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Puritan Pride
by Fay Donna Harnarine

Puritan Pride is so cost effective in comparison to a number of other fish oil products on the market, with more than required DHA/ EPA. I would recommend this product with my eyes closed.

No contaminants!
by David

My family has been ordering Puritan's Pride brand pills for nearly a decade. The pills are good for those who hate the smell of fish oil since there is no smell at all! Also, according to consumerlab (, Puritan's Pride fish oil are free of toxins. Lastly, they're cheaper than most competitor's brand of fish oil. Good deal!

One of my most important supplements
by Samantha

I have been taking fish oil for years. This is a great brand! Not only can you get the great specials Puritan's Pride offers, but there is no aftertaste. I take a little extra when I am eating more lean meat and less carbs. Overall, a great supplement that I highly recommend.

The one to buy
by Paul

I've been taking fish oil for years and this is the one I'm sticking with because it's enteric coated. This means it has a waxy coating that does a few things. First, other fish oil caplets smell quite fishy when you open the bottle. This has no discernible scent. Second, it has no taste when you take it. Third, there's zero fishy aftertaste and your stomach doesn't get upset. The coating is the way to go.

Great Stuff!
by C Collins

I've heard that Fish Oil helps with cholesterol, and makes sure that you don't get blockages in your heart. It's true! With taking fish oil I find that I am healthier and more resilient. My cholesterol is great, and I've noticed my memory is a lot better since taking it.

Many Benefits!
by Rebecca

Fish Oil has not only lowered my cholesterol, but has given me healthier skin and has alleviated the dry eye I often experience while wearing contacts. This particular product also boasts no after taste, unlike some other brands.

All of the Benefits and None of the Fishy Taste
by Lori Ann Hull

We eat a lot of fish at our household but not every day. To make up for all of the pizza or food on the run, both my husband and I take the Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules with our afternoon meal. This way we know that we are doing our best to guard our hearts and maintain optimum vascular health. The Puritan's Pride brand has no fishy aftertaste. Thumbs up from this Family!

Fish oil with no aftertaste.
by Albert

This product was different from the other fish oil products I have tried. The first thing I noticed was that there was no aftertaste! It really helped me improve my lifestyle taking these softgels and excercising on a daily basis. Highly recommend.

Omega 3 source with no Funny Taste!
by Michele Fair

I had read quite a bit of information about Omega 3 oils and that getting them from natural fish oil is the best resource. On the other hand, I had also heard many supplements gave people a funny taste when taking them. Fortunately this particular brand has no fishy aftertaste, and I can get the extra Omega 3 oils that my body needs.

Enteric Coated Omega-3 Fish Oil
by Jimmy Mintz

Absolutely no fishy aftertaste. These pills were instrumental (along with a change in diet and excercise) in lowering my blood pressure and my cholesterol.

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