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Flaxseed Oil Benefits
by Christopher Baroni

WOW! I started using this prouct approximately 2 weeks ago and already can feel a difference with my general well being. It is said that it can take about a week or more before seeing results, but when you do it is worth it. There are so many good benefits by taking this product that helps your entire body. And the best thing is, you don't have that fishy taste like taking the straight oil. I highly recommend this product if you are looking to improve your general health and well being.

Decent Fish Oil alternative
by Adam

I recently added Flax Seed Oil to my list of daily supplements, and have always liked the quality and price of the Vitamin Shoppe brand of products.

This product is a great way to get some essential Omega-3 fatty acids for a very competitive price. Also, some people experience a fish-like burp taste with straight fish oils, so this is a solid alternative.

I would recommend this product.

Better than others!
by Jane M.

I switched to this after using other flax seed oil products. I have been a long-time user of products from the Vitamin Shoppe, so I thought I would try their brand. My skin looks so much clearer. These are easy to use and they do not taste bad at all.

Flax oil
by Brian

The vegan alternative method for obtaining your Omega-3’s. While flax seed isn’t as efficient as, say, fish oil in providing you essential Omega-3’s, it’s relatively inexpensive and will make any fish haters or vegans in the house happy. This product also has no lingering aftereffects, unlike many fish byproducts.

Organic Flax Seed oil
by Debby

I started taking this as a supplement to replace bad fats with good ones. It is known for its Omega 3 fatty acid high content which a lot of foods don't have. In general I found it to be beneficial for cardiovascular health, the colon, boosting immunity and healthy skin. The fact that it is organic is a bonus. I would definitely recommend this product.

Great Value
by Valorie Joy

I love the Vitamin Shoppe for their quality products and prices. I switched from their oil to the softgels because they're easier to take on a regular basis. Flax Seed Oil Certified Organic is an essential in my family.

Flax Seed Oil Certified Organic
by Joan Jones

We take 2 flax seed oil capsules every day for heart health. I've noticed a positive change in my hair and skin since starting flax seed oil. I also like that it's Organic.

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