's gift for me. They saved me..

by mike

I've been takeing omega 3 for 2 years now and the results in my skin mood and just over all health is great. I highly recommend this product. ITS GREAT!

by Billi Walford

I have a few minor health problems that I deal with. After a friend recommended these to me for mild depression (figured hey if they don't work for feeling blue at least it's helping my heart). I can honestly say in my case ( I am not a doctor nor am I saying that this is for you) since I have been taking fish oil I do not have the anxiety attacks like I used to...I don't feel so down and my house is clean...For me this product this not only worked it completly changed my life.

Fish Oil all the WAY!
by Hamza

This is probably one of the best things that happened to my Dad. His friends recommended this omega-3 fish oil and my Dad tried it. My Dad feels more energetic, healthier, and has a controlled cholesteral level. When you swallow, it's tasteless and almost odorless. We buy Nature Made because of other vitamins that we purchase of the same brand and trust the name. They make quality products.

Again, fish oil is very healthy, and every adult should have it as a part of his or her diet.

Omega-3 Softgels
by Denise

I'm not too sure on this product. I took it to help lower my extremely high cholesterol and this did nothing to help. Upon my next visit to the doctor I found out that my cholesterol actually elevated after using this product. I don't feel the product raised my cholesterol but it did not help lower it. It also left an awful aftertaste, though my doctor said that can be relieved by freezing the product first. I have since stopped using it and I wouldn't try it again.

Easy way to get your Omega-3
by CN

For some strange reason, the smell of fish made me ill for a few years after a pregnancy. That's when I first purchased the Nature Made brand of fish oil which I picked up at the grocery store. That was many years ago, and I'm still taking them (even though I love fish again). My daughter has her own bottle in her bedroom (so she won't forget to take it) since she hates fish, but read about the health benefits of Omega-3.

Good for Your Health
by Gio Pie

I have been hearing from my friends and from work about this product and how it's good for your health. I decided to give this a try. After 2-3 weeks, I was feeling a lot healthier. I was happy to know I was feeling healthy. I recommend this product to anyone who feels healthy. It worked for me.

No Fishy Aftertaste
by Lynne Parker

This product was recommended to me by my doctor in hopes of controlling my cholesterol. I have been taking this supplement twice a day for over a year now. I was afraid of a fishy taste to these capsules but they are surprisingly easy to swallow and tasteless. I have to say that, in general, I feel much better since I started taking them and my cholesterol numbers have improved somewhat as well. Omega 3 is essential in one's diet and many people are not getting the amount necessary for improving cardiovascular health. This is a great easy and fairly inexpensive way to get a much needed dietary supplement!

Wild fish oil supplement good for you!
by Josh

I read about fish oil supplements in a health magazine and decided to give it a try for all of its health benefits. I bought Nature Made's fish oil supplement which includes 1200 mg of wild fish oil. Your chances of mercury poisoning are relatively low because, according to Nature Made, they screen all the ingredients. This keeps me feeling secure in taking this supplement, and I know its much better than farm-raised oil. I can't say that I've seen any immediate health benefits, but the research proves it and I know that it's good for me. While you might be able to get cheaper fish oil supplements elsewhere, I recommend you purchase this one for its high quality.

No Joint Pain
by Elan

After using this Omega-3 supplement for a week, I started feeling better during sports as my joints do not ache me as they used to do. The pills were easy to swallow and overall, I will continue to use this supplement since I do not even remember a time when my joints did not ache. This product really helped me to feel better.

Not bad at all...
by C

I know I'm not getting my proper dose of Omega-3, so I started reading up on a supplement. I've read that Omega-3 from fish is better absorbed by the body, so I gave Nature Made's Fish Oil a try. I've been taking the Omega-3 supplement for about 2 months and I personally haven't noticed a change. However, Omega-3 does seem to help the body on more of a preventative/maintenance level so I continue to take them. Even without feeling a difference, it's good to know that I'm getting my suggested amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Great Product
by Nazim

This product is great. If you are someone who does not like eating fish, then Omega-3 Fish Oil is for you. Not only does it supplement eating fish but it also gives you better health than ever before.

