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healthy all over
by Mary Schlegel

I started taking flaxseed oil several years ago to help with hot flashes. It really helped at the time and I now continue to take it eveyday. It helps with regularity and I noticed my skin is still very healthy looking for a 58 yr. old. I like that this product is organic and will continue to use this product indefinitely .

A clean way to get healthy fats
by Dan

This flax oil product is fantastic. I have used it on several occasions in rotation with fish oil and can say that there is no aftertaste, the product is pure, and it is convenient. While bottled oils may make it easier to take large quantities, I find it better to eat in a healthy manner and use these metered capsules as an effective way to augment my diet. You won't be sorry if you use this product.

Definitely acceptable
by Marisa

I have been taking this product daily when my preferred liquid formulation is unavailable. I do feel that I get many of the same benefits with the capsule form, even though the liquid form (refrigerated) is clearly fresher and more potent.

The best of the bunch
by Dustin

Increasing Omega-3 fatty acids is essential in keeping your cholesterol down and keeping a healthy heart. I had tried fish oil, but the smell was unbearable. Nature’s Bounty is the only brand I’ve ever taken, it was recommended to me by the health food store next to my house. The soft gels are easy to take and you don’t have to worry about mixing the oil with a drink when you are in a rush.

Great Product!
by Oni

I have been giving my son this brand of flax seed oil pills for 6 months to treat his ADD. It's amazing how much more balanced he is while on this product. We use this in place of the prescription that his doctor gave us, which has a list of side effects. With these flax seed capsules there's no bad taste and no apparent side effects. When he skipped a week recently, it was apparent by his lack of focus and concentration. He quickly went back to taking it. I feel good about giving this product to my son.

Not so good
by Lauren

As far as flax oil goes that Ive tried, this was one of the worst. I was taking flax oil to aid in weight loss, help with energy and memory. After switching to this brand I felt a dramatic drop in energy and there was also a decrease in the weight loss results I was seeing with my last brand. I didn't even finish the product. I threw it out and went back to my old brand. Also, most stores tend not to refrigerate this brand, which is very important as flax seed oil spoils extremely quickly.

Good Supplement
by Az

My husband and I both take one of these pills every morning as part of supplement routine and find that it has a really positive impact on our energy levels for the rest of the day (we take it in conjunction with a multi-vitamin and fish oil). I've found that my hair is much stronger since I've started taking this. This is a particularly good product because the soft gels are easier to swallow than the flax seed oil which has a strong aftertaste.

Flaxseed 1000 mg
by Paula

I have been taking Organic Flaxseed capsules for 5 years, which has help lower my Cholesterol. I did research last year and it suggested to take 3000-4000 mg a day for Fibromyalgia. After a few months of 3000 mg, I noticed my pain being reduced. I do suggest starting with 1000 mg for several weeks then increasing the amount gradually to 3000-4000 mg through out the day. It can cause a bit of nausea until your system gets adjusted to it. You will also have softer skin as well.

Great Stuff!
by KimP

My mother and I have been taking this for some time now and we are really happy with the outcome. I have had more energy and I have just felt better after taking this for a while. My hair feels healthier and my nails are thicker and stronger than ever!

Good EFA
by Robert

This stuff is a valuable EFA just like fish oil. This is derived from a flaxseed instead of fish but still is a fat that we cannot produce ourselves.

The stuff is pretty good, it helps ease digestion and going to the bathroom. I would recommend getting the pills instead of the oil as you don't have to deal with the taste.

These get a 4.5 because they are a great supplement for the price.

flax seed oil
by Laura Jones

I heard a doctor on Oprah a year or so ago talking about some of the most important supplements people could take and flax seed oil was one of them. I started taking them at that time. I like these also because they are easy to swallow. I take flax oil for my heart health and because I don't eat a lot of fish to get the omega-3 oils I need. I take two every day.

Good for all
by Crystal Neal

Great product for a lot of things, and easy to swallow. I use it in addition to my cholesterol medication to help keep my bad cholesterol down. My doctor recommended it to me. After taking it for 4 months, I was able to lower my prescription drug dosage in half!!

Easy to swallow
by Cathy Weaver

The softgel makes this much easier to swallow than the powder form I was using in the past. After the first week using this Flax Oil, my energy levels increased. After using this for a few months, I noticed my hair was shiny, instead of dull, and my nails were stronger. I feel confident using Nature's Bounty Flaxseed Oil that I am getting the dose stated on the product.

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