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Flax Oil For Animals

Barlean's Flax Oil For Animals is a rich source of Omega-3 (alphalinolenic acid) and has been discovered to be essential to the health of animals and humans, Omega-3 fatty acids are purposely avoided in the production of commercial pet and animal foods as they may go rancid, limiting the shelf life of these products. The result is a deficiency of these vital nutrients in these foods and ultimately in your pet.
Product: Flax Oil For Animals
Brand: Barleans (More Products)
Size: 12 oz.
Dosage: 1 Tablespoon per 100 lbs
Retail: $9.98
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4 Customer Reviews

Essential for Source for Omega Fatty Acids
by jud655

I use this for my two ShihTzus. I find it essential for them for overall health, as it contains Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. It prevents and aids and improves in any skin problems. Absolutely wonderful for their coats. I also have found that it aids their immunity and temperments, poor healing ability or slow recovery. It is easily given by mixing in their food and, or treats and well worth the cost. Wouldnt be without it for my animals. It is part of their every day good health regime.

Worked wonders!
by Marisa

We have a shelter dog who we adopted several years ago. After a move, he began developing a rash which we attributed to the new environment, but we could never pinpoint the cause. He would scratch so much he'd wear away patches of hair. After adding flaxseed oil to his food, his skin became much clearer and the irritation/itching seems to be gone completely.

by Linda

My dog has been taking this product for about a year. I choose this product for him because he takes other products from this brand. The effectiveness is exactly how it was advertised. I like how it gave my dog a shiny coat and I also liked how it improved his overall health. I would buy this product again because it was worth every penny.

Recommended by Vet
by SierraK

My vet, who is a strong advocate of natural health care products for pets as well as regular veterinary care, recommend this product for my older cat and dog. I started adding it to their food every day and their coats have improved and they do seem to have a bit more spring to their step despite their age.
This worked so well for them that I decided to also give it to my two younger cats who were having matting problems. Both are long haired cats, one a Turkish Angora and the other a Himalayan, matting can be a problem with these breeds. The Turkish Angora in particular seemed to have a dry skin problem that exacerbated her mats. Well after a few weeks with the flax oil supplements her coat and dry skin greatly improved. Another benefit I wasn't expected is both my long-haired cats had far less hairballs, whereas before they each had a lot due to their self-grooming of all that long silky hair.