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good quality
by renee

I've taken these for a few years now and find them easy to take. My cholesterol has remained in the normal range and my skin and hair shine.

Flaxseed oil
by Lori

Both my husband and I have been using Puritan's Pride Organic Flaxseed Oil for almost a year now. We are using them to keep our cholesterol levels in the normal range. My husband used to use prescription meds for his cholesterol but was having side effects from them so he discontinued them. Since we started on the flaxseed oil his cholesterol did rise a little without the prescription meds but they are still in a good range. Plus, he doesn't have any side effects from these softgels. We will continue to keep using natural supplements as long as they continue to work for us.

Lowers cholesterol
by Carol

My husband's doctor recommended he purchase flaxseed to lower his cholesterol. Well since he cannot take flaxseed because of diverticulitis problems I purchased Puritan flaxseed oil. He used it for two months and lower his cholesterol to a safe level. He has been a user ever since and he too is a believer. I really like Puritan products - they work, they have great deals and it is a trusted name.

Heart health
by Kathy

Flaxseed is a two-fo- one health aid. It helps with cholesterol and with psoriasis. I have used the flaxseed in it's natural state for years. Using it in baked goods, sprinkling on cereal and putting it in fruit smoothies. As I live in an area that is prone to winter storm power losses, as well as spring thunderstorms, I don't always have a way to bake. That is my favorite way to use flaxseed. In 2000, my area was hit hard with an ice storm. We had no power for two weeks. Since my kids won't eat flaxseed on cereal, I had no way to keep it in our diet. That led to the health food store where I purchased Organic Flaxseed Oil by Puritan's Pride. The capsules are now my main way of taking flaxseed. I have seen a drop in my bad cholesterol levels since switching to the Flaxseed Oil. Perhaps it is more concentrated that the natural barley seed.
Having just made it thru another ice storm, I was sure glad I had my bottled Flaxseed Oil by Puritan's Pride

Help for Psoriasis!
by DM

I began supplementing with Flaxseed Oil about a year ago after reading about its heart-healthy benefits. My skin problems (psoriasis on my right ankle) began to clear up after about six weeks. My cholesterol was never really high, but taking it for heart concerns has had the added benefit of clearing up a nasty skin condition!

Helps Cholesterol
by Michele Fair

My Boyfriend's dad had high cholesterol for years. He had to really restrict his diet. Someone told him (surprisingly it wasn't me!) about flaxseed oil many years ago, and he's been taking it ever since. He said it really does help to regulate his cholesterol, and he has had it checked regularly. Ever since he started taking flaxseed oil on a regular basis, his levels have maintained at a healthy level and he hasn't had any issues with it.

Fave for Friends' Skin
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

My 59 yr. old mother and her friend both take Puritan's Pride's 1,000 mg. Flaxseed oil daily and plan to continue to do so since they are satisfied with the results they were looking for.

They started some time ago, when the friend's chiropractor suggested she try taking 1,000 mg 6 X's a day for her psoriasis. She was happily surprised at the improvement she saw and wondered if it would help the flaky, dry patches my mom gets on her face from time to time, from her rosascea. My mom noticed an improvement from taking 1,000 mg. 3 x's a day.

They are especially happy, since they know flax has other health benefits as well. They would have given it a 5 if it cured their problems completely, but a 4 is really good, since they say it helped them a lot.

Note: Neither I, nor they, are doctors, so do not consider this as medical advice. Always consult your own health care professional, as your case may be different than theirs.

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