Great Product
by jcarr

This product keeps my joints lubricated. Since taking it, I havent had the pains in my legs and feet. Also a plus; since taking this, my skin is much softer and not as dry as it used to be.

Makes for softer skin
by Nichole Kuhns

I am very pleased with this product. I have been using it for several months now, and although I know of the positive effects to my body internally; the positive effects I have seen in my skin are "great." My skin has become very smooth, soft and radiant. This one is a keeper!

by Julie

I was advised about this product for my husband. He does not eat fish, but wants the good health that one can get from fish. He has tried it and likes it. It does not have an odor and his health has improved.

Beats eating fish
by Robert

I take this supplement a couple times a week instead of eating fish. This is an affordable product and I'd recommend it to anyone not keen on eating seafood.

Great product
by stacy

My husband and I both added these to our daily vitamin a few months ago upon the advice of our doctor (preventative measure- long history of heart disease in both of our families!). I like this particular brand because they are easy to swallow and you don't end up with that yucky fishy taste that some capsules have. My doctor also noted that they were a healthy addition during my recent pregnancy.

Great for your whole body!
by Jill S.

I just recently started taking Omega-3 fish oil for a multitude of reasons. It improves heart health, concentration, weight loss, and increases energy levels. Nature Made softgels work great! I have even noticed a change in my skin and hair; both are softer and not so dry.

Something's fishy
by Jane

I love the idea of taking a pill to help my cardiovascular system. However, there must be a way to ingest fish oil, keeping the scent in, rather than burping it out. It seems 1 1/2 hour after popping that innocent looking pill, a nasty fish belch slips out - not a pleasant side effect.

by Annie

This is a great way to get your omega-3-fatty acids if you hate fish. This helps increase my energy level and is very easy to take. If you have high cholesterol this is a good supplement to take. Since I have started taking this my triglyceride count has decreased by ten points. I would recommend this to anyone!

Taste was bad, but it worked
by rachel anderson

I took omega-3 fish oil after a hair stylist said it may help make my nails and hair grow. It did not make my hair grow but it definitely helped my nails. I did not like the taste after swallowing, but it was worth it

by kvantol

I participated in a diet study in the late 1990s conducted by the Oregon Health Sciences University on the effects of Fish Oil and Retinitus Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease. Fish oil was believed to alleviate some of the problems with this condition. I was a control volunteer without eye problems and was used solely as a baseline for this study. My assigned dose was 15000 mg per day, or 15 capsules - 5 with each meal. This is 5 to 6 times the dosage recommendations on the bottle.

In a nutshell, the physiological change over 4 months was remarkable at this dosage. My blood pressure reduced significantly, the "good lipid" HDL levels went way high, the "bad lipid", LDL, went way down. My skin and hair were very healthy, even during the dry winter months. Although it may just be a symptom of being healthier, libido increased dramatically as well. The only side effects of this routine was the occasional "fish burps" as mentioned by other users, but these aren't as bad when you take the capsules after a meal or right before bedtime, and over time you do get used to the gaseous anomalies. The benefits far outweigh the side effects.

I recommend taking at least 10,000 mg a day for best results. Just remember, each capsule is 25 calories, all from fat. You may need to reduce other fats in your diet as to not gain weight at this dosage level. Stick with it, and the results after a few months may amaze you!

No fishy taste
by trisha

I like Nature Made brand because they are very concise when they list their ingredients. This brand doesn't leave a fishy taste in my mouth or an after taste when I burp later on. I have noticed an improvement in my joints, namely my knees. My choelesterol levels also have dropped. I think this has been one of the reasons I am definitely going to keep taking these every day to get all the natural health benefits they offer.

Great product
by Janet

I always knew that fish oil is very good and essential for the body. Omega-3 can help prevents heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases. I also knew that fish, which is the best source of omega 3 fats these days, contains high mercury levels. When I was pregnant, the doctor gave me a long list of fish to avoid. Instead of taking the risk of getting a bad "contaminated" fish, I'd rather get the goodness of omega 3 in a bottle that I know are safe. My husband and I both take the fish oil. He takes it for his heart and high cholesterol problem and I take it merely for increasing my overall health and energy level.

