f GNC Natural Brand Flax Seed Oil Liquid Reviews and Information

Natural Brand Flax Seed Oil Liquid

Flax seed oil contains essential fatty acids that are vital to every cell, tissue and organ.
Pleasant tasting liquid.
Chemical free extraction process.
Each serving contains 14 grams of Organic Flax Seed Oil.
Take one tablespoon (14ml) daily.

Product: Natural Brand Flax Seed Oil Liquid
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 8 fl oz
Dosage: 1 tablespoon daily
Retail: $6.99
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3 Customer Reviews

Unusual Use for Healthier Hair!
by Katie

The low cost of this product is what initially attracted me, especially for its planned use! Although flax oil is an excellent supplement for adding to food to get a good source of important Omega 3 fatty acids, I wanted it for something quite different. My salon recommended it for the ends of my waist-length hair. Like most women with very long hair, I was loathe to cut it, but the last 4 inches or so were VERY dry and no amount of conditioners or oil treatments made for hair seemed to help.
My stylist suggested getting flax oil and putting a small amount on my ends after every shampoo and conditioning session. He explained that scalp oils just can't reach the ends of very long hair, and oil is what keeps hair supple. I did exactly as he instructed. After shampooing and conditioning I place a few drops of flax oil on one palm, then rub both hand together to make a thin film of oil. I then distribute this evenly on my still-wet ends. It's important that the hair still be very wet to seal in moisture and avoid any greasiness after it's dry. I then wrap my hair in a large towel and later blow dry only until almost dry. (Never blow dry until bone-dry, it will fry your hair!)
I saw improvement after the first flax oil treatment. My terribly dry ends felt much better and more flexible. After a few months I went on a maintenance schedule of twice a week with this regimen, as directed by my stylist. My hair is so much more supple that the ends will actually hold a curl all day. When they were dried out, any curl would fall out within an hour. The ends also seem thicker. According to my stylist, this is due to regular trims combined with greatly diminished breakage from the ends because of the flax oil treatments.
I know this is an unusual use but it really works! Remember to apply a small amount to very wet ends and distribute evenly and you will never have to worry about greasiness once hair is dry. You will not believe the difference this makes for long hair. I get compliments all the time now, and people tell me to never cut my hair, whereas before I am sure others wondered why I didn't just cut it with those previously dry and ratty-looking ends!

Decent and Inexpensive Oil
by Brandon Bilinski

This is the Flax oil that I have been using for the past two months, and I have to say that I am generally pleased with it. I mix it in with my Grape Nuts every morning and there is almost no bad taste. It is extremely inexpensive for a GNC product, which makes buying it all the more tempting. The reason that I can't give it higher marks is that the package claims that it doesn't have a grassy taste like other flax oils, but if you taste the oil without mixing it in anything, it tastes like you are eating grass. I suspect when I run out, I will try another brand.

Not worth it
by christiana

I don't give any stars to this drug. I have been taking Nature Made Flax Seed Oil for sometime, but decided to cut back on cost so I bought this natural brand. Each time I take it, it gives me nothing but hot flashes and mood swings. I just had to switch back to my Nature Made. It was not worth it even though it is cheap.