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by Jim Bell

Love Vitabase products. You don't see great energy or anything from taking Omega 3's but they are great for your health. I take this faithfully.

Not the cheapest but the best
by Blaine

I don't know of a better product in this category. It has strong EPA and DHA levels, great quality processing (low heat without solvents), and European quality.

by Janet Debuc

Great product for the price. My family has used it for the last year.

Very good
by Jim Burton

Excellent DHA and EPA levels. I like that it is European where they take quality seriously. A strong Vitabase product.

by Jim Collins

I take this and Vitacomplete regularly. In fact, they are the only products I am taking right now, because they are all I need.

DHA and EPA are great
by Jean Cook

I have been taking this product for five years and don't plan to stop. Omega-3 is such a simple way to care for your heart and Vitabase is a great brand.

Great product and company
by Kirby Flowers

I buy all my supplements from Vitabase. Very strong company with good prices on high quality. This is very inexpensive for what you get.

by Jennifer Burrows

Great product. Good DHA and EPA levels and purity. I cannot believe people pay $40 for products like this when you can get it from Vitabase for less than $15.

by keith Kelly

Good value. Good quality. I like the fact that the oils are very pure.

by Jim Whitten

I use this faithfully because of all the studies. Like others have said, I chose this particular product because I like Vitabase. Great company.

by Joy Martin

My husband uses this for cholesterol. His recent score was much lower, and we attribute that PARTLY to this product. Everyone needs to take a omega oil product.

Skin is softer
by Marsha Keller

My skin seems to be much softer since using this product. I love it!

Nice company
by Jamie Pew

I like Vitabase a lot, and this product is good too. Big tablets (or whatever they are called) but easy to swallow.

Not sure
by David Rheam

What does this product really do? I cannot say I feel a bit different.

Nice product
by Krystal Hambrick

Good price, especially if you do the buy 3 get 1 free thing.

Leaves a taste in my mouth
by Jim W.

Of course, a product like this does not really make you feel different. However, I wish it did not taste like fish!

Works for me
by John Kook

I wanted a product that was pretty inexpensive, but had good quality. Everything I have heard about Vitabase sort of made me think their product met this criteria. I have used it for six months, and have been pleased with the company and the product.

Excellent value
by Katelyn

I love the science behind omega 3 products. I use this brand because I buy a lot of other products from them too. As far as I can tell, it works great.

by Greg Jackson

Works well for me. Capsules go down smoothly without an aftertaste. Great price/value.

I believe
by Katie Holden

This product is probably not going to change the way you feel--at least it did not for me. But Vitabase is a great company, and we all need fish oil. I have been using this for the past year or so and am very pleased.

Not bad tasting
by Jen

I have taken this for the past year as part of my daily supplements. I love the capsules because they don't have the bad taste and texture of oils. Overall, I have felt better since I have taken this product. I am more relaxed and clear minded. I would highly recommend this product.

by Trent

Everyone should get omega-3, and many companies make it. I just like dealing with Vitabase in general so I buy mine from them. Good price--quick shipping.

No fishy taste
by Susan

This is a great way to get your fish oil without the nasty taste of fish oil. The softgels are easy to swallow.

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