Omega-3 Fish Oil
by HS

Nature Made is a brand that can be rated among the best in vitamin and supplement makers. I prefer to get this brand for the fish oil. We all know that Omega 3 is really good for our bodies, and if we aren't eating fish twice a week, we should be taking a fish oil supplement to get the omega 3 our bodies need. The best visible result I have seen from this is healthier skin, and improved skin tone. It's definitely worth taking.

Omega 3 fatty acids is so vital to your health
by TC

Not only do I seldom eat fish, but I have a family history of high cholesterol, so I've been shopping around for a good fish oil supplement. I used to take a supplement that contains Omega 3, 6 & 9, but I found out that Omega 3 is actually the most important essential fatty acid that our body needs, and it is very difficult to obtain from our daily diets. I started trying out this product since it contains the maximum strength of Omega 3 at 1200 mg. It is easy to swallow and the price is right. And best of all, I feel that my skin feels smoother and nicer. I had no idea that fish oil can do that too!

Fish Oil without a smell!
by Kyle

First off, this product is great simply because it doesn't have the horrible fish oil smell and taste. I take this product for mental clarity, and I believe that it has been beneficial.

Definitely the best brand out there
by C. Matchett

This is definitely the best brand for fish oil on the market. At least as far as I have ever tried. Even if you don’t have any problems, I recommend taking this to feel even better.

Many Benefits!
by Rebecca

Fish Oil has not only lowered my cholesterol, but has given me healthier skin and has alleviated the dry eye I often experience while wearing contacts.

Great for your heart
by Terasa

I have a fast heart rate and worry constantly that I'm going to have a major heart problem. I started taking these capsules and they seem to be great. Last time I had my heart checked, it was in perfect condition. So, I would definitely recommend this to anyone to take. It is well worth it.

Nature Made Fish Oil Has Many Benefits
by Shannon Bruce

I have an endocrine/ovarian disease known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have been taking Nature Made Fish Oil 1200 mg for three months now and have seen many benefits from this product. It has lowered my blood pressure as well as my cholesterol. Nature Made Fish Oil has improved my facial skin by helping to clear up my acne. It has elevated my mood and has helped in aiding me combat depression. Nature Made Fish Oil has helped me in losing weight by supplying my body with essential nutrients and controlling my appetite. Nature Made Fish Oil is USP verified which means the product contains everything listed on the level and does not contain harmful levels of contaminants. I feel safe and secure in the fact that Nature Made is supplying me with a high quality product.

fish oil is good for cholesterol
by renuka

My husband has high cholesterol. The doctor suggested for him to take omega-3-fatty acid regularly. Now, his cholesterol is under control. He also had triglyceride problems and now it is under control. My husband doesn't skip this fish oil a single day.

Good for your heart!
by Dave

I'm shocked by how I've felt since adding these to my diet. I have been feeling tired and generally unhealthy, and I started to feel a little better after starting to take these. Plus we've learned Omega-3s are good for your heart. The pills have no taste, and only a mild smell when you open the bottle.

Best suppliment ever
by Robert

Fish oil is one of the best supplements a person can take. The body does not make Omega-3 fatty acid but your body needs it. I've taken fish oil for mental clarity, and to lose weight. You won't notice any miracles but I just felt healthier when taking fish oil.

Good for the skin.
by Shreyas Patel

After using this my skin began to get a lot softer. Before I had a lot of dark and light patches, but my skin began to clear up for the first time since I was a kid. The years of basketball in the sun started to damage my skin, but Omega 3 in Fish oil is really good.

My Kids are Headed to Harvard!
by Traci Anderson

I started giving this product to my children after reading numerous studies that suggest that Fish Oil (and Omega Fatty Acids) help children's brain development. While I can not tell you the exact results yet, I am confident that my children are headed to Harvard. They have been taking the supplements for two years now and are quite bright already!

Fish Oil is Good for You
by Louis

I have been taking these pills every day and I feel healthy. I haven't had any side effects through the years. I get my daily dosage of Omega 3 through this and I feel great! I definitely recommend this to everyone.

