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Easy to add to anything
by Anje

This stuff is so good for you, and it's so easy to add to any food. I add a splash of this and a little scoop of ground flax seeds to my peanut butter and spread that on my toast every morning. You don't even notice it a bit, and it provides such nutrition!

Great on Morning Eggs
by Todd

I put Barleans Flax Oil on my 6 egg whites every day. The flavor is slightly nutty and it goes well with the flavor of eggs. I believe that egg whites and flax oil is a great alternative to salmon because you get high protein and omega 3's. You don't have to worry about accumulated toxins from the fish.

Should be a part of every diet
by Marisa

As a new mom, I don't often have the time to make sure my diet is balanced. If not for my quick fruit smoothie in the mornings I don't know if I'd make it through till dinnertime. My favorite formulation is to throw frozen bananas, chocolate almond milk, and a generous tablespoon of this flax oil in the blender. (Dairy/soy-free as well!) It has helped my skin as well as my outlook!

by Judith

This is a great formulation. One does need to remember to shake well prior to use. I make a smoothie each a.m. for breakfast using yogurt and whatever fresh fruit strikes my fancy. I add my flax oil to the smoothie to create a very healthy breakfast for myself. This is one of the best that I have tried, beats the capsules hands down. Great product!

by Shauna

Barleans is the best. They follow strict standards in production. They actually are a major distributer to other companies like Nature's Sunshine, who then put their own label on it. I like to order Barlean's direct so that it's fresher.

Healthy hair and nails
by suzanne M

I love this and keep it in my cooler! I like to mix it with yogurt, which makes it even more creamy and you can't taste it! I like the fact that it is in fluid form, so the body takes it in quick and it it AWESOME for hair, nails, and skin!

love the flax oil
by Ariel

This flax oil is good and on the inexpensive side, but it does cost a bit more than Now, which is what I use in salads and juices and smoothies. All the same, it does the same job at helping me feel balanced and less depressed. Since fish oil is out, this is an essential product for vegetarians!

Flax Oil
by kvantol

This packaging can't be beat. The flip top cap has a NO SPILL spout and it really works! You can hold the bottle upside down without the cap on, and it won't spill a drop!

Barleans has a lot of other things going for its Flaxseed Oil WITH Lignan, such as: it's really great for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia sufferers. SHAKE BOTTLE HARD BEFORE EACH USE, so that your oil comes out in a "bronze" color. That way you'll be getting a perfect balance of lignans.

A lot of my customers use it mixed in equal portions for their dogs and cats that have tumors and cancers. Great Stuff and it's even cheaper to buy it here than for me to buy it locally...go figure!

For when I don't eat right!
by Jen W.

I started taking this product when I was pregnant because my diet leaves a lot to be desired. My husband was very concerned about my diet and researched the benefits of various supplements. He found recommendations for this product. I loved how I felt when taking this and other products during my pregnancy, so I continue to take it now. It helps to fill in a hole in my normal diet.

Kid Brain Food
by Angie Ito

Barleans Flax Oil is the best! It was recommended to me from my local health food store. Research has shown it is an important tool for brain development, especially good for pregnant and nursing moms.

We go a step further, and give it to our kids (Taylor 3 1/2, and Dylan 13 months). We squeeze a little in their yogurt everyday...and I have to say...they have very bright minds!

One of the best
by Linda

I like this flax oil because it doesn't taste bad and it is very good for me. I love to put this in salads. This flax oil is very fresh and it is good for my skin. My skin is softer and my overall health is better!

The Best Flax Oil on the Market!
by Renea Champion

Barlean's is the best flax oil on the market because they use cold pressing to get the oil. This doesn't destroy any of the active ingredients.
Great by itself or in smoothies, salads, mixed with butter/spreads and spread on toast. It is a great way to get essential fatty acids into your system. Wonderful for your skin, hair, and nails!

Like butter
by Dadof8

Barlean's is pricey, but it really does taste good, compared to other brands I've tried. I put it on my hot oatmeal instead of butter, and it tastes very good. Another benefit from taking flax oil regularly is the smoothness and moisturizing effect on my skin. Very pleased overall.

The Freshest!
by tasha

Barlean's products are known for their freshness, and they do not disappoint this reputation. This is the best flax oil I have tried, in terms of freshness and flavor. Barlean's flax seeds are grown in very close approximation to their processing facility, in comparison to other leading brands that grow their flax seeds over seeds. Along with their light-proof packaging, there is no other flax oil I would opt for.

This is my favorite flax seed oil!
by Amanda

I have been taking flax seed oil every day for a couple years now, and this is my favorite brand (I eat mine in my oatmeal). It is especially important for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to get enough fatty acids in their diets since they are important for babies' brain development.

Good Product -- Fair Price
by Richard A. Bowen

Product is always fresh; price is competitive. Problems occurred with their "drip-free" pouring device until manufacturer clarified instructions.

I Get It Real Fresh
by Kenna McHugh

I started using this product and have switched back and forth with another product. The switching was caused by it being at a high price at my natural food store. The price at this site is very low compared to my natural food store. I like the product -- high quality -- fresh.

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Good Brand
by Reviewer2009

I really like Barleans and the High Lignan product is excellent. They typically have two seals on the bottles and a date of production and expiration. They seem to go to alot of trouble to make sure you receive a good product.