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Good for the skin.
by william

After using this my skin began to get a lot softer. Fish oil is one of the best supplements a person can take. The body does not make Omega-3 fatty acid but your body needs it. I've taken fish oil for mental clarity, and to lose weight. You won't notice any miracles but I just felt healthier when taking fish oil.

Best Option
by Amie

Cholesterol problems run in my husband's family. Our doctor told him to go on an Omega 3 supplement. We like Puritan's Pride because they have great products at great prices and went with this product. This helped lower his overall cholesterol score. It specifically helped raise his good cholesterol and get his triglycerides under control. He thinks it also helps with his overall health. Excellent product. I am not a fan of fish, but this is an excellent alternative without the fishy smell!

Fish Oil without the Bait
by Christi

I hate fish. It smells, it has too many bones and if it's not cooked right it reminds me of sushi. YUK!! I have had cholesterol troubles in the past and heart problems run in my family. There has been so much positive info and research done about fish and Omega -3 that I needed to get it in my diet. These capsules were my answer. I started taking them and I have seen an improvement in my energy, cholesterol counts and I don't have to deal with the disgusting smell and taste of fish. I chose Puritan Pride because it is a reputable brand that I have had past success with and it was cheaper than the Nature's Made product. I give it a thumbs up!

Best Fish Oil on the market
by Will

Omega 3 is the best fish oil product on the market in my opinion. It is sometimes hard to tell how much a particular supplement contributes to your overall health when you take many, but I have been taking these for a decade now, and my cholesterol has been low ever since. I recommend this over the 1200 mg version. I always pick the lower dosage because you can never be absolutely sure that the item is safe, and in the supplement world, you can definitely get too much of a good thing if you are not careful.

Great for non-fish eaters
by Nikkiev

I love this product because I couldn't get my "good" cholesterol numbers up no matter what I did. My doctor suggested eatting more fish, but I don't like fish at all. So, my husband's uncle suggested I try Omega3/fish oil and it's been great - my doctor is happier so he's nicer (LOL) and I feel better knowing I am taking extra steps to protect my health!

Many Benefits!
by Rebecca

Fish Oil has not only lowered my cholesterol, but has given me healthier skin and has alleviated the dry eye I often experience while wearing contacts.

Excellent Choice!
by Dave

This has been an excellent product for me. It has a VERY excellent price for the potency/quantity/ingredients as well. I too take Lipitor and have had no problems. At this potency, I stretch the savings out a bit by taking one cap in the morning and one at night. It is good for my health, so burping is a moot point. I've never had 'burping' problems with this product, nor had any complaints of a 'fishy' odor from my wife. I do a treadmill and elliptical 6 days a week and take a multivitamin in addition to this product. Although I'm still working on a over-weight problem. My last cholesterol count was 166 and falling, so in addition to adopting healthier life-changing routines, I whole-HEARTILY recommend this product!

Fish Oil
by Loveit9050

The only kind of fish I like is the expensive kind and that has little or no fish oil that is good for you. I started taking this product years ago after my father started having heart problems. I switched to Puritan's Pride because I love their products and they have many great sales.

lowers cholesterol
by sandy

A good way to lower your cholesterol. I was surprised when I heard this, but it's true. I had my cholesterol tested before and after taking the fish oil and it really works.
It is much safer than the statin drugs (for lowering cholesterol).

All the benefits of fish
by Jaime

I love fish, but I don't get to eat it often enough, so this oil is a great way to get all the benefits of fish in the form of a pill. This supplement is a great value and is of great quality. I highly recommend it.

Great Price, great product
by Rachel

Puritan's Pride has fabulous prices, and this product is also fabulous. In our family, we've found that everyone's brains work better with fish oil - fewer learning problems and fewer tantrums! To supplement a family of 5, that becomes pricey, so thank goodness for places with good prices!

Excellent Product, Great Price
by Amy Derby

I began taking Omega 3 fish oil because it was recommended in helping lessen withdrawal symptoms of an anti-depressant I had been tapering off of. After only a few days, my symptoms were much better. After trying several brands, Puritan's Pride became my favorite. It is a great value for the price, easy to swallow with no bad taste.

No fish
by Carol

I don't like fish, but I know it is an important part of one's diet. I take the Omega-3 fish oil supplements to make up for not eating fish. I feel like I am doing the best I can for my body and I am glad there is a way to do this without eating (ugh) fish.

Oils Arthritic Joints
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

Both my mom's doctor AND her chiropractor suggested she try these for her arthritis. She said she started taking them a few years ago, 4 of them a day, and really felt improved after only one month. After a year or so of this, she thought she could do without them, and so, to save money, she stopped. She was suprised at how much worse she felt in her joints without this fish oil!

She hasn't gone without them since and tells me that she has no intentions of doing so in the future. She also likes knowing they have a variety of other health benefits to her.

She gives these 5 stars and I assume her Dr. and chiropractor must too, since they recommended them to her!

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Great product
by Nikki A

I love Puritans Pride. I order from them often. This was the best omega3/fish oil because it did not have the strong fish taste and smell. Also, I am 23 and have high cholesterol because it runs in my family. I did not want to take prescribed medication so I did my own research and found a natural and safe way to do so. Taking this product has helped me feel healthy. I notice my skin is clearer, my hair is healthier, and I just feel great while taking it.