Best Omega 3
by Christy Ward

Nature Made is the easiest on your stomach and highly effective. Since taking Nature Made Omega 3 Fish Oil I have dramatically decreased my cholesterol level without changing my eating habits. I've experienced no side effects and it is one of the cheapest brands, that actually does what it promises. I would definitely recommend.

Fish Oil
by Rashmi R

My family has a history of heart problems hence I take this pill at least once a day. It makes me feel secure as it is very helpful in reducing cholesterol levels and help maintain a healthy heart. I am very happy with this product as till now I have never experienced any problems with cholesterol. It has helped me in keeping control. Even though it's fish oil there is no after taste and is just fine as other dietary supplements.

Good for your face
by John Spindler

I have found out that Omega-3 Fish oil can prevent and cure most acne. When I was a few years younger, I have taken these and have seen a dramatic change in the appearance of my face. I would recommend anyone who has a bad case of acne to start taking these pills as a part of their diet.

Good price, good product, good results
by Aubre Rice

The great thing about Nature Made is that you can almost always find great sales. Buy one get one free can be found quite often at your local Walmart or other large drug store. I have found these easy to take, although be prepared as they are quite large. They don't upset my stomach as you would think Fish Oil would. Although the dosage calls for 1-2 a day, I always take just one a day. Be sure to ask your own doctor. Overall, Nature Made vitamins are a great bang for your buck if you can find them on sale.

We take it daily
by NTReviewer

We take this product daily to give us our daily omega-3 dosage. There are no side effects that we have experienced and believe that taking this will benefit us in both the short and long term. There is no adverse taste either.

by heather

My in-laws take this daily and after hearing great things from others, plus the studies and from my own doctor, we decided to give it a try. Now it's part of my daily vitamins and my husbands as well!

Great Product, Great Results, Great Price
by Rebecca Brown

I would recommend this product. I use fish oil to maintain/lower my cholesterol, which is naturally high because of genetics. Even with a low cholesterol diet, I have high cholesterol. The great thing about these, is you can usually get them at the drug store for buy one, get one free! Also, the company has a website, where you can get coupons and collect points to get free vitamins!

Omega-3 Fish Oil
by Sergey

This is one of my favorite brand of fish oil supplements. I have used a number of different brands: Natural Bounty, Sundown, but Nature Made remains my favorite. It helps to keep the blood pressure in the normal range.

by Z

I took this product to help with my skin irritation. It did help provide some relief, but the after effects were less than desirable. I found myself burping up the taste of fish. Hardly worth the mild relief it provided to my skin. Yuck!

Great product
by Katie

My doctor recommended that I begin taking this product in conjunction with flaxseed oil after I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. After two months of taking this product, my cholesterol was lowered by almost 25 points. It was wonderful!

Hubby uses this
by Amanda Rhoads

My husband uses this to help support his circulatory system. He has has severe varicose veins most of his life and fish oil was recommended to him as well as grape seed extract.

Great for sufferers of Colitis
by Jennifer Heaney

My Gastroenterologist recommended fish oil supplements because it's a natural anti-inflammatory. I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis, and taking the fish oils helps keep my colon healthy. Plus, it's GREAT for your heart. Everyone should take this.

Another part of the daily ritual
by Julie Moore

This is another part of my daily routine. Studies show that everyone should take this. It is especially good in aiding weight loss, so I use it faithfully.

Good product for a good price
by Marissa Oppel, MS

Although the main attraction of this product is its reasonable price, it is actually an excellent formulation of fish oils. The ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils is good, and I have found that it does not produce a side effect found with other fish oil supplements -- fish breath. Of course, the health benefits of these essential fatty acids are well-known. One downside is that stores often stock this product on the shelves, when refrigeration is better because it prevents degradation. I would suggest that you refrigerate it at home.

Very good
by Stacy

Nature's Made Fish oil is a very good product. It really keeps your heart healthy and immune system feeling great. However, this is not a mood booster.

I love this product!
by NG

Fish oil helps stabilize my mood, especially in wintertime. The heart-health benefits were news to me, as I started taking these to help with depression. I have heard of side effects, like bad breath or oily stools, but I didn't experience any of these. I am glad that they use the oil from ocean fish and not farm-raised; I am no expert, but that sounds like a plus to me.

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