f Vitamin Shoppe Flax Oil with Lignans Liquid Reviews and Information

Flax Oil with Lignans Liquid

Known as linseed in Europe, flaxseed is prized by health-conscious eaters everywhere due to its abundant omega-3 fatty acid content. Small, oval-shaped flaxseeds come from the flax plant, which is grown in European countries, including France, Belgium, Russia, and Germany. In the United States, flaxseeds are primarily produced in Montana, Minnesota, Texas, and the Dakotas
Product: Flax Oil with Lignans Liquid
Brand: Vitamin Shoppe (More Products)
Size: 16 fl oz
Dosage: 1 tablespoon daily
Retail: $9.99
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5 Customer Reviews

by maryam

Flax Oil has way to many benefits for anyone to be missing out on! And the Vitamin Shoppe makes everything so easy for us!
This bottle is priced and sized perfectly. Since flax seed oil tends to spoil within a couple of months, I find this bottle good because it lasts just about that amount of time.
This oil also tastes great. There are not weird aftertastes and it is pretty much not noticeable on salads or in soup. Just make sure not to cook with this oil - because it will loose all of its benefits if heated!

Great Product
by Joshua

I love this flax oil! I mix it in so many things such as drinks or soups and I have never noticed a taste. It makes being healthy really easy and simple. This is a perfect way for me to get the Omega-3 fatty acids since I do not like fish at all. Since I have incorporated flax seed and flax seed oil into my diet I have felt really good.

So Easy to Use
by Lisa

This is another fine Vitamin Shoppe product--excellent quality for a reasonable price. I've used this product for years in protein shakes and as part of a homemade salad dressing, and there is no funky taste in either case. This oil is vital for a well-functioning body, and the Vitamin Shoppe product makes it easy to get it.

Great Value
by Ryan

I love the Vitamin Shoppe. Always a great price with a quality product and this is no different. I usually mix this flax oil with a protein shake in the morning and the evening, and my weight and blood pressure have both dropped significantly in the six weeks I have used this flax oil. Would recommend to anyone looking for the benefits of flax oil.

Clean taste!
by Jeff

I love this flax oil! I'm using this right now, and it's got a great clean taste. The price is great, and it goes down easily. A great value!